May 22, 2024

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Annual LTD survey offers chance to win $100

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LTD is among 23 midsized transit agencies that participate in the customer satisfaction survey.

from Lane Transit District

LTD passengers are being asked to participate in an online survey evaluating customer satisfaction with fixed or neighborhood bus service. The survey helps LTD identify opportunities for improvements.

The survey is available in English and Spanish online at through Sunday, April 30, 2023.  Paper copies are available at the LTD Customer Service Center in Eugene Station, 1080 Willamette St.

Administered by the American Bus Benchmarking Group, the three- to five-minute-long survey is confidential. Participants who complete the survey will be eligible to win one of two $100 gift certificates from Fred Meyer.

“Passenger feedback is used by LTD to evaluate its current service and identify opportunities to connect our community,” said Pat Walsh, LTD’s chief marketing officer. “We encourage LTD passengers to take five minutes to participate in the survey so LTD understands how it is doing delivering them to where they need and want to go.”

LTD is one of 23 midsized transit agencies nationwide that participate in the ABBG fixed-route survey. Results are shared among member agencies as a tool to compare performance, share experiences, and identify best practices for fixed-route services.

Known as the annual American Bus Benchmarking Group survey, the confidential online research is conducted by the Transportation Strategy Centre at Imperial College in London, England, a world leader in public transit benchmarking. 

Later this year, LTD will also participate in the ABBG paratransit survey.

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