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Downtown Eugene survey open through Dec. 4

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Downtown Eugene is the heart of our community and the source of some of our most vexing challenges. What should be the city's priorities and projects for Downtown Eugene?

from Eric Brown, Downtown Manager, City of Eugene

Downtown Eugene is the heart of our community and the source of some of our most vexing challenges. What should be the city’s priorities and projects for Downtown Eugene?

Tell the city your ideas and choices by completing an online survey by Sunday, Dec. 4.

The survey questions and options were identified through interviews with key stakeholders and focus group meetings. The survey responses will build on the input collected at the Open House held earlier in November.

Since the Downtown Plan was adopted in 2004, we have invested in transportation options, redeveloped old buildings, and filled vacant and underutilized lots with purposeful buildings and significant community destinations.

However, ongoing and emerging challenges continue to hold us back and impact the quality of life of people living, working, and visiting downtown. It is time to develop an updated list of priorities and projects that will guide the next phase of downtown investments.

Through conversations with residents, businesses, and organizations, the City is developing a list of Downtown Priorities and Projects to guide future improvements to the area.

The complete survey questions appear as follows:

1. What is your connection to Downtown Eugene? Select all that apply: Resident, Shopper, Worker, Visitor (events, activities), Business Owner, Property Owner, I access services (go to appointments), I don’t have a connection to Downtown Eugene, Other (please specify).

2. What is the zip code of your primary residence?

3. On average, how often do you go to Downtown Eugene? Please select one: I live Downtown, Every weekday, A few times per week, Weekly – typically on a weekday, Weekly – typically on a weekend, A few times per month, Monthly, A few times per year, Almost never, Other (please specify).

4. What do you think are the top 3 challenges facing Downtown Eugene? Unsafe, Dirty, Vacancies and empty storefronts, Lack of destinations, Homelessness, Inappropriate behavior, Mental illness and/or addiction, Other (please specify).

5. My future vision of Downtown Eugene is captured in these five words: Welcoming, Clean, Vibrant, Full of people, Walkable, Safe, Attractive, Unique, Beautiful, Destinations, Connected, Inclusive, Lively 24/7, Diverse, Social, Family-friendly, Creative, Bike-friendly, Accessible, Inviting, Other (please specify).

6. Actions that would help Downtown Eugene include (Select all that apply):

  • Support the creation of market-rate housing to increase the number of people who can support the downtown economy
  • Support the creation of housing affordable for people with low incomes
  • Increase commercial activity and active storefronts
  • Invest in renovation of Downtown public spaces (such as Park Blocks, Kesey Square, and Hult Plaza) and new amenities (such as lighting, benches, trash cans, restrooms)
  • Improve maintenance of existing Downtown public spaces (ex: repairs, pressure washing, custodial services)
  • Host more events that bring people Downtown to have fun: weekly, yearly
  • Provide more behavioral health and addiction services throughout Eugene
  • Provide shelters and services for people without stable housing throughout Eugene
  • Increase police presence and law enforcement in Downtown
  • Expand non-law enforcement programs that enhance public safety
  • Other (please specify)

7. Now that you have told us all of the actions you think are important, what do you think are the top 3 actions to improve Downtown? (Please select your top 3.)

8. Do you have any other thoughts or comments you’d like to share?

9. If you would like to receive updates on the project, including a summary of the survey results, please include your email (Emails will not be shared publicly.)

Sign up for project updates, and stay involved as the Eugene City Council discusses downtown priorities and projects in early 2023.

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