June 16, 2024

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From Kalapuya lands in the Willamette watershed

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2024/06/12: City chooses ‘enhanced corridor’ for River Road, looks for quick safety improvements

2024/06/10: With wildfire season starting, review your renters or homeowners insurance

2024/06/10: Jewish students, Rabbi Berel address UO Board of Trustees

2024/06/09: After election dispute, 2 Oregon Green Party factions hold separate conventions

2024/06/08: City looks to EWEB for help with new fees

2024/06/07: Officials request at least one bridge to the hospital that will survive the earthquake

2024/06/07: Eugene Day of Service June 8 supports city parks

2024/06/06: Surprisingly, we agree across party lines in 3 areas

2024/06/06: McKenzie River restoration benefits threatened Upper Willamette River Chinook salmon

2024/06/06: California company expresses interest in Leaburg Dam

2024/06/05: UO president criticized for mace comment

2024/06/05: State explores wider use of drones, enables LCC students to learn at Oakridge Airport

2024/06/05: Julie Lambert: Overdose deaths are no joke

2024/06/04: UO faculty union warns of coming strike

2024/06/03: Yasui family honored in naming of new residence hall

2024/06/03: CERT program hopes to seek resilience hub grant

2024/06/02: New Water Resources director told to transform the department in 6 to 12 months, or else

2024/06/02: Michel Shehadeh: Criticizing a political movement is not antisemitic

2024/05/31: Trailblazer Mae Yih, 96, visits Oregon Senate

2024/05/31: Pro-Palestine protesters disrupt UO investiture ceremony

2024/05/31: New UO president looks ahead to ‘Oregon 150’ sesquicentennial

2024/05/30: Teresa Vicente honored as Mar Menor is first ecosystem in Europe granted legal rights

2024/05/30: Public comments urge progress on climate goals

2024/05/30: Group damages Starbucks as ‘act of vengeance’

2024/05/29: Human rights commissioners share concerns about racial injustice in Eugene

2024/05/28: UO protesters encourage President Scholz to wake up to plight of Gaza

2024/05/28: Sam Broadway with KEPW Newsday for May 28-29, 2024

2024/05/28: Public comment: EWEB and MUPTE, drum circles and diesel fumes

2024/05/28: LTD proposes changes for more frequent bus service

2024/05/28: Jetty Etty discusses Barefoot Defenders with KEPW’s Legalize Survival

2024/05/27: UO staff member fights to keep his job after supporting student encampment

2024/05/26: New city policy hopes to keep more neighborhood associations active

2024/05/24: BEST continues to recommend ‘complete street’ for River Road

2024/05/22: Who won the May 21 elections? Eugene realtors

2024/05/21: EmX decision does not represent a savings for taxpayers?

2024/05/20: Mayoral candidates Shana?, Kaarin field questions at the People’s Collective

2024/05/19: UO protesters cancel ‘cheerleader for the left’

2024/05/19: County warns of whooping cough outbreak

2024/05/18: ‘We Are Bethel’ celebration June 8

2024/05/17: It’s official: River Road EmX opponents saved taxpayers $71 million

2024/05/17: Found during fact check: What Rob Zako said about MovingAhead in 2022

2024/05/16: With others allowed on Green Party ballot, Jill Stein takes less than half the votes

2024/05/16: New LTD street liaison role connects our community

2024/05/15: Remembering the fallen heroes who gave all

2024/05/14: Panel to discuss reducing wildfire risk May 15

2024/05/14: Open letter to President Scholz: You are inviting violence against our protesting students

2024/05/14: Good news: Reducing homelessness and greenhouse gases; saving homes, money, and democracy

2024/05/13: Kitty Piercy: Why I’m supporting Lookout Eugene-Springfield

2024/05/12: At 50, Oregon Wild has become ‘Oregon Mild’

2024/05/11: Campaign mailing questions Matt Keating ethics, judgment, conflicts of interest

2024/05/09: Legislators release Oregon Medical Group statements addressing Eugene health care crisis

2024/05/08: Sara O’Brien appointed to lead Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

2024/05/08: Day 9: UO vigil marks scholasticide in Gaza

2024/05/08: County asks to hear from public on 3 proposed charter changes

2024/05/07: Ezra Black explores gender euphoria with new zine

2024/05/07: David Pe?a at JSMA: Fences as permeable boundaries

2024/05/06: Mental health professionals to respond alongside police downtown

2024/05/06: Encircle Films honors 13 local women activists

2024/05/06: Act to stop ’emergency’ logging May 28

2024/05/05: Tom Titus and Nearby Nature helpers count the newts in Tugman Creek

2024/05/04: Faculty and staff to UO: Refrain from escalation

2024/05/03: Day 4: UO students at risk in pro-Palestine encampment discuss democratic self-governance

2024/05/03: UO faculty and staff members, Eugene Greens support pro-Palestinian student demonstrators

2024/05/03: Schools before stadiums

2024/05/01: Public invited to preparedness talks May 2, May 8

2024/05/01: Gardiner man could face $13.4 million judgment in killing of thousands of Chinook salmon

2024/04/30: Meaningful local climate action: Two paths forward

2024/04/30: Day 1: Rep. Rashida Tlaib thanks UO students launching pro-Palestinian encampment

2024/04/30: After ice storm, Lane County to improve alerts, mass care, training

2024/04/29: Outgoing LTD planning director sees promise in new approach to community engagement

2024/04/28: Meet the candidate: Joe Meyer

2024/04/28: KEPW News: What not to bring to a barter faire

2024/04/28: Earth Day 2024: Actuaries consider losing half of worldwide GDP to climate change

2024/04/27: A15 Action reports on Eugene I-5 blockade

2024/04/26: WREN celebrates West Eugene wetlands for Earth Day, Earth Month, and year-round

2024/04/26: Critics rip city officials on homelessness, tax breaks, budget

2024/04/26: CAHOOTS, HOOTS workers ratify 1st union contract with White Bird

2024/04/25: County recognizes employees for post-disaster debris project

2024/04/24: Thank you, Lane County Sheriff’s Office volunteers

2024/04/24: Commissioners praise departing Lane County Counsel Erin Pettigrew

2024/04/24: City, county approve the River Road, Santa Clara ‘someday, maybe, possibly never list’

2024/04/23: Register to vote by April 30

2024/04/23: Public Works, CERTs share successes from ice storm response

2024/04/22: Why EWEB wants smart meters

2024/04/22: Rural anger: Do we seek first to understand or to judge?

2024/04/22: Husband, father, hero: Remembering Officer Chris Kilcullen

2024/04/21: Oregon Climate & Ag Network: This Earth Day, thank a farmer

2024/04/21: Meaningful local climate action: The easy part

2024/04/19: As partisan rift widens, Commissioner Trieger says public comment periods are optional

2024/04/18: Ward 2 candidates: Matt Keating warms up the crowd; crowd warms to Lisa Warnes

2024/04/17: EWEB releases statement on smart meter access issues

2024/04/17: Customers who would suffer from smart meters ask EWEB for true opt-out policy

2024/04/16: Grant will help coordinate Lane County community organizations for disaster response

2024/04/16: Election campaigns in depth: Lisa Warnes, Ward 2

2024/04/15: Raging Grannies sing support for the library April 17

2024/04/14: US recognizes ice storm as major disaster

2024/04/14: Speed limits lowered to 25 mph on Hilyard, 40th

2024/04/14: City urged to focus on loss of health care services

2024/04/12: Bullying tops 4J harassment reports from students and families

2024/04/11: Current U.S. foreign policy: Militarism unhinged

2024/04/10: City asked to adopt human rights-based investment policy

2024/04/09: City launches newsroom webpage

2024/04/09: Advocates for homeless suggest alternatives to proposed parking rules

2024/04/08: EWEB thanks Southeast residents as new water tanks come online

2024/04/08: Dad, why doesn’t the US have direct democracy?

2024/04/08: City, county can recognize River Road, Santa Clara neighborhood volunteers in the time bank

2024/04/07: Norman Solomon on sharing your message in the media: Build relationships

2024/04/06: Meet the candidate: Stefan Strek

2024/04/05: Approaching spiritual death, US needs new leadership?

2024/04/04: LILA shares tips to make meetings more inclusive

2024/04/03: Homeless advocate endorses Eliza Kashinsky and Lisa Warnes

2024/04/02: Shift Community Cycles awarded $247,000 grant

2024/04/02: Angela Ocaña named Eugene Public Library director

2024/04/01: Whatever your interest, connect with your neighborhood association

2024/03/31: Sen. Jeff Golden shares a dire prediction after community wildfire funding cut 90%

2024/03/31: City colleagues pay tribute to Dallas Boggs

2024/03/31: March 31 is Transgender Day of Visibility

2024/03/30: Matt Keating: I may be the fossil fuel industry’s least favorite councilor

2024/03/29: Kevin Alltucker: Here’s how Eugene can approach homelessness

2024/03/27: LTD unveils new framework for public outreach, but is it too late for Franklin Boulevard?

2024/03/26: Klamath restoration team hopes for a free-flowing river in time for the fall run

2024/03/26: Human Rights Commission considers alternatives to proposed parking ordinance

2024/03/25: Oregon’s land use laws are being used to worsen inequality

2024/03/25: Black Wil-Hi student, 15, requires facial reconstruction surgery after assault

2024/03/24: City, county could adopt River Road-Santa Clara plan in April, discarding years of volunteer effort

2024/03/23: Use your CERT training as part of a neighborhood disaster response team

2024/03/23: Northeast Neighbors use human resource theory to build damage assessment teams

2024/03/22: Lane County’s Tiffany Brown previews ice storm lessons learned

2024/03/21: Sam Broadway with KEPW Newsday for March 21-22, 2024

2024/03/21: Please end your (apparent) strategy of increasing poverty to seek federal aid

2024/03/21: LTD ratifies contract with IT workers

2024/03/21: Legalize Survival for March 20, 2024

2024/03/20: Election nerd / superhero Dena Dawson prepares for the 2024 elections

2024/03/19: Truth and consequences: Street camping disproportionally impacts low-income neighborhoods

2024/03/19: Sam Broadway with KEPW Newsday for March 19-20, 2024

2024/03/19: Ice storm lessons learned: Springfield Utility Board

2024/03/18: Meet the Candidate: Ethan Clevenger

2024/03/18: Ice storm lessons learned: Springfield

2024/03/17: Public comment: Let us opt out of EWEB meters

2024/03/17: Bart Johnson: Consider prescribed fire in South Eugene neighborhoods

2024/03/16: Todd Boyle: Theo’s is the place to be in 2024

2024/03/16: Ice storm lessons learned: Cottage Grove

2024/03/16: 2024 presidential candidate Dav? questions ‘authoritarianism’ among Greens, seeks No Labels nomination

2024/03/14: Sam Broadway with KEPW Newsday for March 14-15, 2024

2024/03/13: Oregon seeks disaster declaration for ice storm

2024/03/13: Councilors, public oppose parking ordinance that would target homeless

2024/03/12: Sam Broadway with KEPW Newsday for March 12-13, 2024

2024/03/12: Lane County: Ems project costs are increasing up to $300K each month

2024/03/12: EWEB expects post-fire impacts to the McKenzie for the next few years

2024/03/11: EWEB honors Laura Farthing with its highest award for East 40th project

2024/03/11: Andy Dey departure raises new questions about 4J equity plan

2024/03/09: Ems celebrate $15 million from legislature; fans lobby Lane County

2024/03/09: After getting skunked last year, Eugene gets a big win at the 2024 legislature

2024/03/07: EWEB, Y hope to demonstrate newest emergency water station this year

2024/03/06: Talk left, walk right

2024/03/06: Lane County wants to know your long-term vision for the fairgrounds

2024/03/06: Community mourns loss of Dallas Boggs

2024/03/05: Lane County prepares to discuss ice storm response

2024/03/05: Eugene looks at short list of revenue options

2024/03/04: Meet the candidate: Barbie Walker (2024)

2024/03/04: Brittiny Raine: Invest in behavioral health services instead of building new barriers

2024/03/02: Sass explains STAR voting; sign up to learn more

2024/03/02: Candidate Jorge Zavala, uninvited from Oregon Green Party convention, calls for change

2024/02/29: NLC shares tips for hosting election forums

2024/02/29: Concerned citizens launch petition for better sidewalks

2024/02/28: Ems stadium threatens logging conference, public warns

2024/02/27: Neighbors question safety of adding 2 more Franklin roundabouts

2024/02/27: Mission Ems-possible: Could we please just vote on it?

2024/02/27: Jewish Voice for Peace seeks cease-fire, educates on damage caused by Zionism

2024/02/26: The Oregon Legislature will never enact meaningful campaign finance reform

2024/02/26: LTD looks back at the ice storm: ‘We need to be more prepared’

2024/02/26: FEMA awards $2.7 million to restore Amazon Creek near South Eugene High

2024/02/22: Middle housing nightmare

2024/02/22: LCC CNC team advances in national competition

2024/02/22: City does its part; Ems fans now look to Oregon legislature

2024/02/21: Tiffany Brown joins Lane County as emergency manager

2024/02/21: People have to live somewhere; readopt the middle housing ordinance

2024/02/21: Eugene council hears support and new questions on its middle housing ordinance

2024/02/20: Neighborhood preparedness teams build community

2024/02/20: Neighborhood associations are the foundation of Eugene?s democracy

2024/02/19: Meet the candidate: Shanaè Joyce-Stringer

2024/02/19: LCC 4-year degree supports career education, helps resolve workforce issues

2024/02/19: KEPW reporters: Speaker of the House is flying the ‘Appeal to Heaven’ flag

2024/02/19: Eugene planning commissioner asks about Goal 1 evaluation

2024/02/18: County faces $4 million in cuts for homeless: ‘We’re not taking all the dollars on the table’

2024/02/16: 4J student reps share concerns about safety, schedule, future of AP courses

2024/02/14: Fans root for Ems, county, city to complete stadium deal by Feb. 21 ballot deadline

2024/02/13: With the political season underway, we welcome your 3-minute speeches

2024/02/13: Public comment: Eugene needs more than 1 animal welfare officer

2024/02/13: Meet the candidate: Ted Coopman

2024/02/13: Meet the candidate: Eliza Kashinsky

2024/02/12: UO, trustees, unions, faculty, student groups testify on study bill

2024/02/12: UO ‘Free Palestine’ rally calls for HP divestment, Starbucks, Sabra boycotts

2024/02/11: KEPW Reporters Roundtable ‘blown away’ by Springfield City Club panel

2024/02/09: WillaG, YMCA staff respond to gunfire in parking lot ‘with expertise and calm’

2024/02/08: Local officials testify, support emergency funding after loss of Eugene hospital

2024/02/07: Minding our business

2024/02/07: EWEB: Ice storm response cost $8 million

2024/02/06: ONA files unfair labor practice charge against PeaceHealth

2024/02/06: Nonprofit ‘Hope Rides Again’ answers cries for help

2024/02/05: Neighborhoods use STAR voting to rate community lifelines during the ice storm

2024/02/05: Eugene can’t open public restrooms under our current social conditions

2024/02/05: 4J misspent pandemic funds on facilities, tech instead of tutoring, instruction

2024/02/04: Local nurses prepare for PeaceHealth strike Feb. 10, invite public support

2024/02/04: LEAGUE may seek bodycams on parks personnel

2024/02/02: Northwest Forest Plan must speak for the ecosystem

2024/02/01: Ready NW Eugene: After the earthquake, will we have a bridge to the hospital?

2024/02/01: Lane County to review ice storm response Feb. 5; residents ask for transparency

2024/01/30: You can do this: Two-thirds of all city council votes were unanimous

2024/01/29: School facilities can provide emergency shelter for all

2024/01/29: Fire chief offers first look at ice storm response, impact of hospital closure

2024/01/29: Central Aid Agency again proves itself as a jack-of-all-trades in a disaster

2024/01/27: Who paid for Rep. Hoyle’s slick campaign mailer? The taxpayers

2024/01/27: Legislators asked to support Oregon’s most vulnerable in disasters

2024/01/27: Help shape health care for all in Oregon

2024/01/26: Reporters review TV news during the ice storm, respond to internal critic

2024/01/25: Whiteaker shares research after hearing requests to rename neighborhood

2024/01/24: ‘Seismic safety of NW Eugene bridges’ Jan. 30

2024/01/24: MAGA to the left of me, MAGA to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you

2024/01/24: 4J School District asked to remove totem poles

2024/01/23: UO activists seek boycott, divestment, sanctions against Israel

2024/01/23: Angry Egan volunteers demand answers from county

2024/01/22: Local government response to the ice storm: a collective moral failure

2024/01/21: KEPW Reporters Roundtable: Before and after the ice storm

2024/01/20: Paramilitary groups, cartels expand war on Indigenous peoples; Zapatistas reorganize

2024/01/19: Legislature to consider funding fire-adapted communities, neighborhood cooperatives

2024/01/19: Instead of slamming Egan, bring your positive energy

2024/01/18: Councilors share frustration as city hurries to fix middle housing code

2024/01/18: City ends snow/ice emergency; parks still closed as crews respond to downed trees

2024/01/16: The missing muddle

2024/01/16: Stephen Cole encourages you to take your opponent out…to lunch

2024/01/16: Mayor Vinis:? I highlighted time-sensitive issues

2024/01/15: Residents ask EWEB to preserve Leaburg Lake, lamprey habitat

2024/01/15: Crews race to restore power to water filtration plant

2024/01/15: City increases homeless sweeps in lethal weather

2024/01/14: Oregon will rely on airports after ‘The Big One’

2024/01/13: City declares ice/snow emergency, closes parks; bus service suspended

2024/01/11: Council will let the public decide on STAR voting

2024/01/11: City prepares for possible ice storm, snow over MLK weekend

2024/01/10: We the readers stepped up for Eugene Weekly; now let’s urge EW to step up for us

2024/01/10: The official ‘State of the City 2024’ address

2024/01/09: Plodding toward universal health coverage

2024/01/09: Governor supports funding for existing shelters

2024/01/09: Governor announces next steps on homelessness crisis

2024/01/09: Chronicle solicits county legal notices, ads

2024/01/09: A People’s State of the City 2024: Loss of local media is degrading our civic life

2024/01/08: State of the County 2024: We exceeded our own expectations on homelessness

2024/01/07: ‘Shelter Finder’ could reduce homeless citations, protect human rights

2024/01/07: Among Oregon’s most severely rent-burdened cities, Eugene looks for state help

2024/01/06: LCC faculty members express anxiety, fear of retaliation

2024/01/05: Water district, EWEB partner to serve Santa Clara

2024/01/05: A People’s State of the City 2024: Still sweeping racism under the rug

2024/01/03: A strong defense of the Eugene Weakly

2024/01/02: Vinis, Farr to share state of the city, county Jan. 8

2024/01/01: Improved reporting reveals scope of bias and harassment in schools

2023/12/31: New tools help emergency managers craft the messages that may save your life

2023/12/31: Judge Aiken rules Juliana case can go to trial

2023/12/31: A preparedness model for local news

2023/12/30: Pastor Gabe to business leaders: Bring your pioneering innovation to our homeless crisis

2023/12/30: Legalize Survival: Eric Jackson offered peace and dignity on the streets of Eugene

2023/12/29: Growing divide on Ukraine, Gaza, military spending as US homeless numbers soar

2023/12/29: City report highlights affordable housing fund

2023/12/28: Black Girl From Eugene: The 15 tenets of white supremacy culture

2023/12/27: All we are saying, is give trees a chance

2023/12/27: 4J students will receive Eugene library cards

2023/12/26: Peace is a process that has 3 requirements

2023/12/26: Encircle Films: How can we support local food security?

2023/12/25: After organizing to Stop the Spray, Lincoln County residents discuss next steps

2023/12/24: Eugene celebrates 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

2023/12/23: Council sets conditions for new stadium vote

2023/12/22: Eugene remembers those who died homeless

2023/12/21: Oregon redesigns its transparency website

2023/12/20: The Grand Bargain on homelessness

2023/12/19: Public asks council to stand against genocide in Gaza

2023/12/19: Community Court wins $600K grant to reduce crime by providing shelter, stability, services

2023/12/18: Eugene ends e-scooter program as supplier Superpedestrian shuts down US operations

2023/12/18: Council asked to let public decide on STAR voting

2023/12/17: Union officials ask LTD to respect their workers

2023/12/17: Southeast Neighbors plant 200 native trees along Amazon Creek

2023/12/16: ‘Severely rent-burdened’ Eugene doubles housing production targets

2023/12/15: 2023 point-in-time homeless count shows 12% increase

2023/12/14: LTD names Transit Ambassador Thom Locke employee of the month

2023/12/13: The idea of ‘the’ homeless versus the reality of homelessness

2023/12/13: Summit Bank thanks EWEB for supporting the local economy

2023/12/12: Student ambassadors travel to Eugene sister city

2023/12/12: Sex workers mark day to end violence Dec. 17

2023/12/12: Protecting those who protect us

2023/12/11: Tribes won’t appeal Thacker Pass case; lithium strip mine threatens sacred sites, water

2023/12/11: Eugene public meeting: Hate group issues call to arms for national unity, purity

2023/12/11: Educator, parent encourage 4J to adopt new reading program

2023/12/10: Parents raise multiple complaints about 4J

2023/12/07: Death of an activist

2023/12/06: We cannot remain silent; peace must be possible

2023/12/05: Chamber Music Amici to celebrate Brahms Dec. 10-11

2023/12/04: Homeless advocate Eric Jackson was one of a kind

2023/12/04: Golden Gardens sports park could bring new businesses to Bethel

2023/12/03: Parents say 4J special education students are set up to fail

2023/12/02: Greg Evans: Rethink LTD hub-and-spoke system for cross-town service

2023/12/01: PETA activists protest at Valley River Center

2023/12/01: Conference seizes Eugene church, halts services; primary Egan site can continue for now

2023/12/01: 4J staff, parents ask for improved safety

2023/11/30: Watch a CERT search and rescue exercise Dec. 2

2023/11/30: Come write on the walls: Old Y closing Nov. 30 to prepare for new building grand opening

2023/11/28: Relentless persecution of homeless needs to stop

2023/11/28: Is Eugene a democracy? Part 2

2023/11/28: Eugene mayor, 27 speakers ask council to join call for Gaza cease-fire

2023/11/27: Homeless crisis: We need more housing, less regulation, fair taxes, and you

2023/11/26: Council breaks deadlock on new stadium for Emeralds

2023/11/26: 4J asked to keep Japanese immersion school in North Eugene

2023/11/25: Sheriff: State funding for parole and probation is broken

2023/11/25: Human Rights Commission asks to advise council before the policy decision is made

2023/11/24: Scientist raises ethical concerns about Oregon global warming report

2023/11/24: ‘No Place For Hate’ group starts planning for Universal Human Rights Month

2023/11/23: US DOJ backs St. Timothy’s right to feed the hungry in lawsuit against City of Brookings

2023/11/23: 4J welcomes Talatou Maiga as ombuds

2023/11/23: 4J revisits decision to eliminate equity department

2023/11/22: EWEB to decide on 2024 rate increases Dec. 5

2023/11/21: Keep speaking out, even if fossil fuel corporations pay police to follow you

2023/11/21: Is Eugene a democracy? Part 1

2023/11/21: BPA, PPC, residents discuss future of Willamette Valley hydropower

2023/11/20: Wyden asks US to release documents about Hemisphere phone surveillance program

2023/11/19: Public warns EWEB on natural gas, biomass, nuclear energy

2023/11/19: City honors neighborhood feedback, asks to hear from developers by Nov. 28

2023/11/17: Help give 50 bikes to kids for the holidays

2023/11/16: City to ask state for help on hospital closure

2023/11/15: Public comments: heartfelt thanks, Little Flubbers, water, waterways, and the future

2023/11/15: Activists encourage city to stand for Gaza cease-fire

2023/11/14: Sustainability Commission looks to align with council to bring clean energy jobs to Eugene

2023/11/14: Human rights leader: City ‘using the Americans with Disabilities Act against people with disabilities’

2023/11/14: Bethel residents present 375 signatures to protect Golden Gardens turtles

2023/11/13: Oregon preps for 2024 election misinformation

2023/11/12: Council sets public hearing on new parking rules targeting the homeless

2023/11/12: Beaver Creek residents work with landowner to protect water quality

2023/11/11: UO researcher Anne Brown shares data from the Eugene sidewalk audit

2023/11/08: Recall elections: Threat or defense for democracy?

2023/11/08: 4J superintendent apologizes, invites broad discussion on equity

2023/11/07: Time banks ‘level the playing field’ with a currency based on equality, abundance

2023/11/07: Opportunity costs, opportunities lost: The hidden high costs of theft, vandalism, and homelessness

2023/11/07: Chief Donald ‘Doc’ Slyter was a great man

2023/11/06: Kevin, Youth Radio Project suggest: Let’s talk

2023/11/06: Internet access shouldn’t be a bargaining chip

2023/11/06: 4J public comments: Support Peace Village, persevere in the face of hate speech

2023/11/05: UN Human Rights Committee calls on US to end criminalization of homelessness

2023/11/04: Unions stage protest; PeaceHealth announces ER will close Dec. 1

2023/11/04: Eugene resident born at Kibbutz Nahal Oz shares her parents’ Oct. 7 experience

2023/11/04: Candice King: Enough of America’s legacy of genocide, land theft, and enslavement

2023/11/03: Hoedads reunion: Jerry Rust takes a look back at their impact

2023/11/03: David Zupan: ‘Legacy of shame’ in UO actions on low-income housing

2023/11/02: Klamath River returns to Kitty Ward’s canyon

2023/11/01: OEM director: ‘The value of the plan isn’t the plan, it’s getting to the plan’

2023/10/31: Novelist Sean Michaels builds a Marianne ‘Moorebot’ to explore the life of the artist

2023/10/29: Regenerate Cascadia: The land tells us how to organize ourselves

2023/10/29: NLC leaders skeptical after city fumbles 2nd neighborhood plan

2023/10/28: KEPW News reports from the Free Palestine protest and march

2023/10/28: City Club outlines multiple threats to journalists

2023/10/27: Pickleball players describe community benefits, seek support for LCC complex

2023/10/26: With STAR voting on the May 2024 ballot, council considers its options

2023/10/26: Greenhill supports wildfire evacuees with innovative co-location shelters

2023/10/25: Passing gas: Rethinking regulating retail fuel stations

2023/10/24: Neighborhood planning looks to break down silos

2023/10/24: Eugene park rules challenged in federal court

2023/10/24: Eugene ends public forum after hate speech

2023/10/23: Angry residents demand city planners be held accountable

2023/10/22: Growing news deserts threaten civic culture

2023/10/21: New city emergency manager Sierra Anderson welcomes volunteers

2023/10/21: EEA: Why did 4J dissolve its equity department?

2023/10/21: Council asks for more facts on banning new gas stations

2023/10/20: Lane County homelessness funding is not quite ‘All In’

2023/10/19: EWEB water projects improve community resiliency during disasters

2023/10/18: Should Eugene elect officials using STAR voting? You decide in May 2024

2023/10/18: LTD names Amie Annsa employee of the month

2023/10/18: Business owners, community leaders question River Road/Santa Clara plan

2023/10/17: City council to discuss bond measure for new Emeralds stadium

2023/10/16: New Jefferson Westside voting procedures may face early test

2023/10/15: Neighbors prepare for all-metro drill Oct. 21

2023/10/14: McKenzie River Trust shares the latest on its restoration projects

2023/10/11: Winter is coming: Join our Egan volunteers

2023/10/11: ‘Whittled back’ River Road-Santa Clara plan moves toward adoption

2023/10/10: Nightingale welcomes neighbors during site tour

2023/10/09: Eugene marks World Homeless Day Oct. 10

2023/10/09: Ericka Thessen joins the Eugene 4J school board

2023/10/09: Comment by Oct. 14 on EWEB e-vehicle, demand response standards

2023/10/08: Councilors hear 2024 session will be ‘housing, housing, housing’

2023/10/05: Join the ShakeOut Oct. 19 and all-metro drill Oct. 21

2023/10/05: Ecological burning to start Oct. 6 in West Eugene wetlands

2023/10/04: Short $43 million at deadline, Emeralds request extension

2023/10/04: FUSEE commends report, calls for paradigm shift from firefighting to firelighting

2023/10/02: Council reviews public forum changes; data shows over 1/3 repeat speakers

2023/09/30: Pacific Greens prepare for 2024 presidential campaign

2023/09/29: Patence Winningham gets a warm welcome

2023/09/29: Oregon mayors ask for help with homeless crisis

2023/09/29: Hayward Field to host 5th straight Olympic trials

2023/09/27: With $15 million for walking, biking, and tree projects, council discusses equity, equality

2023/09/27: Join Northeast Neighbors for Striker Field Park grand opening Sept. 30

2023/09/27: Chavez Elementary teacher Mariah Engle named Lane County’s best

2023/09/26: Meet the candidate: Barbie Walker

2023/09/26: Betty Taylor: Bring back the public service officer and the involvement committee

2023/09/24: Oregon mayors to try, try again on direct funding for homelessness

2023/09/24: Airport hangar owners fight confiscation, again

2023/09/24: 4J joins with local agencies in ‘United Front’

2023/09/22: ‘New era of LTD’ begins with focus on communication

2023/09/21: Explore electric transportation at Amazon Community Center Sept. 24

2023/09/20: Neighbors bring ‘Make Way Day’ to Eugene

2023/09/19: Planning Commission may have violated its own bylaws for the last 20 years

2023/09/18: Wildland firefighters look for better pay after USFS program evaluation

2023/09/18: Crews prepare Klamath riverbed for first water in over 100 years

2023/09/17: Dan Isaacson defends Rep. Holvey in recall election; union conflict goes to voters

2023/09/16: UO: 150 staff members provide on-campus health care for our students

2023/09/15: Southeast residents join union members at rally to save Eugene’s hospital

2023/09/15: OCT explores ‘What The Constitution Means To Me’ through Oct. 1

2023/09/14: Family hopes to prevent future attacks on LTD bus passengers

2023/09/10: Local game developer shares ‘Liquid Democracy’ metaverse

2023/09/07: PeaceHealth decisions years ago set course for Eugene hospital closure

2023/08/30: Papa’s Pizza benefit Aug. 30 for Jasper Mountain

2023/08/30: Mayor: Eugene not consulted on hospital closure

2023/08/29: Think globally, act locally: Stop aerial spraying at Beaver Creek

2023/08/26: Commissioner Trieger shares news, concerns about PeaceHealth leaving University District

2023/08/25: Rep. Paul Holvey recall election set for Oct. 3

2023/08/25: Latest Eugene renter protections take effect, hotline resumes taking priority calls

2023/08/25: EWEB offers Bethel preparedness event Aug. 26

2023/08/25: EWEB issues first-ever call to conserve

2023/08/23: Sen. Wyden, Rep. Hoyle, Commissioner Buch share briefing on local wildfires

2023/08/22: JWN chair predicts injuries at EmX stop near city-approved gas station

2023/08/20: Rob Tobias interviews Lew Schneider on the writers strike

2023/08/20: CUB: Utility interest in nuclear power puts ratepayers at risk

2023/08/20: City can’t tell you where all the money goes

2023/08/16: Housing agency hears from neighbors on Keystone drug bust

2023/08/16: Gov. Kotek issues call to new boards, commissions

2023/08/15: Eugene councilor: Legislature’s failure to fund safe sleep sites ‘devastating’

2023/08/13: Two members propose new Green constitution

2023/08/13: Residents ask EWEB to preserve key evacuation route: Leaburg Dam Road

2023/08/09: Overwhelmed staff closes renter hotline; rent strikers allege retaliatory evictions ahead

2023/08/08: Council asked to help with Breakfast Brigade permit

2023/08/08: Chamber, business leaders encourage city, county to prioritize housing

2023/08/07: Ducks to join Big Ten in 2024

2023/08/04: OregonServes offers $100 gift cards for website testers

2023/08/04: Flashing beacon installed at Dari Mart crossing

2023/08/03: Explore Pagan spirituality at Alton Baker Aug. 6

2023/08/02: ‘Ride, Read & Rock the Block Party’ Aug. 4

2023/08/02: New ‘virtual policing’ system lets you report crimes, interact with EPD by mobile phone

2023/08/02: Audit raises red flags, questions $11 million in Oregon emergency rent payments

2023/08/01: Springfield reminds us to ‘Follow the Water’

2023/07/31: Sign up for Lane Alerts today

2023/07/31: Public shares thoughts on new Ems stadium

2023/07/30: Public comment: Elect the county clerk, preserve the Springfield commissioner

2023/07/28: Moon Mountain Park reopens; stay on the trail

2023/07/26: Join BEST in a walk along Franklin July 27

2023/07/25: Sign up for alerts, even if you signed up before

2023/07/25: Friendly Area Neighbors sustainability fair, picnic July 30

2023/07/25: Eugene councilor predicts ‘catastrophic’ increase in renter evictions during August

2023/07/24: Unhoused couple awakened by unwelcome visitor, all 3 injured in knife fight

2023/07/24: Air quality advisory for Eastern Lane County, Central Oregon

2023/07/23: Public recommends alternatives to EWEB plans for nuclear, biomass

2023/07/21: Native son Will Kramer to city: More phone chargers, less brute squad

2023/07/19: Court sides with Eugene HB2001 opponents; public services plan must consider higher density

2023/07/18: President Scholz greets university community at first reception

2023/07/17: Tech community tackles reconnecting with homeless after phone thefts

2023/07/14: Greg Macpherson, Aimee Okotie-Oyekan celebrate the 1776, 1973, and 2023 revolutions

2023/07/14: Greg Evans to Matt Keating: Apology accepted, let’s move on

2023/07/12: Moon Mountain Park closed due to wildfire

2023/07/12: After repealing fossil fuel ordinance, council looks for input, funding, results

2023/07/11: ‘Pride Is A Riot’ open mic: Queer liberation is liberation for all

2023/07/11: A Black woman’s resignation from the racist Eugene 4J school board

2023/07/10: What-if scenarios help envision transition to sustainable future

2023/07/10: Amira on pro wrestling: ‘You’re nothing without the fans’

2023/07/09: Family seeks information about Mekenna Reiley

2023/07/08: Lane County judge denies renter request for reparations

2023/07/06: Moderate affirmative action opinion still allows thoughtful program design

2023/07/06: Eugene mayor: Governor ‘a little blind and deaf’ to city homelessness challenges

2023/07/05: Ride LTD to the Oregon Country Fair

2023/07/05: City flees its own downtown for riverfront

2023/07/04: Red flag warning for Willamette Valley July 4-5

2023/07/04: Community Supported Shelters offers consulting services

2023/07/02: Todd Boyle, John Barofsky offer comments on urban renewal funding

2023/07/02: Legislature supports community organizations active in disasters

2023/06/27: Greta Van Fleet coming to Portland August 5

2023/06/27: EWEB upgrades underway on Chambers, Hilyard, Agate, Amazon Parkway

2023/06/27: Apply to advise LTD on community outreach

2023/06/25: Public sees problems in proposed greenway changes; council to vote July 12

2023/06/25: Neighborhood leaders step up for Far West

2023/06/25: LTD adopts mobility management strategy

2023/06/24: BEST: APTA grant will rebuild the EmX coalition

2023/06/24: Alluvium hosts discussion of survival housing gap

2023/06/23: Thomas Hiura questions Rick Dancer support for LGBTQ+

2023/06/23: City: Park rules are driving 2-hour homeless evictions

2023/06/22: Multnomah County sues 17 fossil fuel companies over 2021 heat dome

2023/06/21: Activists to propose safe spots for tents June 21

2023/06/20: NEHS student notes Pride Fest protesters, survey results

2023/06/20: Fundraising auction runs live online June 21-25

2023/06/20: Daniel Ellsberg left us a message

2023/06/20: Bikers Against Bullies: Stand up, make a difference

2023/06/19: Youth Radio Project: What’s the most terrifying Zelda theme?

2023/06/19: Watch for workers painting EmX lanes

2023/06/18: HRC group monitors service gaps, questions city

2023/06/18: Civic journalists collaborate on shared research tools

2023/06/17: Youth make the case for right to healthy environment

2023/06/17: Oregon leaks personal data from 3.5 million driver’s licenses, ID cards

2023/06/15: EWEB says portfolio may need nuclear, biomass

2023/06/14: June 21 meeting at Alluvium to discuss community response to two-hour evictions

2023/06/14: Jesse Maldonado named to budget committee after councilors clash over ‘voting privately’

2023/06/13: Norman Solomon praises CALC, Eugene PeaceWorks activists

2023/06/12: Mile-long pipeline upgrade to start in July

2023/06/12: Live pro wrestling at Whirled Pies June 17, PK Park June 24

2023/06/12: June 15 ceremony to honor fallen firefighters Austin Smith, Logan Taylor

2023/06/12: For time banks, love is the language, the currency, and the law

2023/06/11: Lane County charter review survey continues through June 16

2023/06/11: Bear spotted near 31st and Willamette

2023/06/10: Neighbors fill growing resource gaps as city slashes budget

2023/06/09: Thacker Pass camp raided after protesters block open-pit lithium mine

2023/06/09: Mayor Vinis answers questions from Northeast Neighbors

2023/06/07: Lane County: Stabilization center will serve 8,200 each year

2023/06/07: Councilor praises Camas Ridge fifth-grader

2023/06/05: Corps recommends removing barrier to Long Tom fish passage

2023/06/04: Rep. Nathanson: Senate walkout stalls housing bills

2023/06/03: Yurok activist Amy Cordalis will be UO commencement speaker June 20

2023/06/03: ‘We Are Bethel’ celebration June 10

2023/06/02: LTD to repaint EmX lane markings

2023/06/02: Feedback on Mattie Reynolds, Scobert Gardens, University parks? Speak up in June

2023/06/02: EWEB commissioner explains big rate increases ahead

2023/06/01: Supreme Court opinion opens door for Juliana youth

2023/06/01: New bike lanes coming to 8th, Pearl, Oak, and High streets this construction season

2023/06/01: Mayor’s Art Show now accepting submissions

2023/05/31: Two SEHS students may face charges in recent bomb threats

2023/05/31: City asks neighborhoods: How do you get information?

2023/05/29: Peers on the front lines: Our teen suicide emergency

2023/05/29: Youth Radio Project interviews BIPOC heroes: Alex Reyna

2023/05/29: Our BIPOC heroes: Maestro Ricardo Llamas

2023/05/27: Todd Boyle: The city can develop or impair human potential

2023/05/26: Businesses say market-rate housing will help downtown thrive

2023/05/25: Library faces dire cuts as budget moves to council

2023/05/25: Hate has no home here

2023/05/25: Eugene awards $1.26M for 98 affordable housing units

2023/05/25: EmX takes another $2.12 million in STIF funds

2023/05/24: LTD committee looks for more details on mobility management, outreach

2023/05/24: Firefighters oppose proposed cuts, loss of engine

2023/05/23: Council hears that LTD is making land use decisions

2023/05/23: Bethel Early Literacy workshop May 25 at Petersen Barn

2023/05/21: Let LTD take you out to the ball game this summer

2023/05/20: Oregon should offer impeachment option

2023/05/20: No te lo pierdas: La feria de arreglos 21 de mayo

2023/05/20: BEST gets $10K to help LTD with Franklin project

2023/05/19: Paul Conte: Ward 7 runoff could go either way

2023/05/17: Community votes for change on school board

2023/05/17: City: Thanks for supporting the parks and recreation levy

2023/05/16: Library pilots item return near Amazon Pool

2023/05/16: Council continues budget discussion in work session

2023/05/15: Community welcomes LTD leader, asks about future of transportation

2023/05/14: Meet the candidate: Rick Hamilton

2023/05/14: Meet the candidate: Jenny Jonak

2023/05/14: Meet the candidate: Grant Johnson

2023/05/14: Meet the candidate: Gordon Lafer

2023/05/14: How to interrupt peer suicide plans May 26-28

2023/05/12: ATC hears plea for safety during Chambers repaving

2023/05/11: Councilor asks to review city spending on homelessness

2023/05/10: Council hears of human rights abuses by city employees

2023/05/10: A love letter to libraries

2023/05/09: Public warns council about proposed cuts to animal services

2023/05/08: Students ask 4J candidates how they will promote transparency, mental health, equity

2023/05/08: 4J school board discusses SEHS bomb threat

2023/05/07: Residents urged to advocate for library as city proposes deep budget cuts

2023/05/04: Eugene top 3 funding requests still in play

2023/05/03: 2023 Index: AI is powering fake content industry

2023/05/02: World Press Freedom Day remembers 86 journalists killed in 2022

2023/05/02: PSU survey on microplastics closes May 12

2023/05/02: Facing ethics investigation, Oregon secretary of state to step down May 8

2023/05/01: Share your thoughts on the future of parking

2023/05/01: Share feedback on Golden Gardens Park designs

2023/04/25: Public asks for another site, funding for Greenhill

2023/04/25: Churchill reactivates, elects neighborhood board

2023/04/24: City manager to present proposed $1.5B budget

2023/04/22: Candidates challenge Jefferson Westside to welcome renters, young parents

2023/04/19: Meet Jameson Auten at City Club April 21

2023/04/19: Long Tom meeting April 20 shares ways to reduce pesticide use around the home

2023/04/19: City manager proposes 2023-2025 budget

2023/04/15: Wastewater commission asked to ‘show the math’ for Goshen service costs

2023/04/13: City priorities survive legislative deadline

2023/04/12: Friends of Fall Creek Watershed to celebrate Earth Day with cleanup, fundraiser

2023/04/12: Eugene mayor renews ties with sister city Kakegawa

2023/04/10: Founder of school board PAC promotes six principles

2023/04/09: EWEB responds to neighbor concerns during wire-wrapping of water tanks

2023/04/09: City to host neighborhoods conference April 15

2023/04/08: All Ward 7 candidates willing to reconsider EmX

2023/04/05: EWEB eyes 2024 start for new College Hill tanks

2023/04/03: Restore democracy in Oregon by ending corruption

2023/03/31: Church repudiates doctrine used to justify land theft, genocide

2023/03/30: LTD board approves 7 replacement EmX buses

2023/03/29: Stay clear during EWEB water tank wire-wrapping

2023/03/29: SPJ asks Fox News to ‘seek the truth and report it’

2023/03/29: Ride e-scooters to ‘Future of Transportation’ April 10

2023/03/29: LTD graduates 8 bus operators in March

2023/03/29: KEPW Youth Radio Project highlights BIPOC heroes

2023/03/29: Annual LTD survey offers chance to win $100

2023/03/28: What do you know? It’s our March 2023 news quiz

2023/03/25: Rep. Val Hoyle impressed by questions from Reedsport High students

2023/03/24: Our BIPOC Heroes: Toshi Ishibashi

2023/03/24: KLCC’s Brian Bull learns homeless were moved from world championship venues

2023/03/22: River Road activists close to resolution on noise health hazard

2023/03/21: Proposed budget cuts ‘a tremendous step backwards’ for animal services

2023/03/20: IPCC synthesis report: Urgent climate action needed on everything, everywhere, all at once

2023/03/20: A critical retrospective on 28 years of military service

2023/03/19: Public hearings this week on urban search and rescue, hotlines for first responders

2023/03/19: Judith Ehrlich film adopted as blueprint for nonviolent resistance

2023/03/18: Migrant Education Program celebrates grand opening

2023/03/18: Advocates find ‘significant’ differences in homeless data reported by police, city court

2023/03/17: March 18 peace rally, documentary recall 2003 Iraq invasion

2023/03/16: Multinational exercise Sea Dragon 23 centers on anti-submarine warfare

2023/03/15: Women lead demonstrations for democracy in Iran

2023/03/15: UO names distinguished economist as its 19th president

2023/03/14: Yurok Tribe hires dedicated MMIP investigator

2023/03/14: ‘Thumbs up’ for LTD bus operators this week

2023/03/14: Solidarity News brings important local stories into the light of day

2023/03/14: Rabbi urges solidarity in response to hate crimes

2023/03/14: Lone renter on Eugene council blasts landlords

2023/03/13: Tribal nations, Ecuador protect life-supporting systems under ‘rights of nature’

2023/03/09: Member claims school board hijacked by racist leadership

2023/03/08: NEHS student asks 4J to stop ongoing hate crimes

2023/03/07: PIELC 2023: Universities still aiding and greenwashing the fossil fuel industry

2023/03/06: US must build on Ukraine refugee response

2023/03/06: LTD: What do our communities need us to be?

2023/03/05: ChatGPT offers mediating positions in advance of the next pandemic

2023/03/05: Apply in March for city boards, commissions

2023/03/03: Union members allege Starbucks quietly disqualifying employees for benefits

2023/03/03: Neighborhood leaders discuss ‘most organized hate speech in last 4 years’

2023/03/02: We have a responsibility to replace unjust corporate laws

2023/03/02: Comment by March 5 on Franklin Boulevard plan

2023/03/01: Children’s book promotes awareness of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

2023/02/28: UO fires student leader during union drive

2023/02/27: Volunteer hams expand emergency data network

2023/02/27: Lane Transit District resumes bus rider reports

2023/02/27: Burrito Brigade: Feeding the whole community

2023/02/25: Lyndsie Leech speaks out against racism, antisemitism

2023/02/23: Recalled city councilor appointed to LTD committee

2023/02/22: Murmuration inspires group consensus solution

2023/02/20: Neighbors report wide distribution of antisemitic fliers

2023/02/18: Neighborhood panel looks at next steps on homelessness

2023/02/18: Lithium mine lawsuit: BLM lied about consultation, violated NEPA, FLPMA, NHPA

2023/02/17: How would you promote electric mobility with $25,000 from EWEB?

2023/02/17: Chronicle named 2022 Business of the Year by Springfield Chamber

2023/02/16: City looks to build infrastructure for housing, industry

2023/02/15: 10 minutes on DEIB with Da’Mon Merkerson

2023/02/14: Rep. Val Hoyle: Mandates aren’t working

2023/02/14: Public asks about alleged racist behavior by Eugene councilor

2023/02/14: LTD, ATU Local 757 approve four-year contract

2023/02/14: EWEB offers septic grants, hopes to prevent harmful algal blooms on the McKenzie

2023/02/13: ‘Understanding homelessness’ panel Feb. 15

2023/02/13: ODF collects 900,000 seeds from species threatened by emerald ash borer

2023/02/13: Neighbors share tips on building preparedness programs

2023/02/12: Eugene neighborhoods prepare for 2 inches of snow

2023/02/11: School board members ask about use of private messaging app ‘Signal’

2023/02/10: Cleanup underway after derailment spills diesel near Yaquina River

2023/02/10: Chief Skinner praises EPD officers, department record on ‘duty to intervene’

2023/02/09: Our policy decisions are resulting in homelessness and preventable deaths

2023/02/08: Eugene group looks for ban on gas-powered leaf blowers

2023/02/05: City of Eugene agendas Feb. 5-Feb. 11, 2023

2023/02/04: LTD, ATU Local 757 reach tentative 4-year deal

2023/02/03: Latest parks report: Continued safety concerns over camping

2023/02/01: Ready NW hosts preparedness discussion Feb. 7

2023/02/01: City to promote a friendlier Franklin as ‘the spine of EmX’ Feb. 2

2023/02/01: BEST tracks legislation during ‘epidemic of roadway deaths’

2023/01/31: Volunteers plant 150 trees along Upper Amazon Creek

2023/01/31: Right-size your ride at Shift Community Cycles

2023/01/30: City of Eugene agendas Jan. 29-Feb. 4, 2023

2023/01/29: The police are killing protesters again

2023/01/29: Springfield Police tell the homeless: Go to Eugene or Lane County

2023/01/29: Join the LEAGUE to improve county service

2023/01/29: Eugene activists mourn police killing of forest defender

2023/01/28: What happened to Tyre Nichols in Memphis is unconscionable

2023/01/25: Quick response contains damage in fatal apartment fire

2023/01/25: Mayor Vinis named vice chair of EPA advisory committee

2023/01/25: Apply now for 2023 Citizen Police Academy

2023/01/24: City Council is unanimous: ‘Let our people sleep’

2023/01/23: Elected officials highlight priorities at Bethel meeting

2023/01/23: Bethel planning starts with survey results, and other updates

2023/01/22: Pete Parsons predicts colder weather from La Nina in February

2023/01/22: On the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

2023/01/22: City of Eugene agendas Jan. 22-28, 2023

2023/01/21: Lane County initiative would protect rights of watersheds

2023/01/21: Arcimoto: The reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated

2023/01/18: Senate leaders identify priorities for 2023 session

2023/01/18: Neighborhoods sign on to support public health overlay zone

2023/01/18: Help plant trees along Amazon Creek Jan. 21

2023/01/18: Eugene City Hall moving to riverfront

2023/01/18: Bethel launches community planning Jan. 18

2023/01/16: Greg Evans: Matt Keating is not up to the task

2023/01/16: City of Eugene agendas Jan. 15-21, 2023

2023/01/15: Housing regulations usually worth the cost, but ‘nothing in my bank, yo’

2023/01/14: Council asks for session on upstream dam failure

2023/01/13: Medford Mail Tribune abruptly shuts down

2023/01/12: Councilor Keating hears that taller buildings would endanger migratory birds

2023/01/12: A turning point on immigration

2023/01/11: Public seeks ‘greatest possible protection’ for the Willamette Greenway

2023/01/10: Use your $300 EWEB e-bike rebate at a local business

2023/01/10: Southeast Neighbors ask for open discussion of ‘racist and repugnant’ rift on council

2023/01/10: Lindsay Aylesworth leads summary report on first 10 years of marine reserves

2023/01/10: Eugene City Council picks up right where it left off: Divided and angry

2023/01/10: Coquille fund awards $125K to Lane nonprofits

2023/01/09: Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run; Land Rover sought

2023/01/09: City Club, Eugene Weekly look to the future of local journalism

2023/01/09: Apply for community garden lottery by Feb. 15

2023/01/08: The alleys of Jefferson Westside

2023/01/08: City of Eugene agendas Jan. 8-14, 2023

2023/01/07: Santa Clara meets Ward 7 Councilor Lyndsie Leech

2023/01/07: Forrest Paint, Threadbare Print House win awards from city

2023/01/06: State of the City 2023 in 10 minutes

2023/01/05: Riverfront project closes on next 2 land parcels for $4.3 million

2023/01/05: Recreational crabbing now open along entire Oregon coast

2023/01/05: Kris Galago, Pacific Islanders honored with Community Service Award

2023/01/04: Support cold weather shelter at Fisherman’s Market Jan. 18

2023/01/04: Facing bus operator shortage, LTD will reduce weekday service

2023/01/04: EWEB votes to decommission Leaburg Dam

2023/01/04: CERT program explores database of local dams Jan. 5

2023/01/03: Northeast priorities: Arterial bridge, Coburg congestion, more bus service

2023/01/02: Resolve to check out the CERT program in 2023

2023/01/01: Will Falk: Stop drinking ‘green energy’ Kool-Aid

2023/01/01: Neighborhood to launch Bethel planning Jan. 18

2022/12/31: Help reboot Bethel Boosters to support WHS athletics, clubs, activities

2022/12/31: Construction underway at 70-unit Peace Village

2022/12/31: City of Eugene agendas Jan. 1-7, 2023

2022/12/30: Top stories of 2022: The mounting costs of the EmX bus system

2022/12/30: Top stories of 2022: Flipping the NIMBY narrative, neighborhoods support shelter

2022/12/30: Pedestrian-bicycle bridge over Beltline gets $6 million

2022/12/29: City leaf pickup resumes Tuesday, Jan. 3

2022/12/28: Top news stories of 2022: Single mom bests Phil Knight

2022/12/28: Library Journal ranks Eugene Public Library among nation’s best

2022/12/27: Urban foresters respond to downed trees and limbs

2022/12/27: Top stories of 2022: The New Era Convergence

2022/12/27: Top stories of 2022: ‘No confidence’ council erodes democracy

2022/12/26: Top news stories of 2022: The Ukraine War

2022/12/24: Todd Boyle picks some top stories of 2022

2022/12/23: Ice emergency continues; 30th Avenue still closed

2022/12/23: City lifts parking ban along snow routes

2022/12/22: Watch out for nearby neighbors during the Dec. 22-23 ice storm

2022/12/22: Housing, not handcuffs

2022/12/22: City declares ice/snow emergency

2022/12/21: Winter storm watch issued for Thursday Dec. 22

2022/12/21: River Road looks to new Ward 7 councilor for help with greenway

2022/12/21: Pedestrian cited after being hit by SUV on Coburg Road

2022/12/21: Human Rights Commission to honor Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day Dec. 21

2022/12/20: Ready NW, Councilor Groves look to mitigate ‘the largest oil spill in US history’

2022/12/19: Awbrey Park Elementary among recommended Safe Routes

2022/12/18: LTD uses EmX crash data to improve safety

2022/12/18: City of Eugene agendas Dec. 18-24, 2022

2022/12/17: Oregon to cooperate on fish and wildlife management with Cow Creek Umpqua

2022/12/17: EWEB seeks dialog on draft clean energy plan

2022/12/16: Monsanto to pay Oregon $698 million in PCB settlement

2022/12/15: DeLeesa Meashintubby named 2022 First Citizen

2022/12/15: City facilities available as warming centers

2022/12/14: Lyndsie Leech selected for Ward 7 as another councilor is called out for ‘racist, repugnant’ behavior

2022/12/14: Local officials describe effects of Mosman order

2022/12/14: A gambler’s guide to the Ward 7 appointment

2022/12/13: Thomas Hiura: The (simulated) Ward 7 interview

2022/12/13: Egan Warming Center activates Dec. 13-14

2022/12/12: City budget gap could exceed $20 million

2022/12/12: Apply for burn manager advisory committee by Jan. 31

2022/12/11: City of Eugene agendas Dec. 11-17, 2022

2022/12/11: ATU Local 757: Bus drivers deserve contract, high-visibility security team

2022/12/10: Scam alert: Be cautious during holiday shopping

2022/12/09: Local crime website adds missing person reports

2022/12/09: Film screening celebrates Human Rights Day

2022/12/09: City council sets priorities for 2023 legislative session

2022/12/07: Southeast Neighbors walk for safe streets

2022/12/07: Encircle Films welcomes Kelsey Juliana Dec. 7

2022/12/06: Travis Worthington hired as local fire marshal

2022/12/06: Opinion: Remove the Leaburg Dam

2022/12/06: Eugene, Springfield to get grant money for climate-friendly planning

2022/12/06: Council interviews 5 applicants for Ward 7

2022/12/05: Youth Radio Project interviews Andrew Rosenthal

2022/12/04: Online sessions Dec. 6, Dec. 8 for Willamette dams 30-year plan

2022/12/04: As demand increases for sexual assault support services, SASS grows its community of care

2022/12/03: Envision Eugene group thanks Ed McMahon, Alexis Biddle

2022/12/03: City of Eugene agendas Dec. 4-10, 2022

2022/12/02: With budget cuts looming, neighborhoods look for bigger role in community engagement

2022/12/02: Walk for safer streets in Southeast Eugene Dec. 6

2022/12/02: Prepare for an icy commute this morning

2022/12/02: Biden pledges aid, co-stewardship, respect at Tribal Nations Summit

2022/12/02: After Far West election questions, neighborhoods offer support

2022/12/01: Council to interview 2 more Ward 7 candidates

2022/11/30: Save the Urban Farm and the marbled murrelet

2022/11/30: Council selects 3 to interview for Ward 7 seat

2022/11/29: Veterans deserve their health care benefits

2022/11/28: City of Eugene agendas Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2022

2022/11/27: Join your neighborhood organization – the more the merrier

2022/11/27: Dan Isaacson talks public engagement, One Gro, Ward 7

2022/11/26: EPD: Trespass calls up 17% in Jefferson Westside

2022/11/24: After brief standoff, man surrenders to LCSO

2022/11/23: Youth Radio Project interviews Jordan Rose of Graffiti Magazine

2022/11/23: Mayor speaks out against ‘vicious’ assault on bus rider

2022/11/22: Portland to host Women’s Final Four in 2030

2022/11/22: Faith leaders on the front lines: Brother Garry Hutchinson

2022/11/22: Downtown Eugene survey open through Dec. 4

2022/11/21: Days before deadly assault, LTD was told of bus operator concerns

2022/11/21: City of Eugene agendas Nov. 20-26, 2022

2022/11/20: Ready NW considers threats from dam breach, flooding

2022/11/20: Neighborhoods start to identify bicycle and pedestrian projects

2022/11/20: LTD leadership: Violence has no place on our buses

2022/11/19: Home Share Oregon tackles the housing crisis

2022/11/19: EPD seeking witnesses in assault on LTD bus

2022/11/18: ‘The Klamath salmon are coming home’

2022/11/18: Ready NW flooding presentation now online

2022/11/18: EPD asks public for help locating man with nationwide warrant

2022/11/17: Shordie Shordie coming to WOW Hall Dec. 9

2022/11/17: Jameson Auten welcomed as LTD’s next leader

2022/11/17: Air stagnation advisory closes outdoor burning

2022/11/17: 10 apply for Ward 7 council vacancy

2022/11/16: UO students, leaders ask for dialog on EPD party patrol

2022/11/16: Planning commission to look at CFEC rules Nov. 22

2022/11/16: Julie Fahey statement on steady revenue forecast

2022/11/14: Wolf depredation confirmed in McKay Canyon area

2022/11/14: UN report: We are not on track to meet 2030 forest goals

2022/11/14: Two arrested for DUII after driving the wrong way on Beltline

2022/11/14: Supreme Court decision in Brackeen could threaten Indigenous sovereignty

2022/11/14: Santa Clara looks at Leaburg Canal

2022/11/14: Post-election jubilee is a time to forgive, atone, repent

2022/11/14: Egan volunteers needed Nov. 14 at multiple sites

2022/11/14: Share your ideas for Downtown Eugene Nov. 15

2022/11/13: Youth Radio Project interviews The Hirsch Brothers

2022/11/13: City of Eugene agendas Nov. 13-19, 2022

2022/11/11: Residents prepare for noise ordinance hearing

2022/11/11: PeaceHealth launches Institute for Nursing Excellence

2022/11/11: Eugene, Springfield K-9 teams assist in Skinner Butte arrest

2022/11/11: Drivers see hope as Jameson Auten starts at LTD

2022/11/10: LCSO tracks man who swam across Row River

2022/11/10: Join the Whiteaker parks advisory panel?

2022/11/10: Faith Center asks how its space can benefit the community

2022/11/10: Council looks at riverfront housing, steam plant

2022/11/10: Council applicants identify top issues in Ward 7

2022/11/10: Cheryl Barnds: Enbridge funding for police is ‘corporate fascism’

2022/11/09: Voters enthusiastically support funding for local streets, parks

2022/11/09: ‘Fill Your Pantry’ at Lane Events Center Nov. 13

2022/11/09: Egan volunteers needed overnight Wednesday Nov. 9

2022/11/08: LCSO seeking tips in Manny Bayya disappearance

2022/11/08: Expect slowdowns on Ferry Street bridge Nov. 9

2022/11/07: It’s official: Jameson Auten starts at LTD

2022/11/07: ESF crews quickly control Bailey Hill Meadows apartment fire

2022/11/07: Egan Warming Centers to activate Tuesday Nov. 8

2022/11/06: River Road, Trainsong residents ask city for help with industrial noise

2022/11/06: ‘Ready Eugene’ helps neighbors prepare for flooding

2022/11/05: OWEB awards 80 grants totaling over $11 million

2022/11/05: Opinion: Coercive compassion

2022/11/04: Lane County offers ballot count livestream

2022/11/04: Eugene looks at parking mandates: ‘It’s going to be ugly’

2022/11/02: Stuff the Bus to support local families Nov. 4, 5

2022/11/02: One week left to apply for Ward 7 council seat

2022/11/02: FUSEE: Community wildfire preparedness must become part of our culture

2022/11/01: EPD volunteers seek public help on cold cases

2022/11/01: EPD investigating report of razor in Halloween candy

2022/10/31: Debates offer hope for consensus on unsheltered homelessness

2022/10/31: Chris La Tray talks about his upcoming book

2022/10/30: Youth Radio interviews musician Trianna Feruza

2022/10/30: Youth Radio interviews activist Eloise Navarro

2022/10/28: Meet the House District 12 candidates: Michelle Emmons and Charlie Conrad

2022/10/28: As city sets program metrics, neighborhoods convene ‘constitutional convention’

2022/10/27: Two more Ward 7 residents apply for vacant council seat

2022/10/27: Neighborhoods to participate in citywide field exercise Oct. 29

2022/10/26: Unconscious driver on High Street leads to EPD fentanyl bust

2022/10/26: Pacific Green Party candidate disavows ‘dark money’ website, mailing

2022/10/26: LTD releases 2021-2022 Community Report

2022/10/25: McKenzie Pass to close for winter Nov. 1

2022/10/24: USFS chief vows support for firelighters, prescribed burns

2022/10/24: Oakridge, Westfir, High Prairie cleared of all evacuation alerts

2022/10/24: ATU Local 757: LTD drivers face dangerous working conditions

2022/10/22: Councilors raise questions after Syrett recall

2022/10/22: Amazon Neighbors hear call for safer sidewalks

2022/10/21: Grant County: Was our USFS neighbor reckless in starting fires in those conditions?

2022/10/20: Visit the Thurston Grange holiday sale Nov. 4-5-6

2022/10/20: LRAPA extends air quality advisory through Oct. 24

2022/10/19: Ward 7 council seat draws 3 early applicants

2022/10/19: Local 5th-grade artists explore the theme: ‘Brought to you by electricity’

2022/10/19: Join the Great Oregon ShakeOut 10-20 at 10:20

2022/10/19: Eugene looks at transportation options in Denmark, Netherlands

2022/10/18: Skipanon River opens to hatchery coho up to the Alt 101 bridge

2022/10/18: EPD safely arrests 1 after shots fired on bike path near Oak Patch Road

2022/10/17: Who says one person can’t make a difference?

2022/10/17: West University ‘party patrol’ leads to multiple arrests

2022/10/17: LRAPA extends air quality advisory to Oct. 21

2022/10/17: Apply for White Bird’s crisis line today

2022/10/16: Fall Chinook salmon run looks stronger

2022/10/15: Rep. Wilde: They never asked whether I had civil litigation experience

2022/10/15: Air quality ‘unhealthy’ to ‘hazardous’ this weekend in east Lane County

2022/10/14: Ward 7 residents pose a dozen questions for potential council candidates

2022/10/12: Police units downtown respond to armed and masked subjects

2022/10/12: Eugene Tenant Alliance hosts Ward 7 candidates

2022/10/12: ‘DeFazio Station’ celebration set for Oct. 13

2022/10/11: Santa Clara residents say EmX is not their locally preferred alternative

2022/10/11: McKenzie River obstructed near Paradise Campground, not safely navigable

2022/10/10: Help improve your neighborhood association; here are the survey questions

2022/10/10: City, NLC seek to promote survey, events

2022/10/09: Meet the candidate: Levi Leatherberry for CD4

2022/10/08: Meet the candidate: Mike Beilstein for CD4

2022/10/07: EWEB board authorizes GM to negotiate sale of riverfront building

2022/10/06: ‘Talk Is Cheap’ interviews James G. Kahn

2022/10/06: Health advisory issued for lamprey from the Columbia River system

2022/10/06: Gary Dye to Eugene environmentalists: Keep fighting NW Natural

2022/10/06: Arcimoto announces permanent workforce reductions; special shareholder meeting Oct. 28

2022/10/05: Suicide prevention: Find someone who can listen

2022/10/05: Breast cancer screenings save lives

2022/10/04: Justin Martin places LTD bus operators among the best in the Northwest

2022/10/03: Lessons learned: Respect others, collaborate

2022/10/03: ‘Amazon Creek looks like a Third World sewer’

2022/10/03: 9th Circuit affirms that homeless are entitled to keep themselves warm and dry

2022/10/02: Transponder celebrates its first decade with MasQUEERade Oct. 15

2022/10/02: Modified plan for East 30th goes to commissioners

2022/10/01: Neighborhoods: We can help with public engagement

2022/09/30: Concert will benefit memorial for Silas and Ben

2022/09/29: Celebrating the Ornelas family tradition of service

2022/09/28: You’re not alone: Connecting veterans and their families with help

2022/09/28: SmartTrips: Fun, food, free bike helmets Oct. 2

2022/09/28: Recalled councilor, mayor block public vote on fireworks

2022/09/28: Hurricane Ian shows need for early warning systems

2022/09/28: Cascades Raptor Center invites you to get out in the wild

2022/09/27: Lower Umatilla groundwater gets more nitrate contamination

2022/09/27: Free buses to Lane County Stand Down Sept. 30

2022/09/27: ENI to host discussion on public engagement

2022/09/27: Councilor Syrett, colleagues say farewell

2022/09/26: ‘Lithium mine bulk sampling’ actually means cultural genocide

2022/09/25: Recall organizers retain high-profile attorneys

2022/09/25: City slips behind, seeks to address growing workforce challenges

2022/09/24: Recalled councilor likely to step down Oct. 3; citizen defendants raise SLAPP claim

2022/09/22: Senate Finance Committee agrees on expanding mental health workforce

2022/09/22: Eugene survey: About 60 percent have ‘not much’ or ‘no confidence’ in council

2022/09/21: Legal fireworks sales feed 19,000 each year, support youth camps and field trips

2022/09/20: IPA reports on Ukraine, Putin, and a protest at the EPA Sept. 20

2022/09/20: BEST signs demand for OTC reforms

2022/09/19: What do you think about Arcimoto subscriptions?

2022/09/19: We must stand up against intolerance when we witness it

2022/09/19: To unite or divide?

2022/09/19: LRAPA issues air quality alert through Wednesday morning

2022/09/19: CCS welcomes Executive Director Lorri Perreault

2022/09/18: River Road backs city bid for protected bike lanes, safer crossings

2022/09/18: Fantastic Four series became a space for fearless experimentation

2022/09/17: Southeast Neighbors still waiting for answers on streets bond

2022/09/17: Happy Constitution Day 2022

2022/09/16: Wall pours start Sept. 20 for East 40th water tanks

2022/09/16: Council hears of local fentanyl death, threat to community from drug cartels

2022/09/15: Public hearing set Sept. 28 for 30th Avenue plan

2022/09/15: NEN holds clothing drive for White Bird Sept. 18

2022/09/14: Wetlands citizen scientists needed throughout the year

2022/09/14: SEN News: Councilor has not responded to questions about road bond

2022/09/14: Reducing food waste will reduce methane, warming

2022/09/14: Organizers hope to put STAR voting on the ballot in 2024

2022/09/14: Left behind by MovingAhead

2022/09/14: Jefferson Westside considers creating historic district

2022/09/14: Bethel looks to Sept. 26 discussion of public health overlay zone

2022/09/13: Westfir, West Oakridge evacuation level reduced

2022/09/13: Council returns to a week with both 9/11 and Constitution Day

2022/09/13: Council, public share thoughts on recall election

2022/09/12: Some Cedar Creek Fire evacuation levels reduced

2022/09/12: One dead after raft overturns near McKenzie Bridge

2022/09/12: LTD resumes service to Oakridge

2022/09/11: Some areas near Cedar Creek Fire downgraded to evacuation level 2

2022/09/11: EWEB restores power after red flag warning

2022/09/11: City asks Santa Clara for guidance on Hunsaker Lane

2022/09/09: Steelhead fishing to close Sept. 15 on John Day, but will continue on Deschutes

2022/09/09: Level 3 ‘Go Now’ notices for Oakridge, Westfir, High Prairie

2022/09/09: Lane County COAD prepares for red flag warning

2022/09/09: High Prairie area gets Level 2 ‘Get Set’ evacuation notice (Sept. 9, 2022)

2022/09/09: EWEB announces public safety power shut-off

2022/09/08: Vehicles can cause wildfires; make sure in these hot, windy, dry conditions that yours does not

2022/09/08: LTD board member: There may be more council recall efforts ahead

2022/09/07: The polluted air we breathe is killing 7 million each year

2022/09/06: We must listen to those we disagree with

2022/09/06: Red flag warning: Cedar Creek Fire expected to become ‘very active’ Tuesday

2022/09/06: News organizations obtain River Road EmX petitions

2022/09/06: LTD is game day transportation

2022/09/05: Todd Boyle discusses ‘Convergence’ documentary

2022/09/05: Ducks ohana honors Spencer Webb

2022/09/04: Neighborhood teams share ideas, prep for annual all-metro exercise

2022/09/04: Medic: Springfield Police acted like goon squad

2022/09/04: Eugene antiwar candidate challenges Ron Wyden

2022/09/03: Vote for Oregon22 as best professional sports event of the year

2022/09/03: Renters beware: EPD hears of latest online scams

2022/09/03: Mass timber coalition wins $41.4 million to boost Oregon forest products industry

2022/09/03: ‘Go Now’ evacuation extended to Shadow Bay Campground

2022/09/03: Cedar Creek Fire morning update Sept. 3, 2022

2022/09/03: Activists launch initiatives for better voting

2022/09/02: Students ride the bus free with transit pass

2022/09/02: Climate change intensifies monsoon flooding; one-third of Pakistan is under water

2022/09/01: Gov. Brown appoints 3 to LTD board

2022/09/01: East Waldo under ‘Get Ready’ for evacuation notice

2022/08/31: Free water containers at Sheldon grand opening Sept. 10

2022/08/30: Oregon governor declares wildfire emergency

2022/08/30: Officials warn of rainbow fentanyl in Oregon

2022/08/30: Dan Isaacson urges Ward 7 voters to vote against the recall

2022/08/29: Join Lane County’s LEAGUE

2022/08/28: Recall rallies hope for stopping ‘EmptyX’ diesel buses on River Road

2022/08/28: Investigation leads to Aug. 19 sentencing in string of local restaurant burglaries

2022/08/26: Gov. Brown thanks LTD for championship work

2022/08/26: Eugene rental owners: City is avoiding us during public comment

2022/08/24: Fireweed marks the change of season in Alaska

2022/08/24: Community survey continues through Sept. 5

2022/08/23: ‘Stripes and Stones’ or ‘Arcs and Groves’

2022/08/23: Public comment on Wildfire Adapted Communities draft runs through Sept. 16

2022/08/23: AHCPP one year on: We as a city must imagine moving past business as usual

2022/08/21: Councilor challenges recall statements; EmX opponents cite MovingAhead website

2022/08/19: Oregon chief justice deepens public defender crisis by installing ‘alternate slate of electors’

2022/08/19: Claire Syrett raises $10K, asks court to stop recall

2022/08/17: Jameson Auten to start leading LTD in November

2022/08/17: Help our neighborhoods engage more residents

2022/08/17: Film screening Sept. 9 to benefit FUSEE

2022/08/16: Central coast: Summer all-depth halibut season open daily starting Sept. 1

2022/08/16: Arcimoto looks to double production by end of year

2022/08/15: Intel CEO is done with stock buybacks, and Congress should be too

2022/08/14: New Era Convergence Aug. 21-24 to explore solidarity, unity in social movements

2022/08/14: EmX won’t reduce greenhouse gases, and each new River Road EmX trip will cost $27.46

2022/08/14: Ahead of governor election, many state agencies are experiencing change and loss

2022/08/13: Jesse Fittipaldi named interim Arcimoto CEO

2022/08/13: Big Ten flips Ducks 5-star academic recruit

2022/08/10: SVdP shares plans for West Amazon site

2022/08/10: Analysis: Recall vote could affect future public outreach

2022/08/09: Carbon tax could support transition for coal-reliant communities

2022/08/09: Beatrice Grace, Michelle Bassi appointed as circuit court judges

2022/08/08: Open letter to Pat Farr: Stop the MovingAhead boondoggle

2022/08/07: Eugene organizer Tom Peck calls for Measure 114 volunteers

2022/08/06: Back to school collection drive continues in August

2022/08/05: State Forester: We removed the initial wildfire risk map and are working to improve its accuracy

2022/08/04: ‘Timing is everything’ as Jameson Auten reaches out to LTD about GM position

2022/08/04: Oregon recognized for 1st state report on domestic terrorism

2022/08/04: Guest Opinion: If you value human life, speak out in favor of MovingAhead

2022/08/03: Supreme Court case brought by DAPL lawyers threatens Native sovereignty

2022/08/03: LTD picks Jameson Auten as its next GM (again)

2022/08/03: Guest Opinion: Councilor can save the cost of a recall election by resigning

2022/08/02: RHDV2 confirmed in the death of two domestic rabbits in Lane County

2022/08/02: Public comment: City should allow buying and selling of R-1 ‘quarter-lots’

2022/08/02: Eugene HAND, protesters demand survival over sports

2022/08/02: District 32 candidate Rick Gray is first nonaffiliated candidate to qualify

2022/08/01: With 91% valid signatures, petition to recall city council president is moving ahead

2022/07/31: EWEB shares time-lapse photography of East 30th construction

2022/07/30: Study: Universal health care would have saved US 338,000 lives, $105.6 billion during COVID

2022/07/30: Join the monarch monitoring blitz through August 7

2022/07/30: Divest Oregon urges treasury to reduce its investments in fossil fuel companies

2022/07/29: FUSEE: Conventional firefighting threatens Lake Tahoe water quality

2022/07/28: One more Oregon22 record: TV viewers up 65% from previous best

2022/07/28: Help reduce unintended impacts on fish and wildlife during the drought

2022/07/28: Fans boost bus ridership during Oregon22 games

2022/07/28: BEST, LTD Board President support safety features in MovingAhead project

2022/07/27: People’s Forum returns every Monday in August

2022/07/27: Eugene Parks survey asks: How are we doing?

2022/07/26: River Road – Santa Clara neighborhood plan moves towards adoption

2022/07/26: LRAPA issues smog advisory for Willamette Valley through Saturday

2022/07/26: Emergency family services moving to St. Vinnie’s West Amazon site

2022/07/25: Applying a utility model to garbage collection serves the whole community

2022/07/25: Advocates report camps ‘aggressively swept’ during the World Athletics Championships

2022/07/24: Obie plans 7-story development in Fifth Street Market District

2022/07/24: Homes For Good to open 50 waitlists for housing July 26

2022/07/22: Streets bond pollster: 60% approval when we say tax rates stay the same

2022/07/22: Citizens submit over 2,000 signatures to recall Eugene City Councilor

2022/07/20: New Era Convergence: Let’s envision the world we want, and how to get it

2022/07/20: Moving Ahead opponents: We have over 2,000 signatures to recall Councilor Syrett

2022/07/20: Dead orca was entangled in unmarked sport crab gear

2022/07/20: Applications due July 27 to help craft argument against street bond

2022/07/19: Dam removals needed to prevent extinction of Lower Snake River salmonids

2022/07/18: Sign up for Willamette River PaddleCross Tour, Challenge to be held July 22-23

2022/07/18: Remembering Cliff Gray

2022/07/18: As 250 officers patrol the games, EPD prioritizes the community

2022/07/18: ACLU shows widespread government use of phone data without warrants

2022/07/14: Sen. Wyden welcomes the world to WCH22

2022/07/14: Rob Zako: Pedestrian safety requires political will

2022/07/14: Ready NW offers tips for beating the heat this summer

2022/07/14: Councilor: EPD, SPD police arrested Roe protesters to protect the public good

2022/07/13: Ready Southeast provisions 10 caches with preparedness supplies

2022/07/11: Post-fire algae blooms predicted for the McKenzie

2022/07/11: Intergovernmental report: Short-term focus threatens 1 million species with extinction

2022/07/11: Free ‘Flutestock’ event July 15-17 to feature Grammy winner, top musicians

2022/07/11: Fire danger may increase quickly as grasses dry

2022/07/10: Study links climate change, disease emergence

2022/07/10: New book ‘The Infodemic’ sees increasing censorship

2022/07/10: Julie Lambert interviews Activist-at-Large R Self

2022/07/09: Great Dane rescued from hot car a reminder to be careful with pets

2022/07/09: Eugene City Club looks at the nation’s growing news deserts

2022/07/09: Bring your ideas to the New Era Convergence August 21-24

2022/07/08: Morrow County residents on water crisis: DEQ did nothing

2022/07/07: Double Sided Media offers advice to the KEPW Youth Radio Project

2022/07/06: Trespassing charges dismissed in landmark case upholding treaty rights

2022/07/06: LTD to provide airport shuttle service to area hotels

2022/07/06: Eugene asks EWEB if ambitious electrification plan is possible

2022/07/05: Wildfire Adapted Communities discuss evacuation, development standards

2022/07/05: Immigrant advocacy group Causa to dissolve after 27 years

2022/07/04: US says Israeli forces ‘likely’ killed journalist; Abu Akleh family responds

2022/07/03: Todd Boyle’s Rewind: March Against Fear

2022/07/02: Wyden vows to stop wartime profiteering

2022/07/02: ‘Reduce gun violence’ volunteers in final weekend push to qualify for November ballot

2022/07/01: World’s largest international maritime exercise shows how to scale operations

2022/07/01: Judge declares mistrial in ‘Stop The Sweeps’ case

2022/06/30: ‘Think bigger, think holistically, think long-term’

2022/06/30: Revised East 30th plan would preserve traffic lanes

2022/06/30: Oregon DEQ: Supreme Court decision creates uneven playing field

2022/06/29: Why do we create space for the privileged while denying it to our most vulnerable?

2022/06/29: ‘Missed opportunity’ as mayor, city manager skip out on neighborhood summit

2022/06/28: League of Women Voters shares the Bill of Rights

2022/06/27: Wyden warns about government threats to privacy

2022/06/27: We deserve equal justice under law, not political advocacy

2022/06/27: Take the bus to the Oregon Country Fair

2022/06/25: UN human rights office: Israeli forces killed journalist

2022/06/25: Supreme Court ignites ‘Night of Rage’ in Eugene

2022/06/24: Sen. Wyden: ‘American women today have fewer rights than their grandmothers’

2022/06/24: EEA: White supremacists may be requesting educator names, addresses

2022/06/24: China military buildup largest since WWII; US moves to support open societies

2022/06/23: Fishing Report: Rainbows at Alton Baker, steelhead on the McKenzie

2022/06/23: Charges dismissed for BLM activist at Springfield protest

2022/06/23: Bus operators, families at breaking point as LTD forces work on days off

2022/06/23: Bike parking ‘woefully insufficient’ at Farmer’s Market

2022/06/20: Julie Lambert: 2,000 don’t have shelter in Eugene every night

2022/06/19: Public comment ‘Baker’s Dozen’ for June 13, 2022

2022/06/19: Mayor rejects candidate who experienced homelessness

2022/06/19: 4J board members discuss their votes on Dr. Andy Dey as superintendent

2022/06/18: McKenzie Pass to open Monday, June 20

2022/06/18: HRC workgroup asks why City stopped reporting on homeless sweeps

2022/06/18: EWEB construction to continue on Juneteenth

2022/06/17: 4J board selects Dr. Andy Dey as superintendent

2022/06/16: LTD reopens search for next general manager

2022/06/16: LTD board thanks Emily Secord

2022/06/16: Journalists targeted for shining a light on environmental issues

2022/06/16: City urged to address risk of urban firestorms

2022/06/16: Agreement seeks to preserve cultural resources while managing 13 dams and reservoirs

2022/06/15: HRNI becomes Equity and Community Engagement, will review City outreach

2022/06/15: East 30th staff recommendation June 28

2022/06/14: St. Jude Rummage Sale returns June 24-26

2022/06/13: Pints for Pride June 16 at Hop Valley

2022/06/13: Education for a global future

2022/06/13: 1PASS offers summer activities for youth this summer

2022/06/12: Jan. 6 hearing puts Trump at center of attempted coup

2022/06/12: 30,000 expected for UO graduation June 13; use alternate routes

2022/06/11: Join leisurely bicycle tour of Eugene’s world-class murals June 12

2022/06/11: Help shape coastal shoreline access policy

2022/06/11: Councilor Keating asks for feedback on area-based trash service

2022/06/11: Cars top ignition source for Oregon summer wildfires

2022/06/10: Nearby neighbors help each another prepare for the next Cascadia quake

2022/06/09: With ‘catastrophic’ wildfires expected, Sen. Wyden demands Forest Service take action

2022/06/08: Jameson Auten withdraws after considering offer for LTD GM position

2022/06/07: ‘Water is life’: MWMC honored for educational video

2022/06/07: Pacific Green Party candidates focus on campaign reform, ending wars

2022/06/07: Downtown Riverfront Park to celebrate grand opening June 10

2022/06/06: Watershed committee to interview 11 grant applicants seeking $100 million

2022/06/06: Julie Lambert: Your Second Amendment rights aren’t what you think they are

2022/06/05: Top disaster drill takeaway: Let’s practice more

2022/06/05: Southeast Eugene looks at cargo bikes for disaster relief

2022/06/04: Farewell celebration June 16 for 73-year-old Camas Ridge school building

2022/06/04: Ceremony to honor fallen fire fighters June 9

2022/06/03: LTD to share mobility management framework this summer

2022/06/02: Plan, pay attention, share Oregon’s waterways

2022/06/02: Good news: #1 and #2 bottles, jars, and jugs accepted for recycling

2022/06/02: Community Rights Lane County seeks to protect local watersheds

2022/05/31: Nehalem Bay emergency volunteers share tips for engaging neighbors

2022/05/31: Growing Things

2022/05/30: NLC to City: Could Spring Boulevard Bridge block evacuation route for thousands?

2022/05/29: Custom Styles

2022/05/29: Questions of the Week: Amber, Johnny, and advice for future generations

2022/05/29: City sets neighborhood summit, County offers meetings on proposed behavioral health center

2022/05/28: City shares plans for sidewalks near Tugman Park

2022/05/27: LTD board questionnaire about key issues receives one response

2022/05/26: Council unanimously approves land use code changes for middle housing

2022/05/24: Neighbors ask if Spring Boulevard bridge can support mass evacuation

2022/05/24: Another 40 cited by EPD weekend party patrols

2022/05/23: Ready NW tips for wildfire preparedness: Meet your neighbors

2022/05/23: Julie Lambert Reports: Sober in Ukraine

2022/05/23: 4J invites public comment on proposed firearms ban

2022/05/21: Council invites comments on middle housing during May 23 public forum

2022/05/20: City’s HRNI office responds to whistleblower

2022/05/19: Watershed Democracy video series

2022/05/19: State declares avian quarantine zone here

2022/05/19: Raw audio from May 18, 2022 4J school board meeting

2022/05/19: LTD invites public to meet GM finalists May 24

2022/05/19: Lane County continues counting votes; next results expected Friday

2022/05/19: Campbell Center to host e-bike expo Friday May 20, 5:30 p.m.

2022/05/19: Arcimoto, Music, Matt, and more at the Amazon Community Center Sunday May 22

2022/05/19: A3 senior organizes May 21 grieving event

2022/05/18: City responds to HRNI whistleblower

2022/05/18: Avian flu detected in wild birds in the Upper Willamette watershed

2022/05/16: Support for ‘our rascal’ leads to lack of trust in government

2022/05/16: Leadership helps organize National Day of Silence

2022/05/16: Julie Lambert Reports: The ‘Bans Off Our Bodies’ demonstration

2022/05/16: 64 Arrested/Cited In Lieu of Custody by EPD Weekend Party Patrols in West University Area

2022/05/15: Lane County Assessor Mike Cowles looks to new adventures

2022/05/14: Mayor Vinis casts 2 tie-breaker votes in Council’s May 11 middle housing session

2022/05/14: Become a lifeguard or swim instructor at Willamalane

2022/05/13: We’re moving to WholeCommunity.News

2022/05/12: Please consider donating blood in May

2022/05/12: Morse panelists see housing crisis roots in white supremacy, systems failure

2022/05/12: Councilor Matt Keating talks HB2001, parking incentives

2022/05/10: Local radio stations take 7 regional Edward R. Murrow awards

2022/05/10: Economic justice plan calls for guaranteed income

2022/05/08: Neighborhoods ‘put the moose on the table,’ express distrust with City

2022/05/08: Neighborhoods bring preparedness experts to Alton Baker Park May 22

2022/05/08: Mother’s Day Strike May 8-15 seeks to preserve reproductive rights

2022/05/07: Custom Styles

2022/05/07: Eugene Neighborhood Involvement: We don’t have to follow public meeting laws

2022/05/02: Why should rural residents pay for services they will never receive?

2022/05/02: Rep. DeFazio: LTD board should be elected

2022/05/02: LTD releases two brief ‘Budget 101’ videos

2022/05/02: Bamboo tiny house helps those hardest hit by climate change

2022/05/01: Neighborhoods urge support for LTD drivers as union describes high turnover and forced overtime

2022/04/30: Fort McDermitt community marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month

2022/04/29: U of O professor, Eugene planners nominated for Achievement in Citizen Engagement

2022/04/29: City plans for re-wilding of Amazon Creek near South Eugene High School

2022/04/29: April 2022 is ‘Preserving and Protecting Local News Month’

2022/04/28: LTD announces Eugene Marathon bus detours

2022/04/28: Clare Strawn on local planning: ‘What gets lost is any opportunity for critical inquiry’

2022/04/27: City whistleblower: HB 2001 public engagement excluded neighborhoods

2022/04/26: Wall Street land grab ‘greatest loss of Black wealth in modern U.S. history’

2022/04/26: Juliana documentary available on Netflix April 29

2022/04/26: Eugene tells fossil fuel pharaohs: ‘Dayenu, enough’

2022/04/25: Eugene Chamber offers 2022 Local Election Guide

2022/04/23: Council candidates address housing costs, land use, homelessness

2022/04/23: COAD builds powerhouse management team for 2022

2022/04/23: 350 Eugene session April 24 encourages move from fossil fuels

2022/04/21: The Whit thanks Ian and welcomes Dilenia

2022/04/21: Councilor Keating: Oregon prohibits rent control on middle housing

2022/04/19: Face masks optional on LTD buses

2022/04/18: Rep. Marty Wilde: Let’s come together to fix our part-time legislature

2022/04/17: FEMA: Ask trusted financial advisors for help preventing identify theft

2022/04/16: Active Transportation team talks e-scooters, enforcement, South Willamette

2022/04/14: Youth Radio Project: The Hal Grossman Interview

2022/04/14: UO Law Issues Report on HB2001 and Middle Housing Misconceptions

2022/04/14: Neighborhood meeting May 10 to discuss low-income housing for 13th and Chambers site

2022/04/13: Santa Clara Hosts West Lane County Commissioner Candidate Forum

2022/04/13: 4J student leaders: We need mental health services, more support reporting hate crimes

2022/04/12: LTD: MovingAhead River Road plan will impact 112-132 trees, cannot use electric buses

2022/04/12: A public meeting sampler for April 2022

2022/04/11: Northeast Neighbors celebrate new 12-acre park, funding pledge for Striker Field

2022/04/11: April EUG Planning Newsletter: Middle Housing and Growth Monitoring

2022/04/10: Front-line communities suffer as Wall Street takes over Oregon forest lands

2022/04/09: Sen. Manning: ‘I have unfinished work here in Oregon’

2022/04/09: LRAPA offers tips for checking air quality, staying healthy during wildfire season

2022/04/08: Martina says farewell; 4J board applications due April 18

2022/04/07: The VA is here for veterans coping with current events in Ukraine

2022/04/07: Public asks EQC to help the Lower Deschutes

2022/04/07: Help welcome the world to Oregon22 in Eugene

2022/04/06: Looking Glass offers online auction through April 9

2022/04/06: Apply by April 18 for vacant positions on Eugene 4J school board

2022/04/05: Oregon22 briefs neighborhoods on riverfront festival, traffic, e-scooters

2022/04/04: Apply by April 29 for Senior and Disability Services Advisory Council

2022/04/03: City wants to upzone your property for high-density multiplexes

2022/04/02: City Sends Information to Neighborhood Leaders to Clarify HB2001 Recommended Code Changes

2022/03/31: Meet the candidate: Ibrahim Taher

2022/03/31: Advisory report: Oregon can do more on domestic terrorism

2022/03/30: Civil disobedience: Breaking the law to change the law

2022/03/30: CARES can help with food and supplies

2022/03/29: JWN offers minimalist alternative to City’s HB 2001 plan

2022/03/28: Think globally, act locally: Thacker Pass

2022/03/28: Community support, connection important for those in prison

2022/03/27: Push for HB2001 Minimums Full of Misleading Arguments

2022/03/27: LTD public engagement ‘lies’ inspire neighborhood opponents

2022/03/27: Jefferson Westside to host Q&A on HB 2001 March 28th

2022/03/26: Wetlands restoration project coming up April 30

2022/03/26: Should Eugene demolish historic properties to provide housing?

2022/03/24: Not drinking the Kool-Aid: NLC asks for minimum on HB 2001

2022/03/23: How many U of O student rent checks are supporting Putin?

2022/03/22: Senate bill would shine light on government surveillance

2022/03/22: How should our land use plans address wildfire risk?

2022/03/22: Grants available for rebuilding with fire-resistant materials

2022/03/21: Letters to the Editor: Moving Ahead story was one-sided

2022/03/20: ENPN offers tips on hardening your home network against cyberattacks

2022/03/20: Can we summarize Kelly McIver’s remarks at the February NLC meeting? Yes.

2022/03/19: SOS, Court cancel three 2022 campaign finance initiatives

2022/03/19: RRCO elects four new board members

2022/03/19: Meet the candidate: Mary Vuksich-Shafer

2022/03/19: Meet the candidate: Faith Bowlsby

2022/03/18: Sunshine Week in a dark time for democracy

2022/03/18: CLDC wins acquittal in assault case against political prisoner Eric King

2022/03/17: United Way of Lane County offers preparedness training for rural community organizations

2022/03/17: Southeast Eugene praises Don Nordin, asks LTD to redraw subdistrict 3

2022/03/17: Protect Native peoples targeted by Big Extraction: Revoke Thacker Pass permits

2022/03/17: LTD: EmX approval was decades in the making

2022/03/16: Discriminacion racial en el primer debate de la AFL-CIO para la Gubernatura del estado de Oregon

2022/03/16: Congressional Transparency Caucus founder: ‘Sunshine’ builds trust in government

2022/03/16: City, LTD approve MovingAhead plans

2022/03/16: Carrillo to AFL-CIO: Was it the color of my skin?

2022/03/16: AG asks government to be proactive and open in responding to requests for information

2022/03/15: LTD: Gateway, West Eugene EmX ridership 33 percent below forecast

2022/03/15: Help support independent journalism, the Oregon Way

2022/03/14: Creating Alternatives To The Car and Consumer Culture

2022/03/13: City Council hears the latest on Eugene’s approach to HB 2001

2022/03/12: EWEB: We may not have drinking water for a year after a 9.0 quake

2022/03/12: Commissioner Trieger updates South Eugene

2022/03/12: BEST outlines next steps for success of MovingAhead

2022/03/11: East 30th survey surfaces public concerns

2022/03/11: Citizens go door-to-door on five corridors, collect 500+ petitions urging City, LTD to reject EmX

2022/03/10: 2020 Census undercounted BIPOC, Hispanic or Latino, renters, young children

2022/03/09: Thanks to all who helped pass 4J policy prohibiting racial harassment

2022/03/07: Free course for citizen journalists

2022/03/06: Over 600 local youth connect with science, tech, engineering and math at SparkLab

2022/03/05: Thinking about preparedness now will help us in future disasters

2022/03/04: River Road Community Organization endorses MovingAhead: ‘Most neighbors’ support EmX

2022/03/04: Residents speak out against 4 a.m. noise pollution

2022/03/03: Stephen Pyne : Human fire transformed the ice ages to the Pyrocene

2022/03/03: MovingAhead opponents launch petition drive, collect 500 signatures

2022/03/03: BEST, Chamber support MovingAhead

2022/03/02: SEN provides feedback on East 30th: And please fix the ‘Agate Death Turn’

2022/03/02: Questions for Sen. Ron Wyden at his 1,000th Town Hall

2022/03/01: MovingAhead update – South Eugene edition

2022/02/26: ‘Invisible Class’ panel discusses support for formal employment

2022/02/25: Juvenile arrested in North Eugene High School bias case

2022/02/24: RRCO candidates, voters prepare for March elections

2022/02/24: Bethel hears DEQ plan to clean dioxins from residents’ yards by June 30

2022/02/23: On this day in 1868: Celebrating the life of W. E. B. Du Bois

2022/02/23: Lane County creek among 660 places set to replace derogatory names

2022/02/22: Human Rights Commission honors Mo Young

2022/02/22: EPD now accepting applications for Citizen’s Police Academy April 4 to June 6

2022/02/21: Rep. Wilde: Oregon Democrats let biggest fundraisers decide party agenda in secret

2022/02/18: Duma housing co-op founders build on 30 years of learning

2022/02/16: ‘Whole Community’ approach in Lane County is a great model for others

2022/02/16: Rob Zako: ODOT will use ‘categorical exclusion’ for Highway 126 expansion

2022/02/15: RRCO panelists share their thoughts on adding lanes to the Beltline

2022/02/15: La Pine volunteer speaks from front lines of youth mental health crisis

2022/02/14: Sen. Wyden, Senate Finance take on youth mental health crisis

2022/02/14: Long Tom Watershed Council offers winter waterfowl walk Feb. 24, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

2022/02/14: ‘Greenfire Revolution’ can help us survive the era of climate change

2022/02/13: Whiteaker asks EPD to help citizens issue speeding citations

2022/02/13: River Road hosts Delta-Beltline panel discussion Feb. 14

2022/02/13: Eugene Chamber invites neighborhoods to join business leaders on homelessness

2022/02/11: Sen. Wyden: Secret CIA program conducted surveillance on Americans

2022/02/06: To help students feel safe, 4-J addresses institutional racism

2022/02/06: Emergency Management team: EPD ‘drone fleet’ can help broadcast warnings

2022/02/05: River Road, Bethel, and Santa Clara team up to help neighborhood preparedness

2022/02/05: Neighborhood presses Councilor Keating for straight talk, heads up on housing

2022/02/05: Faith Leaders on the Front Lines: Create a safe space to help treat substance abuse

2022/01/30: Preparing for ‘solastalgia’ and other psychological effects of disaster

2022/01/30: HRNI: Is City policy failing neighborhoods?

2022/01/30: Faith leaders on the front lines: Unintended consequences of the Internet

2022/01/29: Sen. Wyden: Insurance agencies still not covering mental health care as required by 2008 law

2022/01/23: Sister Monica is still supporting faith leaders on the front lines

2022/01/23: RRCO meeting draws 170+; Harry Sanger seeks public debate over COVID response

2022/01/23: ER demand climbs, hospital discharges delayed as pandemic enters its third year

2022/01/20: Civilian Community Corps team coming to Eugene; will focus on trails, habitat, trees

2022/01/20: 4J School Board work session breaks down after ‘vitriol’ remark

2022/01/18: WOW Hall to resume classes Jan. 24

2022/01/17: Rep. Marty Wilde offers preview of 2022 special session

2022/01/17: Departing Active Transportation Committee members pass the torch

2022/01/17: City Council praises Eugene Public Library for ‘promises made, promises kept’

2022/01/17: 4J students promote climate education at City Club

2022/01/15: EPD seeks witnesses after six injured in downtown mass shooting

2022/01/14: City closes Trainsong Park after DEQ finds high levels of dioxins in soil

2022/01/13: J. H. Baxter tests show ‘concerning levels of dioxins’ in West Eugene

2022/01/10: Pacific Greens choose consensus, campaign finance reform, People’s Rebate

2022/01/10: Ken Neubeck: Our lack of affordable housing is killing people

2022/01/09: Nicholas Kristof asks Supreme Court to declare him a long-time Oregonian

2022/01/09: Neighbors prepare for flooding, winter travel, power outages

2022/01/08: Neighbors ask City to fill service gap in 4J library services

2022/01/07: LTD names Carrillo, Walsh as directors

2022/01/06: Oregon elections officials: Kristof does not meet the residency requirement

2022/01/04: Help plan the Eugene Disaster Relief trials

2021/12/26: City of Eugene declares ice/snow emergency

2021/12/23: River Road board votes to condemn protester behavior at Nov. 30 clinic

2021/12/19: Syrett, neighborhoods comment on police reform, landlords on renter protection

2021/12/19: Public comments on online threats to 4-J high school students

2021/12/19: City cites ‘health considerations broader than COVID’ as homeless sweeps continue

2021/12/17: Don Nordin elected LTD Board VP

2021/12/16: Community Emergency Response Teams seek volunteers to survey neighborhoods

2021/12/14: Top stories of 2021: BEST gets more active in active transportation

2021/12/14: Eugene DMV office will move to Valley River Center at end of year

2021/12/14: Drive carefully, it’s slick out there

2021/12/12: With ped-bike projects on the way, ATC looks to help change our mobility habits

2021/12/12: Stop the Sweeps, No More Lost Limbs: Street news for Dec. 13, 2021

2021/12/12: Neighbors ask City Council for vote of the people on middle housing

2021/12/11: Rep. Wilde hasn’t ruled out run for DeFazio U.S. House seat

2021/12/11: Eugene Emeralds want to help community create memories for the next 50 years

2021/12/07: Street News for Dec. 6, 2021

2021/12/06: Pacific Greens January 8 convention to decide: Consensus or local autonomy

2021/12/05: Rep. DeFazio takes a victory lap in Orlando

2021/12/05: Lane County selects its new commissioner districts

2021/12/04: Harden your home against ember wash

2021/12/04: City, LTD staff recommend EMX for River Road

2021/12/04: labor-of-love

2021/12/04: Activists for unhoused share ‘labor of love’

2021/12/02: Oregon State Hospital patient escapes during Eugene outing; last seen at 5th Street Market

2021/12/02: Letter to Eugene-Springfield NAACP Branch #1119 Members

2021/12/01: NLC wants to share your neighborhood’s stories

2021/11/29: LRAPA issues ‘yellow’ air quality home heating advisory Nov. 29, 2021

2021/11/28: WOW Hall elects four board members, looks to expand programs

2021/11/28: University, EPD ask neighbors to stay engaged, continue to report crimes

2021/11/27: FUSEE sees promise in fire mosaics

2021/11/26: Legalize Survival: Charles Durrett sees benefits in organizing W-J residents

2021/11/26: Bypassed on HB 2001, neighborhood leaders ask: Why do we have NLC?

2021/11/25: Lane County Stand Down brings cold-weather gear to veterans, unhoused

2021/11/25: BEST, neighborhoods welcome new LTD board members

2021/11/24: Black Girl From Eugene reflects on the Rittenhouse verdict: ‘We have a problem’

2021/11/23: Homegrown STAR Voting gets a boost from court, now looks to local officials

2021/11/21: 1st ‘missing middle’ adoption hearing draws housing leaders, new voices

2021/11/14: Community thanks LTD drivers, the ‘essential worker for the essential workers’

2021/11/13: Welcome to Eugene’s new emergency manager, Carrie Karl

2021/11/13: ‘No More Lost Limbs’ asks for your help in preventing amputations

2021/11/13: Local CC&Rs override middle housing laws HB 2001, SB 458

2021/11/13: Egan Warming Center seeks volunteers to ‘keep people alive one cold night at a time’

2021/11/10: November 13 Holiday Book Sale

2021/11/08: ‘Stuff the bus’ Nov. 12-13 to support local families

2021/11/08: EWEB reminds neighbors: Warning horns start five minutes before blasts

2021/11/08: Advocates ask City, County to recertify STAR Voting initiative after court ruling on signatures

2021/11/07: Oregon looks to prison system for bus drivers

2021/11/07: LTD to identify, use five levels of public engagement

2021/11/06: Neighborhoods assess 13th Avenue bikeway, MovingAhead

2021/11/06: Eugene would benefit ‘for generations’ from riverfront Science Center at EWEB site

2021/11/05: Love for Lane County helps Gen Z enter the workforce

2021/11/04: EWEB identifies abandoned ‘partial’ drill hole as root cause of blasting incident

2021/11/03: EWEB halts East 40th project after flying debris from blast damages home

2021/11/02: Nov. 2 named ‘International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists’

2021/11/02: Forest Practices Act collaborative group recommends new protections for sensitive species

2021/11/01: Oregon Democrats talk universal health care, fixes for nursing shortage

2021/11/01: City’s essential workers ask for fair contract

2021/10/31: Support For Mental Health Needs Improvement, Says Advocate

2021/10/31: LRAPA asked to ban gasoline-powered leaf blowers

2021/10/31: Eugene approves 5 new gas stations ‘in defiance’ of its own climate action plan

2021/10/31: Emergency managers: Invest in community preparedness before the disaster

2021/10/31: City asks NLC to help reactivate, sustain neighborhood associations

2021/10/28: Coming in November: The BEST NEST

2021/10/27: Lane County redistricting advisory committee to choose maps Oct. 28

2021/10/26: Film, panel discussion on homelessness Nov. 18

2021/10/25: Public to NW Council: Add offshore wind, hydrogen, storage, and grid resiliency

2021/10/25: LTD board meeting: 4J students need LTD bus pass; drivers ask for more support

2021/10/25: HRC hears updates on local bias crimes, City’s unhoused response

2021/10/25: City, ATC prepare for rapid growth in active transportation

2021/10/25: 4J school board comments: Disagreement is not disrespect

2021/10/20: Free webinar with 3 state emergency officials Oct. 28

2021/10/20: CERTs, neighbors practice emergency communications on ‘ShakeOut Saturday’

2021/10/18: Local foster-based rescue supports homeless dogs

2021/10/17: Council shows interest in anti-displacement policy; Clark, Groves suggest discussing UGB

2021/10/16: Northeast Neighbors hosts housing discussion

2021/10/16: Dylan Lamar does the math: Co-op + community land trust = Affordable home ownership

2021/10/15: Free PPE for Springfield businesses Oct. 20

2021/10/14: Think Pink: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

2021/10/14: Public comment to the Eugene City Council Oct. 11, 2021

2021/10/12: Help our kids: Consider working with 4J

2021/10/11: Welcome Gino and Pete!

2021/10/11: Oregon school bus route helped inspire Sen. Wyden’s DASH Act

2021/10/11: LTD recognized for excellence in financial reporting

2021/10/10: Tugman Tuggers praise City staff, prepare for upcoming ‘arc of beds’ project

2021/10/10: Public comments to EWEB criticize GM, Northwest Natural: We’re out of time

2021/10/10: Public and employee group comments to the 4J school board Oct. 6, 2021

2021/10/10: Mayor, city manager take questions about Team Springfield, Glenwood RFQ

2021/10/10: Historic Review Board praises Patterson Alley resident, restoration project

2021/10/10: Active Bethel Citizens visit with Councilor Syrett on work sessions, connector trails

2021/10/07: Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen. Rand Paul introduce ‘Protecting Data At The Border Act’

2021/10/06: Grants Pass woman, 23, arrested after African-American woman ‘hit in the head with a wooden club’

2021/10/05: Julie live at the 10/2 Women’s March

2021/10/04: Look out for pedestrians as days grow shorter, foggier

2021/10/03: Senate confirms Tracy Stone-Manning to lead BLM

2021/10/03: EWEB: The electric grid is becoming more volatile

2021/10/02: Our public comment of the month for September 2021: Todd Boyle

2021/10/02: Council remembers Norton Cabell, seeks to preserve affordable housing

2021/10/01: DEQ racing against time to save our last remaining salmon

2021/09/30: Second and Garfield to open this week; Council approves 3 more safe sleep sites

2021/09/29: NLC shutters new website, seeks volunteers for free existing site

2021/09/28: Pastor Gabe shares vision for ‘Everyone Village’

2021/09/28: Oregon senators ask DOJ to stop opposing ‘the free press performing its duty of upholding democracy’

2021/09/27: Oregon redistricting sails through, but not without a shot across the bow

2021/09/26: HRC to ask City Council for legal protections for unhoused

2021/09/25: Republicans criticize ‘pizza slices’ in latest Oregon Congressional maps

2021/09/24: Vaccinations offered at LTD stations in Eugene and Springfield

2021/09/24: Oregon Republicans protest on redistricting: ‘We’ve been cheated’

2021/09/24: McKenzie ‘heroes’ help prepare for our second winter since the fire

2021/09/24: Council may revisit gas tax, annexation to boost funds lost during pandemic

2021/09/23: Todd Boyle’s Rewind: People’s Forum Aug 2020

2021/09/22: Thacker Pass activists ‘SLAPPed’ with $50K fine for providing bathrooms to Native Elders

2021/09/22: Impacted communities expose the stark realities of ‘green energy’ mining boom

2021/09/18: Neighbors ask EWEB to stop spreading dirt, rocks from East 40th Project dump trucks

2021/09/18: Council bets on its latest approach to ADUs

2021/09/17: With ‘a heavy heart,’ LTD board shares internal report: ‘There’s a lesson to be learned here’

2021/09/17: Residents call for environmental justice; Councilor Evans to sponsor work session on J H Baxter

2021/09/17: LTD to add service to eight routes Sept. 26

2021/09/15: LTD releases findings in gender discrimination investigation of ex-board members

2021/09/12: City moves to public hearing for ‘Willamette Connection’

2021/09/12: Area residents oppose Plan A; ask that redistricting honor UO as ‘community of common interest’

2021/09/12: ATC hears about BEST NEST, considers ruffling ‘a lot of feathers’

2021/09/11: George W. Bush: We must confront domestic terrorists

2021/09/11: Update: Missing, endangered man found

2021/09/07: Air quality advisory in effect through Thursday for Lane County (Sept. 9, 2021)

2021/09/05: Oregon to focus on data privacy

2021/09/03: Redistricting maps released for public comment; co-chair claims Eugene ‘silences rural voices’

2021/08/30: Shadow Wood neighbors discuss wildfire scenarios

2021/08/29: Redistricting: ‘This process is going to get wild’

2021/08/29: New school board members urge more diversity at 4J’s KRVM

2021/08/29: Neighborhoods must ‘develop a plan for emergency response’

2021/08/29: Community reviews wildfire contamination of air, soil, and water

2021/08/28: Red flag warning issued for Saturday afternoon (Aug. 28, 2021)

2021/08/25: Coquille Tribe partners with state on salmon rescue

2021/08/25: Coquille Tribal Community Fund offering grants

2021/08/24: LSSN banner

2021/08/24: Time is money: Join a time bank

2021/08/22: ‘Tabletop exercise’ helps nearby neighbors prep for evacuations

2021/08/22: Public questions for Rep. Peter DeFazio this week

2021/08/22: 4J hears from public on mask policy

2021/08/21: Patterson Hill neighbors say a final farewell to the big trees

2021/08/20: Apply by Sept. 2 for People’s Commission on Legislative Redistricting

2021/08/15: River Road – Santa Clara plan represents new planning paradigm for Eugene

2021/08/15: City, county electeds hear summer update on street outreach

2021/08/15: August ATC suggests ways Eugene can triple its active transportation trips

2021/08/10: LTD offers free rides to cooling centers during heat wave

2021/08/10: Aug. 9 IPCC report: Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying

2021/08/09: You can help convert Oregon’s childcare desert to an oasis

2021/08/09: OHA: Health care personnel not vaccinated or tested will face fines of $500 per day per violation

2021/08/08: House District 14 Report: Rep. Julie Fahey recaps 2021 session

2021/08/08: EWEB, public agencies ‘shut out public, terrible for democracy’

2021/08/08: 35 minutes to Portland: Cascadia high-speed rail looks to DeFazio, reconciliation

2021/08/05: SHiNA opposes EWEB logging

2021/08/05: Resignation creates vacancy for Eugene seat on LTD board

2021/08/03: Eugene neighbors help prepare for wildfire

2021/08/02: Collaborative effort could affect forestry practices across 10 million acres in Oregon

2021/08/01: Oregon targeted by white supremacists; poll shows majority favor multiracial democracy

2021/08/01: Chamber hears that ‘good streets mean good business’

2021/07/28: Neighborhood volunteers to resume wildfire outreach

2021/07/26: Native American groups seek to preserve traditional sites threatened by lithium mine

2021/07/25: Eliza: City’s approach to HB2001 will help address our growing housing crisis

2021/07/25: ABC, Randy Groves: Prepare and practice now with your nearby neighbors

2021/07/23: Joshua Skov resigns from LTD board to join WSP USA

2021/07/22: Jackson Steps Down as LTD’s GM

2021/07/21: secbuttigiegrepdefazio14july2021-14-2_n

2021/07/21: Aurora Jackson announces resignation, praises LTD staff

2021/07/18: SUNA: City’s HB2001 plan will accelerate loss of low-income housing, displace residents

2021/07/18: Even health measures can reveal systemic bias

2021/07/17: Install, do nothing, contribute to research

2021/07/11: Safe Routes to School bike programs: ‘This is what equity looks like in practice’

2021/07/11: Rob Zako of BEST: DeFazio transportation bill ‘a game-changer’

2021/07/11: Public asks for hearing, city-wide vote on East 40th Water Storage Project

2021/07/10: Evacuation zone maps now available online; official rollout week of July 19

2021/07/03: Sen. Wyden hears from Eugene moms: Child care is ‘the work that makes all other work possible’

2021/07/02: Sandra Bishop: ‘One last defense against climate chaos’

2021/07/01: Daranda and Will: Why we must protect Thacker Pass

2021/06/28: Carry it Forward Makes a Difference

2021/06/27: Thomas Price honored for his service to McKenzie recovery

2021/06/27: Sen. Ron Wyden to USFS: Are we ready to battle simultaneous megafires?

2021/06/27: Public, 4J Board thank Anne Marie Levis for 12 years

2021/06/27: Cooling center is for canine cooling too (and other pets)

2021/06/25: Ride the bus free to cooling stations

2021/06/25: Public Comment of the Month: Protect solar access

2021/06/25: Lane County opens cooling centers for the weekend

2021/06/24: Fireworks banned in South Eugene; turn in illegal fireworks July 2-3

2021/06/24: Extreme caution advised as triple-digit temperatures expected

2021/06/24: Carry It Forward: Where to find water this weekend

2021/06/23: Vaccine clinics at Springfield Station, Echo Hollow Pool

2021/06/23: NLC considers asking City not to split neighborhoods in ward redistricting

2021/06/23: Lane County renters can pre-apply for help June 25-27

2021/06/23: Heat wave Friday through Monday could break June records

2021/06/21: Don’t leave pets in your car in this heat – even for a few minutes

2021/06/20: More drought, record low streamflow predicted

2021/06/20: LTD and 4J help in housing crisis

2021/06/20: HRC calls for emergency in advance of July ‘eviction cliff’

2021/06/20: CPJ announces 2021 International Press Freedom awardees

2021/06/20: After 14 years, Jim Torrey says farewell to 4J board

2021/06/19: Join your father in the forest this Father’s Day

2021/06/16: U.S. race walkers to compete for Olympic spot on Springfield’s Main Street June 26

2021/06/16: Free vaccinations at LTD’s Eugene Station June 16, 17, 18

2021/06/14: River Road builds preparedness team, even during a pandemic

2021/06/14: HRC to consider emergency declaration

2021/06/14: Eugene neighborhoods step up to help during disasters

2021/06/13: MovingAhead’s Moving Ahead

2021/06/06: Matt Keating: Nightingale Hosted Shelters has a great model

2021/06/06: Dan Bryant describes ‘Village Model’ for affordable housing

2021/06/06: City, county officials outline strategies for homelessness crisis

2021/06/06: Alan Zelenka: We’ve dismantled the mental health system in the United States

2021/05/30: Eugene’s newest councilors advocate for neighborhoods

2021/05/29: 4J candidates face the challenges of the pandemic: Judy Newman

2021/05/26: Neighbors to start practicing with new evacuation zones

2021/05/26: EWEB briefs neighborhood on ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ water tank project

2021/05/26: Dakota shares his 4J School Board campaign experience

2021/05/23: Neighborhoods ask city for help with wildfire preparedness May 24 5:30 p.m.

2021/05/20: EWEB estimates 100 dump trucks per day, 265 trees total

2021/05/18: Thank you Public Works

2021/05/17: Oregon’s first Peruvian-American legislator talks about her first 45 days

2021/05/17: Neighbors, board member question EWEB last-minute switch

2021/05/16: Public Advisory – Fake Opioid (More Deadly Fentanyl)

2021/05/12: Evergreen to Begin Controversial Tree Cutting at Potter’s Field

2021/05/12: Emily Secord: ‘Does LTD really need this mobility management consultant?’

2021/05/09: Who’s Right? Whose Rights?

2021/05/09: LTD selects Toole Design Group for help with pilot projects, metrics

2021/05/09: Active Bethel Citizens supports businesses during pandemic

2021/05/06: Councilor Matt Keating – Ward Two Update (May 4, 2021)

2021/05/05: Carry It Forward’s tiny homes provide shelter, workforce training, and jobs

2021/05/02: Legislators: Offshore wind energy could power half of all Oregon homes by 2030

2021/05/01: Wildfire season: Practicing even one time can save your life

2021/05/01: Citizens ask for independent investigations into ‘rigged’ CSI, Eliborio Rodrigues shooting death

2021/04/27: Coalition demands community-owned housing replace $10 million corporate welfare plan

2021/04/26: Oregon to gain a sixth representative

2021/04/26: Biden nominates Tracy Stone-Manning to run Bureau of Land Management

2021/04/26: Arts & Culture Roundtables

2021/04/25: Councilor Emily Semple: ‘We listened and responded’

2021/04/25: BEST wishes LTD a Happy Earth Day

2021/04/22: LTD’s Aurora Jackson named 2021 ‘Woman of Influence’

2021/04/21: Walk-in vaccination Apr. 21 for our Asian, Desi, Pacific Islander community members

2021/04/20: EPD Chief ‘pleased’ with Chauvin guilty verdict

2021/04/19: Eugene expecting $35.5 million from federal ‘Rescue Plan’

2021/04/19: EPD outlines taser training and use

2021/04/18: Sen. Wyden: NW Youth Corps shows us how to ‘Build back better’

2021/04/17: Pastor DeLeesa welcomes the Second Gentleman to Eugene

2021/04/17: Meet the Candidate: Harry Sanger

2021/04/17: Free Loren Reed

2021/04/15: Dangerous fire conditions here this weekend

2021/04/11: ‘Protecting Mother Earth’ to discuss possibilities April 14

2021/04/11: Meet the Candidates: J. Manny Mahnesmith

2021/04/11: Meet the Candidate: Laural O’Rourke

2021/04/11: Meet the Candidate: Judy Newman

2021/04/11: Citizens discuss vaccines for teachers, police reform, homeless camps at April 8 legislative town halls

2021/04/06: EPD warns of latest phone scam

2021/04/04: City hears from citizens, businesses on payroll tax

2021/03/29: EPD Chief Chris Skinner: ‘Please help me with this’

2021/03/28: Randy Groves to HRC: 178 new homeless each month

2021/03/28: B.E.S.T. welcomes new board members; LTD staff thanked after ‘virtual tour’ of SE

2021/03/27: Citizens recall 3 killed by EPD, ask funding for homeless and social services

2021/03/27: A Welcoming Attitude

2021/03/23: Shots fired at homeless in Glenwood

2021/03/21: Great Old Broads for Wilderness sponsor four wildfire education sessions

2021/03/21: Bethel hears plans for Jessen Ponds

2021/03/20: LTD to resume service Monday for 10 McKenzie bus stops

2021/03/19: EPD deplores Atlanta murders, encourages reporting of hate and bias crimes

2021/03/17: LTD apologizes to transgender community

2021/03/14: The People vs Agent Orange: Our government knew and did nothing

2021/03/07: Ashland shares lessons from ten years of wildfire preparedness

2021/03/06: Unions, businesses weigh in on NW Natural franchise agreement

2021/03/03: Public Comment of the Month for February 2021

2021/03/03: Eugene activist: Help me protect Thacker Pass

2021/02/21: Los legisladores escuchan historias de la comunidad sobre los incendios forestales de 2020

2021/02/20: HRC updated on hate, bias crimes this month

2021/02/20: Choosing Transportation Safety

2021/02/18: Legislators hear community stories from 2020 wildfires

2021/02/17: City Proceeds With Camp Evictions Despite Guidance, Own Policies

2021/02/16: Eugene, Lane County may reboot homelessness plan

2021/02/15: Council grapples with Eugene’s racist history

2021/02/14: Please slow for neighborhood ‘Sweethearts’

2021/02/14: Mike Meyer: ‘I was fired for speaking up for diversity’

2021/02/13: LFL Book of the Week: The Change Code by Monica Bourgeau

2021/02/13: Coalition founders talk about Feb. 24 wildfire forum

2021/02/07: District 11 Report with Rep. Marty Wilde – Feb. 7, 2021

2021/02/01: Yeh: Zoom lets youth join city conversations

2021/02/01: Val Hoyle, Tobias Read ‘get stuff done,’ report wildfire recommendations

2021/02/01: St. Mark CME Church opens up to community

2021/02/01: Public comments: Three want Mike Clark off Eugene City Council

2021/02/01: Neighborhoods race to prepare for next fire season

2021/02/01: Growing Coalition Demands City of Eugene Decriminalize Homelessness and #StopTheSweeps

2021/01/29: Willamalane seeks public input on G-P Natural Area

2021/01/29: LTD adds two temporary stops to McKenzie Route 91

2021/01/26: Love is a Choice

2021/01/25: Rob Zako: LTD board can build trust by explaining its decisions

2021/01/25: Rev. Keith Archuleta brings the words of Dr. King to life

2021/01/25: Neighborhoods ask LTD for better collaboration on micromobility

2021/01/25: Meet your 2021 Human Rights Commission

2021/01/25: City vows to improve after December homeless camp evictions

2021/01/15: City of Eugene Survey of COVID-19 Household Impacts Released

2021/01/12: Victims of Eugene Police Violence Push City to Enact Meaningful Change

2020/12/30: Local Resident Removes Trash to Help Unhoused

2020/12/18: Opportunities for Better Community Planning around Housing and Homelessness

2020/12/16: ‘Stop the sweeps’ gathering Dec. 21 noon

2020/12/16: Lane County Commissioners adopt County’s first Affordable Housing Action Plan

2020/12/16: City Releases New COVID-19 Update

2020/12/13: Human Rights Commission group wants advance notice of sweeps

2020/12/06: Human Rights Commissioners meet with new EPD liaisons

2020/12/02: New Eugene COVID-19 Community Update Released

2020/12/02: Eugene starts homeless sweep during freezing weather, pandemic surge

2020/11/26: Eugene marks International Human Rights Day Dec. 10

2020/11/22: LTD Board hears Transit Tomorrow question from 2019 one year later

2020/11/19: Nov. 27 deadline to apply for Active Transportation Committee

2020/11/19: HIV Alliance and TransPonder work to address mental health issues for trans and gender diverse communities

2020/11/18: New Eugene COVID-19 Community Update Released

2020/11/16: Special Report on Emergency Preparedness

2020/11/15: Sandra Bishop: Rather than clearcut, EWEB can protect habitat

2020/11/09: Eugene – Springfield Fire encourages neighborhoods to become firewise

2020/11/06: Wildland gigafires create new threat: ‘Blizzards of embers’

2020/11/05: Fire Chief Chris Heppel: This was our wakeup call

2020/11/04: Hundreds Gather Downtown For Post-Election Rally

2020/11/01: Santa Clara urges LTD to build trust with neighborhoods

2020/10/27: Scholar: Proposal for new constitution will lead to ‘Reign of Terror’

2020/10/26: Evacuees exiting Red Cross shelters: Call 541-682-3473

2020/10/19: Green Party U.S. Senate candidate: 2020 election is about manufacturing consent

2020/10/18: Support The Kilimanjaro Expedition Tent Project

2020/10/13: New CARES Center in Springfield open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

2020/10/12: Important 2020 Election Dates

2020/10/09: Fire Prevention Forum

2020/10/09: Eugene Urban Reserves Planning

2006/09/20: Residents honor community journalist George Howell

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Rachel Beckley Rich, Rachel Prusak, Rachel Smith Anderson, Radiant Gaines, the Raging Grannies, Rain Dreyfuss, Rajeev, Randi Staudinger, Randolph Nelson, Randy from Eugene, Randy Groves, Randy Prince, Ravi Logan, Rebecca, Rebecca Westmore-Cook, Reed Dunbar, Rena Cowan, Rene Kane, Rene Kane, Renee Buchanan, Ricardo Llamas, Richard Locke, Richard Self, Richard Whitman, Richard Zisser, Rick Dancer, Rick Gray, Rick Hamilton, Rick Satre, Rita Fiedler, Rob Bennett, Rob Fisette, Rob Inerfeld, Rob Tobias, Rob Wagner, Rob Woodard, Rob Zako, Robert Brack, Robert McConnell, Robert Melnick, Robert Scherle, Rodney Bohner, Roger Jensen, Roger Schaljo, Ron Houchens, Ron Wyden, Ronit Cohen, Dr. Rosa Colquitt, Roscoe Caron, Roxana Humphreys, Russell Joyce, Russell Means, Ruth Ann, Ruth Demler, Ruxton Schuh, Ryan Dwyer, Ryan Moore, Ryan Skiles, Ryder Hales.

Sabra Marcroft, Sabrina Gordon, Sabrina Siegel, Sadie Carney, Salinas, Sam Cook, Sam Kiesse, Sam Schall, Sammy Rothauge, Sandi Mann, Sandra Bishop, Sandra Cronin, Sandy Sanders, Sandy Weintraub, Santa Clara community member, Santa Clara resident, Santiam Sound, Sara Wolk, Sara Zoll, Sarah Cloud, Sarah Koski, City Manager Sarah Medary, Sarah Ruggiero Kirby, Sarah Schmigelsky, Sarah Warren, Sarai Johnson, Sasha Elliott, Sasha Spencer Atwood, Sasha Varsavian, Sass, Savannah, Scott Bartlett, Scott Baskett, Scott Coltrane, Scott Fife, Scott Forrest, Scott Hirsch, Scott Lemons, Scott Simms, Scott Smith, Scott Willis, Sean McSpaden, Sean Michaels, Sean VanGordon, Selene Jaramillo, Seth Woolley, Shad Turner, Shane O’Neil, Shane Rhodes, Shanna Devine, Shannon Loveland, Shannon Sardell, Shannon Souza, Sharon, Sharon Kaplan, Shaun Little Horn, Shaunta Hemingway, Shawn Adams, Sheila Waggoner, Shellee Koch, Shelley Schuler, Shelly Boshart Davis, Shemia Fagan, Sheree Miller, Sherry Shaefers, SHiNA meeting participant, Shirley Block, Sid Baum, Sienna Fitzpatrick, Sierra Anderson, Sigh O’Nara, Simone, Siobhan Cancel, Sonya Carlson, Sonya McCormick, SPC Member, Spencer McIntyre, Springfield, Stacy Holt, Stacy Koos, Stan Hayes, Stan Honn, Stefan Ostrach, Stefan Strek, Stephanie Bell, Stephanie Coopman, Stephanie Scafa, Stephanie Thompson, Stephen Cole, Stephen Dignam, Stephen Pyne, Steve Abbott, Steve Bade, Steve Dear, Steve Faust, Steve Forrester, Steve Kretsinger, Steve Mokrohisky, Steve Morgan, Steve Ochs, Steve Schilling, Steven Baker, Steven Boulton, Steven Fuller-Rowell, Steven Pribyl, Stuart Grenfell, Stuart Warren, Sue Pritchard, Sue Schaeffer, Sue Wolling, Susan Caldwell, Susan Cox, Susan Dahlquist, Susan Hirata, Susan Kittleson, Susan Lanza, Susan Millhauser, Susan Palmiter, Susan Turnblom, Susan Wolling, Susie Whitmore, Suzanne O’Shea.

Tabitha Eck, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Taira Warren, Tammy Davis, Tana Shepard, Tara Garkow, Tara Nagelhaut, Ted Coopman, Ted Shiro, Teresa Bishow, Teresa Furnish, Terrence Woods, Terri Harding, Terry Becker, Teryn Rios, Teryn Yazdani, Thad Ames, Thea Lee, Thia Bell, Thom Locke, Thomas Hiura, Thomas Holden, Thomas Newman, Thomas Price, Thomas Schwetz, Thurman in Lebanon, Thuy Tran, Tia Taruc-Myers, Tiffany Edwards, Tiffany Monroe, Tiffany Muller, Tim Black, Tim Gleason, Tim Ingalsbee, Tim Scott, Timothy Morris, Tina Kotek, Tobias Reed, Todd Boyle, Tom Brown, Tom Bruno, Tom Di Liberto, Tom Kreider, Tom Mulhern, Tom Peck, Tom Schwetz, Toshi, Trace Terrell, Tracy Baier, Travis Knudsen, Trianna Feruza, Trinity United Methodist congregant, Troy Goldstrom, Twylla Miller.

Union member #1, Union member #2, University of Wisconsin protester.

Val Hoyle, Valentine Bentz, Valerie Blood, Vanessa Ringgold, Veronica Seals, Veronika Walton, Vi Huynh, Vickie Cussins, Vicky, Victor Odlivak, Victoria Zeable, Vidal Francis, Vihaan, Vincent McClellan, Violet Neal, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy.

Walter Black, Warren Beer, Warren Quanstrom, Wayne Martin, Wendy Beck, Wendy Cook, Wenix Red Elk, Whitney, Wil, Will Dowdy, Will Falk, Will Kramer, Will O’Hearn, Will Rutherford, Will Shindler, William Collinge, William Dickinson, William O’Brien, William Smith, Willie Hatfield, Willow Kasner.

YG student, Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin.

Zach Bernardo, Zach Bruhl, Zach Mulholland, Zachary Palmer, Zay Zisser, Zinnia, Zondie Zinke.

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