June 22, 2024

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New Eugene COVID-19 Community Update Released

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Eugene Covid Update Graphic

The following is an excerpt from Eugene’s latest COVID-19 community update. The full update is is located here.

Oregon’s Risk and Protection Framework

Tomorrow brings more changes as the state’s two-week freeze expires. Governor Kate Brown announced Oregon’s Risk and Protection Framework starting December 3. This new health and safety framework uses current data to help inform safety measures at the county level. 

Lane County falls under the extreme risk category due to the spread of COVID-19 in our community. While this is the highest risk category under Governor Brown’s new order, there are some changes.  

What’s allowed: 

  • Outdoor dining; takeout highly recommended
  • Retail stores, including Farmers’ and Holiday markets; max 50 percent of capacity, encourage curbside pickup
  • Faith institutions; indoor max 25 percent capacity or 100 total (whichever is smaller), 150 outdoor
  • Parks, hiking trails and outdoor gardens; max 50 people
  • Outdoor recreation and fitness establishments; max 50 people
  • Outdoor entertainment establishments; max 50 people
  • Personal services

See Oregon Health Authority’s Guidance by Activity Table for full details

The Oregon Health Authority will reassess county risk levels every two weeks based on the Disease Metrics Table. Governor Brown emphasizes that there is no Zero Risk category. Until COVID-19 vaccines are widely available, health and safety precautions will remain in place so that schools, businesses, and communities can reopen, and stay open.

Learn more about the new health and safety framework on our Keeping Eugene Safe page.

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