June 16, 2024

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From Kalapuya lands in the Willamette watershed

Green Party U.S. Senate candidate: 2020 election is about manufacturing consent

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Green Party candidate Ibra Taher

Green Party candidate Ibra Taher

Green Party candidate Ibra Taher spoke about his campaign.

After the Portland newspaper Willamette Week interrupted Ibra more than a dozen times, we invited him to expand on the ideas he was not allowed to present during that interview.

Ibra condemned the U.S. officials responsible for the illegal wars and interventions that are part of our foreign policy. According to the U.S. constitution and international law, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Jeff Merkley are war criminals who have committed impeachable high crimes, he said.

He also suggested ways we could start moving from the destabilizing social effects of a centralized corporate economy to a local community-based economy.

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