July 14, 2024

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As we approach July 4, presidential candidate invites you to consider a new declaration

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Chuck Fall, Green Liberty: "Daví is using his run for the presidency as a bully pulpit to advance a big demand; he wants to do a reboot of society by building a movement to make it so."

from Pacific Green Party, Daví for President, and staff reports

A Green candidate with a new approach: Daví seemed to impress many voters at the Pacific Green Party May 5 convention with a new approach to politics. He won four delegates compared to Jill Stein’s five—not bad, considering how many people didn’t even know Stein wasn’t the only candidate.

Daví encouraged Americans to sign his Declaration of American Human Governance. Volunteers are also needed to support the national signature campaign, launching on the Fourth of July.

Running for president as a Green since June 2023, Daví seemingly overexemplifies the earthy and humanistic principles of the party: He is the self-described Ävatar of Earth, who is presenting the first-ever presidential plan for equality and democracy via what he refers to as “Earth Order“—direct democracy with a digital voting system; coverage of all healthcare costs; a housing exchange ending homelessness; and finding harmony and balance between usage and contribution to Earth.

Daví’s team as well as a number of individuals and organizations in and outside of the Green Party, including Green Renaissance (national) and Green Liberty (Oregon), presidential candidate Emanuel Pastreich, and others have come together to jointly announce The Declaration of American Human Governance.

Chuck Fall of Green Liberty wrote, “Green Liberty is in solidarity with Davi’s audacious dive into a run for the U.S. presidency. Daví is using his run for the presidency as a bully pulpit to advance a big demand; he wants to do a reboot of society by building a movement to make it so. Obviously, one person cannot do such a thing, but a mass movement could. And this is what Daví is after. He is willing to lead the way and is inviting the country to follow.”

Daví envisions a national digital electoral system that would provide the people direct say-so in the development of policies that would inform the change society needs to make. Such a voting scheme would enable the president to be selected by a popular vote, and the electoral college could be retired.

“An open society of voting would engage citizens and it’s an idea that citizens would respond to and maybe even become galvanized and help build a movement,” Chuck said.

Daví is the lone 2024 presidential candidate still in the race who does not support the profit interests of mandates, big pharma, big tech and/or war, a position that reflects most Americans’ current perspective.

At bottom, Daví accepts that an egalitarian society based on mutual aid and solidarity is necessary for dethroning the superwealthy and liberating our captured republic from the grip of establishmentarians. “We stand in solidarity with possibilities for a real democratic revolution,” Chuck said. “Daví has some strong ideas about what we need to be doing.”

Daví said there is no precedent available in the U.S. Constitution to address when the government and the political parties go rogue. “With ever-growing dissatisfaction with American government leadership: looming war, criminals in and out of office, campus protests, it’s time to take the reins of our nation and stop being spectators.”

The Declaration of Human Governance would allow us to do just that in a peaceful, organized, nonviolent way that frees each individual to vote their conscience on every issue, rather than be pressured by media, political parties or groups, he said.

“Following in the legacy of Thomas Jefferson and America’s founding fathers, this is the moment to define a new chapter of who we are as a nation,” Daví said. To learn more, see the Declaration at visit bydavi.com/dahg.

Note: Two different groups claimed victory in the February Pacific Green Party elections: one based on the results of the original 75 ballots cast; and the other based on the 36 ballots remaining after 39 ballots were discarded. Each group held its own nominating convention in May and continues organizing party activities pending adjudication of the conflict. The Pacific Green Party members quoted in this story represent the group that recognizes the elections of Dan Pulju and Lori Burton.

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