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From Kalapuya lands in the Willamette watershed


Whole Community News stories by date

January 2022

2022/01/04: Help plan the Eugene Disaster Relief trials

2022/01/06: Oregon elections officials: Kristof does not meet the residency requirement

2022/01/07: LTD names Carrillo, Walsh as directors

2022/01/08: Neighbors ask City to fill service gap in 4J library services

2022/01/09: Neighbors prepare for flooding, winter travel, power outages

2022/01/09: Nicholas Kristof asks Supreme Court to declare him a long-time Oregonian

2022/01/10: Ken Neubeck: Our lack of affordable housing is killing people

2022/01/10: Pacific Greens choose consensus, campaign finance reform, People’s Rebate

2022/01/13: J. H. Baxter tests show ‘concerning levels of dioxins’ in West Eugene

2022/01/14: City closes Trainsong Park after DEQ finds high levels of dioxins in soil

2022/01/15: EPD seeks witnesses after six injured in downtown mass shooting

2022/01/17: Departing Active Transportation Committee members pass the torch

2022/01/17: City Council praises Eugene Public Library for ‘promises made, promises kept’

2022/01/17: Rep. Marty Wilde offers preview of 2022 special session

2022/01/17: 4J students promote climate education at City Club

2022/01/18: WOW Hall to resume classes Jan. 24

2022/01/20: 4J School Board work session breaks down after ‘vitriol’ remark

2022/01/20: Civilian Community Corps team coming to Eugene; will focus on trails, habitat, trees

2022/01/23: Sister Monica is still supporting faith leaders on the front lines

2022/01/23: RRCO meeting draws 170+; Harry Sanger seeks public debate over COVID response

2022/01/23: ER demand climbs, hospital discharges delayed as pandemic enters its third year

2022/01/29: Sen. Wyden: Insurance agencies still not covering mental health care as required by 2008 law

2022/01/30: Faith leaders on the front lines: Unintended consequences of the Internet

2022/01/30: HRNI: Is City policy failing neighborhoods?

2022/01/30: Preparing for ‘solastalgia’ and other psychological effects of disaster

February 2022

2022/02/05: Neighborhood presses Councilor Keating for straight talk, heads up on housing

2022/02/05: River Road, Bethel, and Santa Clara team up to help neighborhood preparedness

2022/02/05: Faith Leaders on the Front Lines: Create a safe space to help treat substance abuse

2022/02/06: To help students feel safe, 4-J addresses institutional racism

2022/02/06: Emergency Management team: EPD ‘drone fleet’ can help broadcast warnings

2022/02/11: Sen. Wyden: Secret CIA program conducted surveillance on Americans

2022/02/13: Eugene Chamber invites neighborhoods to join business leaders on homelessness

2022/02/13: River Road hosts Delta-Beltline panel discussion Feb. 14

2022/02/13: Whiteaker asks EPD to help citizens issue speeding citations

2022/02/14: Sen. Wyden, Senate Finance take on youth mental health crisis

2022/02/14: Long Tom Watershed Council offers winter waterfowl walk Feb. 24, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

2022/02/14: ‘Greenfire Revolution’ can help us survive the era of climate change

2022/02/15: La Pine volunteer speaks from front lines of youth mental health crisis

2022/02/15: RRCO panelists share their thoughts on adding lanes to the Beltline

2022/02/16: Rob Zako: ODOT will use ‘categorical exclusion’ for Highway 126 expansion

2022/02/16: ‘Whole Community’ approach in Lane County is a great model for others

2022/02/18: Duma housing co-op founders build on 30 years of learning

2022/02/21: Rep. Wilde: Oregon Democrats let biggest fundraisers decide party agenda in secret

2022/02/22: Human Rights Commission honors Mo Young

2022/02/22: EPD now accepting applications for Citizen’s Police Academy April 4 to June 6

2022/02/23: On this day in 1868: Celebrating the life of W. E. B. Du Bois

2022/02/23: Lane County creek among 660 places set to replace derogatory names

2022/02/24: Bethel hears DEQ plan to clean dioxins from residents’ yards by June 30

2022/02/24: RRCO candidates, voters prepare for March elections

2022/02/25: Juvenile arrested in North Eugene High School bias case

2022/02/26: ‘Invisible Class’ panel discusses support for formal employment

March 2022

2022/03/01: MovingAhead update – South Eugene edition

2022/03/02: Questions for Sen. Ron Wyden at his 1,000th Town Hall

2022/03/02: SEN provides feedback on East 30th: And please fix the ‘Agate Death Turn’

2022/03/03: MovingAhead opponents launch petition drive, collect 500 signatures

2022/03/03: BEST, Chamber support MovingAhead

2022/03/03: Stephen Pyne : Human fire transformed the ice ages to the Pyrocene

2022/03/04: Residents speak out against 4 a.m. noise pollution

2022/03/04: River Road Community Organization endorses MovingAhead: ‘Most neighbors’ support EmX

2022/03/05: Thinking about preparedness now will help us in future disasters

2022/03/06: Over 600 local youth connect with science, tech, engineering and math at SparkLab

2022/03/07: Free course for citizen journalists

2022/03/09: Thanks to all who helped pass 4J policy prohibiting racial harassment

2022/03/10: 2020 Census undercounted BIPOC, Hispanic or Latino, renters, young children

2022/03/11: Citizens go door-to-door on five corridors, collect 500+ petitions urging City, LTD to reject EmX

2022/03/11: East 30th survey surfaces public concerns

2022/03/12: BEST outlines next steps for success of MovingAhead

2022/03/12: Commissioner Trieger updates South Eugene

2022/03/12: EWEB: We may not have drinking water for a year after a 9.0 quake

2022/03/13: City Council hears the latest on Eugene’s approach to HB 2001

2022/03/14: Creating Alternatives To The Car and Consumer Culture

2022/03/15: Help support independent journalism, the Oregon Way

2022/03/15: LTD: Gateway, West Eugene EmX ridership 33 percent below forecast

2022/03/16: AG asks government to be proactive and open in responding to requests for information

2022/03/16: Carrillo to AFL-CIO: Was it the color of my skin?

2022/03/16: City, LTD approve MovingAhead plans

2022/03/16: Discriminaci├│n racial en el primer debate de la AFL-CIO para la Gubernatura del estado de Oreg├│n

2022/03/16: Congressional Transparency Caucus founder: ‘Sunshine’ builds trust in government

2022/03/17: LTD: EmX approval was decades in the making

2022/03/17: Protect Native peoples targeted by Big Extraction: Revoke Thacker Pass permits

2022/03/17: United Way of Lane County offers preparedness training for rural community organizations

2022/03/17: Southeast Eugene praises Don Nordin, asks LTD to redraw subdistrict 3

2022/03/18: Sunshine Week in a dark time for democracy

2022/03/18: CLDC wins acquittal in assault case against political prisoner Eric King

2022/03/19: Meet the candidate: Faith Bowlsby

2022/03/19: SOS, Court cancel three 2022 campaign finance initiatives

2022/03/19: Meet the candidate: Mary Vuksich-Shafer

2022/03/19: RRCO elects four new board members

2022/03/20: ENPN offers tips on hardening your home network against cyberattacks

2022/03/20: Can we summarize Kelly McIver’s remarks at the February NLC meeting? Yes.

2022/03/21: Letters to the Editor: Moving Ahead story was one-sided

2022/03/22: Senate bill would shine light on government surveillance

2022/03/22: How should our land use plans address wildfire risk?

2022/03/22: Grants available for rebuilding with fire-resistant materials

2022/03/23: How many U of O student rent checks are supporting Putin?

2022/03/24: Not drinking the Kool-Aid: NLC asks for minimum on HB 2001

2022/03/26: Wetlands restoration project coming up April 30

2022/03/26: Should Eugene demolish historic properties to provide housing?

2022/03/27: Push for HB2001 Minimums Full of Misleading Arguments

2022/03/27: LTD public engagement ‘lies’ inspire neighborhood opponents

2022/03/27: Jefferson Westside to host Q&A on HB 2001 March 28th

2022/03/28: Community support, connection important for those in prison

2022/03/28: Think globally, act locally: Thacker Pass

2022/03/29: JWN offers minimalist alternative to City’s HB 2001 plan

2022/03/30: Civil disobedience: Breaking the law to change the law

2022/03/30: CARES can help with food and supplies

2022/03/31: Meet the candidate: Ibrahim Taher

2022/03/31: Advisory report: Oregon can do more on domestic terrorism

April 2022

2022/04/02: City Sends Information to Neighborhood Leaders to Clarify HB2001 Recommended Code Changes

2022/04/03: City wants to upzone your property for high-density multiplexes

2022/04/04: Apply by April 29 for Senior and Disability Services Advisory Council

2022/04/05: Oregon22 briefs neighborhoods on riverfront festival, traffic, e-scooters

2022/04/06: Apply by April 18 for vacant positions on Eugene 4J school board

2022/04/06: Looking Glass offers online auction through April 9

2022/04/07: Help welcome the world to Oregon22 in Eugene

2022/04/07: The VA is here for veterans coping with current events in Ukraine

2022/04/07: Public asks EQC to help the Lower Deschutes

2022/04/08: Martina says farewell; 4J board applications due April 18

2022/04/09: LRAPA offers tips for checking air quality, staying healthy during wildfire season

2022/04/09: Sen. Manning: ‘I have unfinished work here in Oregon’

2022/04/10: Front-line communities suffer as Wall Street takes over Oregon forest lands

2022/04/11: April EUG Planning Newsletter: Middle Housing and Growth Monitoring

2022/04/11: Northeast Neighbors celebrate new 12-acre park, funding pledge for Striker Field

2022/04/12: A public meeting sampler for April 2022

2022/04/12: LTD: MovingAhead River Road plan will impact 112-132 trees, cannot use electric buses

2022/04/13: Santa Clara Hosts West Lane County Commissioner Candidate Forum

2022/04/13: 4J student leaders: We need mental health services, more support reporting hate crimes

2022/04/14: UO Law Issues Report on HB2001 and Middle Housing Misconceptions

2022/04/14: Youth Radio Project: The Hal Grossman Interview

2022/04/14: Neighborhood meeting May 10 to discuss low-income housing for 13th and Chambers site

2022/04/16: Active Transportation team talks e-scooters, enforcement, South Willamette

2022/04/17: FEMA: Ask trusted financial advisors for help preventing identify theft

2022/04/18: Rep. Marty Wilde: Let’s come together to fix our part-time legislature

2022/04/19: Face masks optional on LTD buses

2022/04/21: Councilor Keating: Oregon prohibits rent control on middle housing

2022/04/21: The Whit thanks Ian and welcomes Dilenia

2022/04/23: Council candidates address housing costs, land use, homelessness

2022/04/23: 350 Eugene session April 24 encourages move from fossil fuels

2022/04/23: COAD builds powerhouse management team for 2022

2022/04/25: Eugene Chamber offers 2022 Local Election Guide

2022/04/26: Juliana documentary available on Netflix April 29

2022/04/26: Eugene tells fossil fuel pharaohs: ‘Dayenu, enough’

2022/04/26: Wall Street land grab ‘greatest loss of Black wealth in modern U.S. history’

2022/04/27: City whistleblower: HB 2001 public engagement excluded neighborhoods

2022/04/28: Clare Strawn on local planning: `What gets lost is any opportunity for critical inquiry’

2022/04/28: LTD announces Eugene Marathon bus detours

2022/04/29: City plans for re-wilding of Amazon Creek near South Eugene High School

2022/04/29: April 2022 is ‘Preserving and Protecting Local News Month’

2022/04/29: U of O professor, Eugene planners nominated for Achievement in Citizen Engagement

2022/04/30: Fort McDermitt community marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month

May 2022

2022/05/01: Neighborhoods urge support for LTD drivers as union describes high turnover and forced overtime

2022/05/02: Why should rural residents pay for services they will never receive?

2022/05/02: Rep. DeFazio: LTD board should be elected

2022/05/02: Bamboo tiny house helps those hardest hit by climate change

2022/05/02: LTD releases two brief ‘Budget 101’ videos

2022/05/02: Fossil Free Eugene cites public health risks from ‘natural’ gas

2022/05/07: Recall Claire Syrett campaign launches with signature drive May 7

2022/05/07: Eugene Neighborhood Involvement: We don’t have to follow public meeting laws

2022/05/08: Mother’s Day Strike May 8-15 seeks to preserve reproductive rights

2022/05/08: Neighborhoods bring preparedness experts to Alton Baker Park May 22

2022/05/08: Neighborhoods `put the moose on the table,’ express distrust with City

2022/05/08: Chief Skinner: ‘This situation is out of control’

2022/05/10: Economic justice plan calls for guaranteed income

2022/05/10: Local radio stations take 7 regional Edward R. Murrow awards

2022/05/12: Please consider donating blood in May

2022/05/12: Councilor Matt Keating talks HB2001, parking incentives

2022/05/12: Morse panelists see housing crisis roots in white supremacy, systems failure

2022/05/13: We’re moving to WholeCommunity.News

2022/05/14: Mayor Vinis casts 2 tie-breaker votes in Council’s May 11 middle housing session

2022/05/14: Become a lifeguard or swim instructor at Willamalane

2022/05/15: Lane County Assessor Mike Cowles looks to new adventures

2022/05/16: 64 Arrested/Cited In Lieu of Custody by EPD Weekend Party Patrols in West University Area

2022/05/16: Julie Lambert Reports: The ‘Bans Off Our Bodies’ demonstration

2022/05/16: Support for ‘our rascal’ leads to lack of trust in government

2022/05/16: Leadership helps organize National Day of Silence

2022/05/18: City responds to HRNI whistleblower

2022/05/18: Avian flu detected in wild birds in the Upper Willamette watershed

2022/05/19: Watershed Democracy video series

2022/05/19: A3 senior organizes May 21 grieving event

2022/05/19: Lane County continues counting votes; next results expected Friday

2022/05/19: Arcimoto, Music, Matt, and more at the Amazon Community Center Sunday May 22

2022/05/19: State declares avian quarantine zone here

2022/05/19: Campbell Center to host e-bike expo Friday May 20, 5:30 p.m.

2022/05/19: Raw audio from May 18, 2022 4J school board meeting

2022/05/19: LTD invites public to meet GM finalists May 24

2022/05/20: City’s HRNI office responds to whistleblower

2022/05/21: Council invites comments on middle housing during May 23 public forum

2022/05/23: 4J invites public comment on proposed firearms ban

2022/05/23: Julie Lambert Reports: Sober in Ukraine

2022/05/23: Ready NW tips for wildfire preparedness: Meet your neighbors

2022/05/24: Another 40 cited by EPD weekend party patrols

2022/05/24: Neighbors ask if Spring Boulevard bridge can support mass evacuation

2022/05/26: Council unanimously approves land use code changes for middle housing

2022/05/27: LTD board questionnaire about key issues receives one response

2022/05/28: City shares plans for sidewalks near Tugman Park

2022/05/29: Questions of the Week: Amber, Johnny, and advice for future generations

2022/05/29: City sets neighborhood summit, County offers meetings on proposed behavioral health center

2022/05/30: NLC to City: Could Spring Boulevard Bridge block evacuation route for thousands?

2022/05/31: Growing Things

2022/05/31: Nehalem Bay emergency volunteers share tips for engaging neighbors

June 2022

2022/06/02: Good news: #1 and #2 bottles, jars, and jugs accepted for recycling

2022/06/02: Plan, pay attention, share Oregon’s waterways

2022/06/02: Community Rights Lane County seeks to protect local watersheds

2022/06/03: LTD to share mobility management framework this summer

2022/06/04: Farewell celebration June 16 for 73-year-old Camas Ridge school building

2022/06/04: Ceremony to honor fallen fire fighters June 9

2022/06/05: Southeast Eugene looks at cargo bikes for disaster relief

2022/06/05: Top disaster drill takeaway: Let’s practice more

2022/06/06: Watershed committee to interview 11 grant applicants seeking $100 million

2022/06/06: Julie Lambert: Your Second Amendment rights aren’t what you think they are

2022/06/07: Pacific Green Party candidates focus on campaign reform, ending wars

2022/06/07: Downtown Riverfront Park to celebrate grand opening June 10

2022/06/07: ‘Water is life’: MWMC honored for educational video

2022/06/08: Jameson Auten withdraws after considering offer for LTD GM position

2022/06/09: With ‘catastrophic’ wildfires expected, Sen. Wyden demands Forest Service take action

2022/06/10: Nearby neighbors help each another prepare for the next Cascadia quake

2022/06/11: Councilor Keating asks for feedback on area-based trash service

2022/06/11: Cars top ignition source for Oregon summer wildfires

2022/06/11: Join leisurely bicycle tour of Eugene’s world-class murals June 12

2022/06/11: Help shape coastal shoreline access policy

2022/06/12: 30,000 expected for UO graduation June 13; use alternate routes

2022/06/12: Jan. 6 hearing puts Trump at center of attempted coup

2022/06/13: Pints for Pride June 16 at Hop Valley

2022/06/13: Education for a global future

2022/06/13: 1PASS offers summer activities for youth this summer

2022/06/14: St. Jude Rummage Sale returns June 24-26

2022/06/15: East 30th staff recommendation June 28

2022/06/15: HRNI becomes Equity and Community Engagement, will review City outreach

2022/06/16: City urged to address risk of urban firestorms

2022/06/16: Journalists targeted for shining a light on environmental issues

2022/06/16: LTD board thanks Emily Secord

2022/06/16: Agreement seeks to preserve cultural resources while managing 13 dams and reservoirs

2022/06/16: LTD reopens search for next general manager

2022/06/17: 4J board selects Dr. Andy Dey as superintendent

2022/06/18: McKenzie Pass to open Monday, June 20

2022/06/18: HRC workgroup asks why City stopped reporting on homeless sweeps

2022/06/18: EWEB construction to continue on Juneteenth

2022/06/19: Mayor rejects candidate who experienced homelessness

2022/06/19: 4J board members discuss their votes on Dr. Andy Dey as superintendent

2022/06/19: Public comment ‘Baker’s Dozen’ for June 13, 2022

2022/06/20: Julie Lambert: 2,000 don’t have shelter in Eugene every night

2022/06/23: Bus operators, families at breaking point as LTD forces work on days off

2022/06/23: Fishing Report: Rainbows at Alton Baker, steelhead on the McKenzie

2022/06/23: Bike parking ‘woefully insufficient’ at Farmer’s Market

2022/06/23: Charges dismissed for BLM activist at Springfield protest

2022/06/24: Sen. Wyden: ‘American women today have fewer rights than their grandmothers’

2022/06/24: China military buildup largest since WWII; US moves to support open societies

2022/06/24: EEA: White supremacists may be requesting educator names, addresses

2022/06/25: Supreme Court ignites ‘Night of Rage’ in Eugene

2022/06/25: UN human rights office: Israeli forces killed journalist

2022/06/27: We deserve equal justice under law, not political advocacy

2022/06/27: Take the bus to the Oregon Country Fair

2022/06/27: Wyden warns about government threats to privacy

2022/06/28: League of Women Voters shares the Bill of Rights

2022/06/29: ‘Missed opportunity’ as mayor, city manager skip out on neighborhood summit

2022/06/29: Why do we create space for the privileged while denying it to our most vulnerable?

2022/06/30: Revised East 30th plan would preserve traffic lanes

2022/06/30: Oregon DEQ: Supreme Court decision creates uneven playing field

2022/06/30: ‘Think bigger, think holistically, think long-term’

July 2022

2022/07/01: World’s largest international maritime exercise shows how to scale operations

2022/07/01: Judge declares mistrial in ‘Stop The Sweeps’ case

2022/07/02: ‘Reduce gun violence’ volunteers in final weekend push to qualify for November ballot

2022/07/02: Wyden vows to stop wartime profiteering

2022/07/03: Todd Boyle’s Rewind: March Against Fear

2022/07/04: US says Israeli forces ‘likely’ killed journalist; Abu Akleh family responds

2022/07/05: Immigrant advocacy group Causa to dissolve after 27 years

2022/07/05: Wildfire Adapted Communities discuss evacuation, development standards

2022/07/06: Eugene asks EWEB if ambitious electrification plan is possible

2022/07/06: Trespassing charges dismissed in landmark case upholding treaty rights

2022/07/06: LTD to provide airport shuttle service to area hotels

2022/07/07: Double Sided Media offers advice to the KEPW Youth Radio Project

2022/07/08: Morrow County residents on water crisis: DEQ did nothing

2022/07/09: Great Dane rescued from hot car a reminder to be careful with pets

2022/07/09: Bring your ideas to the New Era Convergence August 21-24

2022/07/09: Eugene City Club looks at the nation’s growing news deserts

2022/07/10: Julie Lambert interviews Activist-at-Large R Self

2022/07/10: Study links climate change, disease emergence

2022/07/10: New book ‘The Infodemic’ sees increasing censorship

2022/07/11: Free ‘Flutestock’ event July 15-17 to feature Grammy winner, top musicians

2022/07/11: Post-fire algae blooms predicted for the McKenzie

2022/07/11: Fire danger may increase quickly as grasses dry

2022/07/11: Intergovernmental report: Short-term focus threatens 1 million species with extinction

2022/07/13: Ready Southeast provisions 10 caches with preparedness supplies

2022/07/14: Councilor: EPD, SPD police arrested Roe protesters to protect the public good

2022/07/14: Sen. Wyden welcomes the world to WCH22

2022/07/14: Ready NW offers tips for beating the heat this summer

2022/07/14: Rob Zako: Pedestrian safety requires political will

2022/07/18: As 250 officers patrol the games, EPD prioritizes the community

2022/07/18: ACLU shows widespread government use of phone data without warrants

2022/07/18: Sign up for Willamette River PaddleCross Tour, Challenge to be held July 22-23

2022/07/18: Remembering Cliff Gray

2022/07/19: Dam removals needed to prevent extinction of Lower Snake River salmonids

2022/07/20: Dead orca was entangled in unmarked sport crab gear

2022/07/20: Moving Ahead opponents: We have over 2,000 signatures to recall Councilor Syrett

2022/07/20: Applications due July 27 to help craft argument against street bond

2022/07/20: New Era Convergence: Let’s envision the world we want, and how to get it

2022/07/22: Streets bond pollster: 60% approval when we say tax rates stay the same

2022/07/22: Citizens submit over 2,000 signatures to recall Eugene City Councilor

2022/07/24: Homes For Good to open 50 waitlists for housing July 26

2022/07/24: Obie plans 7-story development in Fifth Street Market District

2022/07/25: Applying a utility model to garbage collection serves the whole community

2022/07/25: Advocates report camps ‘aggressively swept’ during the World Athletics Championships

2022/07/26: LRAPA issues smog advisory for Willamette Valley through Saturday

2022/07/26: River Road – Santa Clara neighborhood plan moves towards adoption

2022/07/26: Emergency family services moving to St. Vinnie’s West Amazon site

2022/07/27: Eugene Parks survey asks: How are we doing?

2022/07/27: People’s Forum returns every Monday in August

2022/07/28: Fans boost bus ridership during Oregon22 games

2022/07/28: Help reduce unintended impacts on fish and wildlife during the drought

2022/07/28: BEST, LTD Board President support safety features in MovingAhead project

2022/07/28: One more Oregon22 record: TV viewers up 65% from previous best

2022/07/29: FUSEE: Conventional firefighting threatens Lake Tahoe water quality

2022/07/30: Divest Oregon urges treasury to reduce its investments in fossil fuel companies

2022/07/30: Join the monarch monitoring blitz through August 7

2022/07/30: Study: Universal health care would have saved US 338,000 lives, $105.6 billion during COVID

2022/07/31: EWEB shares time-lapse photography of East 30th construction

August 2022

2022/08/01: With 91% valid signatures, petition to recall city council president is moving ahead

2022/08/02: District 32 candidate Rick Gray is first nonaffiliated candidate to qualify

2022/08/02: RHDV2 confirmed in the death of two domestic rabbits in Lane County

2022/08/02: Eugene HAND, protesters demand survival over sports

2022/08/02: Public comment: City should allow buying and selling of R-1 ‘quarter-lots’

2022/08/03: Supreme Court case brought by DAPL lawyers threatens Native sovereignty

2022/08/03: LTD picks Jameson Auten as its next GM (again)

2022/08/03: Guest Opinion: Councilor can save the cost of a recall election by resigning

2022/08/04: Oregon recognized for 1st state report on domestic terrorism

2022/08/04: ‘Timing is everything’ as Jameson Auten reaches out to LTD about GM position

2022/08/04: Guest Opinion: If you value human life, speak out in favor of MovingAhead

2022/08/05: State Forester: We removed the initial wildfire risk map and are working to improve its accuracy

2022/08/06: Back to school collection drive continues in August

2022/08/07: Eugene organizer Tom Peck calls for Measure 114 volunteers

2022/08/08: Open letter to Pat Farr: Stop the MovingAhead boondoggle

2022/08/09: Beatrice Grace, Michelle Bassi appointed as circuit court judges

2022/08/09: Carbon tax could support transition for coal-reliant communities

2022/08/10: Analysis: Recall vote could affect future public outreach

2022/08/10: SVdP shares plans for West Amazon site

2022/08/13: Jesse Fittipaldi named interim Arcimoto CEO

2022/08/13: Big Ten flips Ducks 5-star academic recruit

2022/08/14: New Era Convergence Aug. 21-24 to explore solidarity, unity in social movements

2022/08/14: Ahead of governor election, many state agencies are experiencing change and loss

2022/08/14: EmX won’t reduce greenhouse gases, and each new River Road EmX trip will cost $27.46

2022/08/15: Intel CEO is done with stock buybacks, and Congress should be too

2022/08/16: Arcimoto looks to double production by end of year

2022/08/16: Central coast: Summer all-depth halibut season open daily starting Sept. 1

2022/08/17: Help our neighborhoods engage more residents

2022/08/17: Film screening Sept. 9 to benefit FUSEE

2022/08/17: Jameson Auten to start leading LTD in November

2022/08/19: Claire Syrett raises $10K, asks court to stop recall

2022/08/19: Oregon chief justice deepens public defender crisis by installing ‘alternate slate of electors’

2022/08/21: Councilor challenges recall statements; EmX opponents cite MovingAhead website

2022/08/23: ‘Stripes and Stones’ or ‘Arcs and Groves’

2022/08/23: AHCPP one year on: We as a city must imagine moving past business as usual

2022/08/23: Public comment on Wildfire Adapted Communities draft runs through Sept. 16

2022/08/24: Fireweed marks the change of season in Alaska

2022/08/24: Community survey continues through Sept. 5

2022/08/26: Eugene rental owners: City is avoiding us during public comment

2022/08/26: Gov. Brown thanks LTD for championship work

2022/08/28: Recall rallies hope for stopping ‘EmptyX’ diesel buses on River Road

2022/08/28: Investigation leads to Aug. 19 sentencing in string of local restaurant burglaries

2022/08/29: Join Lane County’s LEAGUE

2022/08/30: Officials warn of rainbow fentanyl in Oregon

2022/08/30: Dan Isaacson urges Ward 7 voters to vote against the recall

2022/08/30: Oregon governor declares wildfire emergency

2022/08/31: Free water containers at Sheldon grand opening Sept. 10

September 2022

2022/09/01: Gov. Brown appoints 3 to LTD board

2022/09/01: East Waldo under ‘Get Ready’ for evacuation notice

2022/09/02: Climate change intensifies monsoon flooding; one-third of Pakistan is under water

2022/09/02: Students ride the bus free with transit pass

2022/09/03: Vote for Oregon22 as best professional sports event of the year

2022/09/03: Renters beware: EPD hears of latest online scams

2022/09/03: Mass timber coalition wins $41.4 million to boost Oregon forest products industry

2022/09/03: Cedar Creek Fire morning update Sept. 3, 2022

2022/09/03: ‘Go Now’ evacuation extended to Shadow Bay Campground

2022/09/03: Activists launch initiatives for better voting

2022/09/04: Medic: Springfield Police acted like goon squad

2022/09/04: Neighborhood teams share ideas, prep for annual all-metro exercise

2022/09/04: Eugene antiwar candidate challenges Ron Wyden

2022/09/05: Todd Boyle discusses ‘Convergence’ documentary

2022/09/05: Ducks ohana honors Spencer Webb

2022/09/06: We must listen to those we disagree with

2022/09/06: Red flag warning: Cedar Creek Fire expected to become ‘very active’ Tuesday

2022/09/06: LTD is game day transportation

2022/09/06: News organizations obtain River Road EmX petitions

2022/09/07: The polluted air we breathe is killing 7 million each year

2022/09/08: Vehicles can cause wildfires; make sure in these hot, windy, dry conditions that yours does not

2022/09/08: LTD board member: There may be more council recall efforts ahead

2022/09/09: Steelhead fishing to close Sept. 15 on John Day, but will continue on Deschutes

2022/09/09: EWEB announces public safety power shut-off

2022/09/09: High Prairie area gets Level 2 ‘Get Set’ evacuation notice

2022/09/09: Lane County COAD prepares for red flag warning

2022/09/09: Level 3 ‘Go Now’ notices for Oakridge, Westfir, High Prairie

2022/09/11: City asks Santa Clara for guidance on Hunsaker Lane

2022/09/11: Some areas near Cedar Creek Fire downgraded to evacuation level 2

2022/09/11: EWEB restores power after red flag warning

2022/09/12: Some Cedar Creek Fire evacuation levels reduced

2022/09/12: One dead after raft overturns near McKenzie Bridge

2022/09/12: LTD resumes service to Oakridge

2022/09/13: Westfir, West Oakridge evacuation level reduced

2022/09/13: Council returns to a week with both 9/11 and Constitution Day

2022/09/13: Council, public share thoughts on recall election

2022/09/14: SEN News: Councilor has not responded to questions about road bond

2022/09/14: Jefferson Westside considers creating historic district

2022/09/14: Left behind by MovingAhead

2022/09/14: Reducing food waste will reduce methane, warming

2022/09/14: Wetlands citizen scientists needed throughout the year

2022/09/14: Bethel looks to Sept. 26 discussion of public health overlay zone

2022/09/14: Organizers hope to put STAR voting on the ballot in 2024

2022/09/15: Public hearing set Sept. 28 for 30th Avenue plan

2022/09/15: NEN holds clothing drive for White Bird Sept. 18

2022/09/16: Council hears of local fentanyl death, threat to community from drug cartels

2022/09/16: Wall pours start Sept. 20 for East 40th water tanks

2022/09/17: Southeast Neighbors still waiting for answers on streets bond

2022/09/17: Happy Constitution Day 2022

2022/09/18: River Road backs city bid for protected bike lanes, safer crossings

2022/09/18: Fantastic Four series became a space for fearless experimentation

2022/09/19: To unite or divide?

2022/09/19: CCS welcomes Executive Director Lorri Perreault

2022/09/19: What do you think about Arcimoto subscriptions?

2022/09/19: LRAPA issues air quality alert through Wednesday morning

2022/09/20: BEST signs demand for OTC reforms

2022/09/20: IPA reports on Ukraine, Putin, and a protest at the EPA Sept. 20

2022/09/21: Legal fireworks sales feed 19,000 each year, support youth camps and field trips

2022/09/22: Senate Finance Committee agrees on expanding mental health workforce

2022/09/22: Eugene survey: About 60 percent have ‘not much’ or ‘no confidence’ in council

2022/09/24: Recalled councilor likely to step down Oct. 3; citizen defendants raise SLAPP claim

2022/09/25: City slips behind, seeks to address growing workforce challenges

2022/09/25: Recall organizers retain high-profile attorneys

2022/09/26: ‘Lithium mine bulk sampling’ actually means cultural genocide

2022/09/27: Councilor Syrett, colleagues say farewell

2022/09/27: Lower Umatilla groundwater gets more nitrate contamination

2022/09/19: We must stand up against intolerance when we witness it

2022/09/27: Free buses to Lane County Stand Down Sept. 30

2022/09/27: ENI to host discussion on public engagement

2022/09/28: Recalled councilor, mayor block public vote on fireworks

2022/09/28: Cascades Raptor Center invites you to get out in the wild

2022/09/28: SmartTrips: Fun, food, free bike helmets Oct. 2

2022/09/28: Hurricane Ian shows need for early warning systems

2022/09/28: You’re not alone: Connecting veterans and their families with help

2022/09/29: Celebrating the Ornelas family tradition of service

2022/09/30: Concert will benefit memorial for Silas and Ben

October 2022

2022/10/01: Neighborhoods: We can help with public engagement

2022/10/02: Modified plan for East 30th goes to commissioners

2022/10/02: Transponder celebrates its first decade with MasQUEERade Oct. 15

2022/10/03: Lessons learned: Respect others, collaborate

2022/10/03: 9th Circuit affirms that homeless are entitled to keep themselves warm and dry

2022/10/03: ‘Amazon Creek looks like a Third World sewer’

2022/10/04: Justin Martin places LTD bus operators among the best in the Northwest

2022/10/05: Breast cancer screenings save lives

2022/10/05: Suicide prevention: Find someone who can listen

2022/10/06: Health advisory issued for lamprey from the Columbia River system

2022/10/06: Gary Dye to Eugene environmentalists: Keep fighting NW Natural

2022/10/06: Arcimoto announces permanent workforce reductions; special shareholder meeting Oct. 28

2022/10/06: ‘Talk Is Cheap’ interviews James G. Kahn

2022/10/07: EWEB board authorizes GM to negotiate sale of riverfront building

2022/10/08: Meet the candidate: Mike Beilstein for CD4

2022/10/09: Meet the candidate: Levi Leatherberry for CD4

2022/10/10: Help improve your neighborhood association; here are the survey questions

2022/10/10: City, NLC seek to promote survey, events

2022/10/11: McKenzie River obstructed near Paradise Campground, not safely navigable

2022/10/11: Santa Clara residents say EmX is not their locally preferred alternative

2022/10/12: Eugene Tenant Alliance hosts Ward 7 candidates

2022/10/12: ‘DeFazio Station’ celebration set for Oct. 13

2022/10/12: Police units downtown respond to armed and masked subjects

2022/10/14: Ward 7 residents pose a dozen questions for potential council candidates

2022/10/15: Air quality ‘unhealthy’ to ‘hazardous’ this weekend in east Lane County

2022/10/15: Rep. Wilde: They never asked whether I had civil litigation experience

2022/10/16: Fall Chinook salmon run looks stronger

2022/10/17: Who says one person can’t make a difference?

2022/10/17: LRAPA extends air quality advisory to Oct. 21

2022/10/17: Apply for White Bird’s crisis line today

2022/10/17: West University ‘party patrol’ leads to multiple arrests

2022/10/18: EPD safely arrests 1 after shots fired on bike path near Oak Patch Road

2022/10/18: Skipanon River opens to hatchery coho up to the Alt 101 bridge

2022/10/19: Eugene looks at transportation options in Denmark, Netherlands

2022/10/19: Local 5th-grade artists explore the theme: ‘Brought to you by electricity’

2022/10/19: Join the Great Oregon ShakeOut 10-20 at 10:20

2022/10/19: Ward 7 council seat draws 3 early applicants

2022/10/20: Visit the Thurston Grange holiday sale Nov. 4-5-6

2022/10/20: LRAPA extends air quality advisory through Oct. 24

2022/10/21: Grant County: Was our USFS neighbor reckless in starting fires in those conditions?

2022/10/22: Councilors raise questions after Syrett recall

2022/10/22: Amazon Neighbors hear call for safer sidewalks

2022/10/24: ATU Local 757: LTD drivers face dangerous working conditions

2022/10/24: Oakridge, Westfir, High Prairie cleared of all evacuation alerts

2022/10/24: USFS chief vows support for firelighters, prescribed burns

2022/10/25: McKenzie Pass to close for winter Nov. 1

2022/10/26: Pacific Green Party candidate disavows ‘dark money’ website, mailing

2022/10/26: Unconscious driver on High Street leads to EPD fentanyl bust

2022/10/26: LTD releases 2021-2022 Community Report

2022/10/27: Neighborhoods to participate in citywide field exercise Oct. 29

2022/10/27: Two more Ward 7 residents apply for vacant council seat

2022/10/28: Meet the House District 12 candidates: Michelle Emmons and Charlie Conrad

2022/10/28: As city sets program metrics, neighborhoods convene ‘constitutional convention’

2022/10/30: Youth Radio interviews musician Trianna Feruza

2022/10/30: Youth Radio interviews activist Eloise Navarro

2022/10/31: Debates offer hope for consensus on unsheltered homelessness

2022/10/31: Chris La Tray talks about his upcoming book

November 2022

2022/11/01: EPD volunteers seek public help on cold cases

2022/11/01: EPD investigating report of razor in Halloween candy

2022/11/02: One week left to apply for Ward 7 council seat

2022/11/02: FUSEE: Community wildfire preparedness must become part of our culture

2022/11/02: Stuff the Bus to support local families Nov. 4, 5

2022/11/04: Eugene looks at parking mandates: ‘It’s going to be ugly’

2022/11/05: OWEB awards 80 grants totaling over $11 million

2022/11/04: Lane County offers ballot count livestream

2022/11/05: Opinion: Coercive compassion

2022/11/06: ‘Ready Eugene’ helps neighbors prepare for flooding

2022/11/06: River Road, Trainsong residents ask city for help with industrial noise

2022/11/07: It’s official: Jameson Auten starts at LTD

2022/11/07: Egan Warming Centers to activate Tuesday Nov. 8

2022/11/07: ESF crews quickly control Bailey Hill Meadows apartment fire

2022/11/08: LCSO seeking tips in Manny Bayya disappearance

2022/11/08: Expect slowdowns on Ferry Street bridge Nov. 9

2022/11/09: Voters enthusiastically support funding for local streets, parks

2022/11/09: Egan volunteers needed overnight Wednesday Nov. 9

2022/11/09: ‘Fill Your Pantry’ at Lane Events Center Nov. 13

2022/11/10: Council looks at riverfront housing, steam plant

2022/11/10: Cheryl Barnds: Enbridge funding for police is ‘corporate fascism’

2022/11/10: Council applicants identify top issues in Ward 7

2022/11/10: Join the Whiteaker parks advisory panel 

2022/11/10: LCSO tracks man who swam across Row River

2022/11/10: Faith Center asks how its space can benefit the community

2022/11/11: Residents prepare for noise ordinance hearing

2022/11/11: Drivers see hope as Jameson Auten starts at LTD

2022/11/11: Eugene, Springfield K-9 teams assist in Skinner Butte arrest

2022/11/11: PeaceHealth launches Institute for Nursing Excellence

2022/11/13: City of Eugene agendas Nov. 13-19, 2022

2022/11/13: Youth Radio Project interviews The Hirsch Brothers

2022/11/14: Post-election jubilee is a time to forgive, atone, repent

2022/11/14: Two arrested for DUII after driving the wrong way on Beltline

2022/11/14: Egan volunteers needed Nov. 14 at multiple sites

2022/11/14: Supreme Court decision in Brackeen could threaten Indigenous sovereignty

2022/11/14: Share your ideas for Downtown Eugene Nov. 15

2022/11/14: UN report: We are not on track to meet 2030 forest goals

2022/11/14: Santa Clara looks at Leaburg Canal

2022/11/14: Wolf depredation confirmed in McKay Canyon area

2022/11/16: UO students, leaders ask for dialog on EPD party patrol

2022/11/16: Julie Fahey statement on steady revenue forecast

2022/11/16: Planning commission to look at CFEC rules Nov. 22

2022/11/17: Air stagnation advisory closes outdoor burning

2022/11/17: 10 apply for Ward 7 council vacancy

2022/11/17: Shordie Shordie coming to WOW Hall Dec. 9

2022/11/17: Jameson Auten welcomed as LTD’s next leader

2022/11/18: EPD asks public for help locating man with nationwide warrant

2022/11/18: ‘The Klamath salmon are coming home’

2022/11/18: Ready NW flooding presentation now online

2022/11/19: Home Share Oregon tackles the housing crisis

2022/11/19: EPD seeking witnesses in assault on LTD bus

2022/11/20: Ready NW considers threats from dam breach, flooding

2022/11/20: Neighborhoods start to identify bicycle and pedestrian projects

2022/11/20: LTD leadership: Violence has no place on our buses

2022/11/21: Days before deadly assault, LTD was told of bus operator concerns

2022/11/21: City of Eugene agendas Nov. 20-26, 2022

2022/11/22: Faith leaders on the front lines: Brother Garry Hutchinson

2022/11/22: Portland to host Women’s Final Four in 2030

2022/11/22: Downtown Eugene survey open through Dec. 4

2022/11/23: Mayor speaks out against ‘vicious’ assault on bus rider

2022/11/23: Youth Radio Project interviews Jordan Rose of Graffiti Magazine

2022/11/24: After brief standoff, man surrenders to LCSO

2022/11/27: Dan Isaacson talks public engagement, One Gro, Ward 7

2022/11/26: EPD: Trespass calls up 17% in Jefferson Westside

2022/11/27: Join your neighborhood organization – the more the merrier

2022/11/28: City of Eugene agendas Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2022

2022/11/29: Veterans deserve their health care benefits

2022/11/30: Save the Urban Farm and the marbled murrelet

2022/11/30: Council selects 3 to interview for Ward 7 seat

December 2022

2022/12/01: Council to interview 2 more Ward 7 candidates

2022/12/02: Prepare for an icy commute this morning

2022/12/02: Biden pledges aid, co-stewardship, respect at Tribal Nations Summit

2022/12/02: After Far West election questions, neighborhoods offer support

2022/12/02: Walk for safer streets in Southeast Eugene Dec. 6

2022/12/02: With budget cuts looming, neighborhoods look for bigger role in community engagement

2022/12/03: Envision Eugene group thanks Ed McMahon, Alexis Biddle

2022/12/03: City of Eugene agendas Dec. 4-10, 2022

2022/12/04: Online sessions Dec. 6, Dec. 8 for Willamette dams 30-year plan

2022/12/04: As demand increases for sexual assault support services, SASS grows its community of care

2022/12/05: Youth Radio Project interviews Andrew Rosenthal

2022/12/06: Eugene, Springfield to get grant money for climate-friendly planning

2022/12/06: Opinion: Remove the Leaburg Dam

2022/12/06: Council interviews 5 applicants for Ward 7

2022/12/06: Travis Worthington hired as local fire marshal

2022/12/07: Encircle Films welcomes Kelsey Juliana Dec. 7

2022/12/07: Southeast Neighbors walk for safe streets

2022/12/09: City council sets priorities for 2023 legislative session

2022/12/09: Local crime website adds missing person reports

2022/12/09: Film screening celebrates Human Rights Day

2022/12/10: Scam alert: Be cautious during holiday shopping

2022/12/11: ATU Local 757: Bus drivers deserve contract, high-visibility security team

2022/12/11: City of Eugene agendas Dec. 11-17, 2022

2022/12/12: Apply for burn manager advisory committee by Jan. 31

2022/12/12: City budget gap could exceed $20 million

2022/12/13: Thomas Hiura: The (simulated) Ward 7 interview

2022/12/13: Egan Warming Center activates Dec. 13-14

2022/12/14: A gambler’s guide to the Ward 7 appointment

2022/12/14: Local officials describe effects of Mosman order

2022/12/14: Lyndsie Leech selected for Ward 7 as another councilor is called out for ‘racist, repugnant’ behavior

2022/12/15: DeLeesa Meashintubby named 2022 First Citizen

2022/12/15: City facilities available as warming centers

2022/12/16: Monsanto to pay Oregon $698 million in PCB settlement

2022/12/17: EWEB seeks dialog on draft clean energy plan

2022/12/17: Oregon to cooperate on fish and wildlife management with Cow Creek Umpqua

2022/12/18: LTD uses EmX crash data to improve safety

2022/12/18: City of Eugene agendas Dec. 18-24, 2022

2022/12/19: Awbrey Park Elementary among recommended Safe Routes

2022/12/20: Ready NW, Councilor Groves look to mitigate ‘the largest oil spill in US history’

2022/12/21: Human Rights Commission to honor Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day Dec. 21

2022/12/21: Winter storm watch issued for Thursday Dec. 22

2022/12/21: River Road looks to new Ward 7 councilor for help with greenway

2022/12/21: Pedestrian cited after being hit by SUV on Coburg Road

2022/12/22: Watch out for nearby neighbors during the Dec. 22-23 ice storm

2022/12/22: Housing, not handcuffs

2022/12/22: City declares ice/snow emergency

2022/12/23: Ice emergency continues; 30th Avenue still closed

2022/12/23: City lifts parking ban along snow routes

2022/12/24: Todd Boyle picks some top stories of 2022

2022/12/26: Top news stories of 2022: The Ukraine War

2022/12/27: Top stories of 2022: The New Era Convergence

2022/12/27: Top stories of 2022: ‘No confidence’ council erodes democracy

2022/12/27: Urban foresters respond to downed trees and limbs

2022/12/28: Top news stories of 2022: Single mom bests billionaire campaign contributor

2022/12/28: Library Journal ranks Eugene Public Library among nation’s best

2022/12/29: City leaf pickup resumes Tuesday, Jan. 3

2022/12/30: Top stories of 2022: Flipping the NIMBY narrative, neighborhoods support shelter

2022/12/30: Pedestrian-bicycle bridge over Beltline gets $6 million

2022/12/30: Top stories of 2022: The mounting costs of the EmX bus system

2022/12/31: Construction underway at 70-unit Peace Village

2022/12/31: Help reboot Bethel Boosters to support WHS athletics, clubs, activities

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