July 14, 2024

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County recognizes Row River Rural Fire Protection District, 1st board of directors

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With the highest concentration of unprotected homes in Lane County, in an area designated "high and extreme wildfire risk," community members organized around the mission statement: "to create a safe community through education, prevention, preparedness, and effective fire, medical, or other emergency response."

The Lane County commissioners met June 18 to officially create the Row River Rural Fire Protection District and to name its first board of directors.

Steven Thiel (Office of the County Counsel): This is the culmination of a monthslong effort that I played a small role in, but mostly by the organizers of the Row River Rural Fire Protection District. Ultimately, it was presented to the voters in May, in the May election. The voters in that proposed district, approved the district and elected the five initial board members.

[00:00:33] So per statute, within 15 days from the certification of that election, the board is to meet to review the results of that election and ultimately to issue an order describing and forming the board along with the five new elected district board commissioners.

[00:00:51] Commissioner Heather Buch: It’s my huge honor to be able to make a motion to adopt Order 24-06-18-01, creating the Row River Rural Fire Protection District and declaring the named individuals as members of the district board, which I’ll name here: Marilyn Vann, Sue Brown, Buck Rudicel, Darin Rhodes, and John Kirk. And this board order would be effective June 30th, 2024…

[00:01:25] I know some of those who worked so hard over the last year or more on this are watching. I want to thank them very much for all of their hard work. They have volunteered their time and a lot of them have volunteered their own money and sacrificed a lot to make this happen. And it is a huge win for their area and their district. It will make their community safer. And I’m proud to be a part of it.

[00:01:54] Commissioner Laurie Trieger: As Commissioner Buch said, congratulations really to the community and particularly to the volunteers who worked so hard and led this effort over such a long time. It’s been our honor and privilege to be able to support you through the procedural side of things, but I know Commissioner Buch, in particular, has been on the ground, listening and working with you to make this happen.

[00:02:12] And I often say, you know, we are taking this action today—this approval of Order 24-06-18-01 in the matter of ‘Acceptance of Certificate of Election, Proclamation of Results, and Creation of the Row River Rural Fire Protection District.’

[00:02:30] We take this action today, but this really is for today and for the future. And you folks have done a really important and good thing for your community and the surrounding areas, ensuring better public safety. So thank you everyone for that. Much appreciated…

[00:02:45] I’ll also give a thank you to the Office of County Counsel for all your help and support on this item.

[00:02:50] John Q: You can donate to the new district at their website, RowRiverValley.org.

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