February 29, 2024

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Watch a CERT search and rescue exercise Dec. 2

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Local emergency preparedness leaders, including Eugene's Sierra Anderson, are providing opportunities for nearby neighbors, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), and professional responders to practice together.

Community members are invited to observe an earthquake response training exercise this Saturday, Dec. 2, 10 a.m. to noon, across the street from Fire Station 2, 1705 W. 2nd Ave., Eugene.

The exercise will provide an opportunity to assess the search and rescue capabilities of regional Community Emergency Response Teams in the event of a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.

The exercise will focus on decision-making, coordination utilizing the Incident Command System, and CERT integration with first responders and other jurisdictions and organizations during a functional exercise.

CERT participants receive specialized training online and during local hands-on practical course sessions specifically designed to support the community response to the next CSZ event. The last “Big One” occurred Jan. 26, 1700, with a magnitude between 8.7 and 9.2.

CERT members will be available to answer questions about the Eugene-Springfield CERT program and general emergency preparedness.

Training exercises help test response processes to manage an earthquake incident; enhance the current emergency management procedures in place; and identify areas for improvement as the local Eugene – Springfield area develops teams of volunteers with specialized training and skill sets.

The exercise is co-sponsored by City of Eugene and City of Springfield Emergency Management. Local emergency preparedness leaders, including Eugene’s Sierra Anderson, are increasing the number of opportunities for nearby neighbors, CERTs, and professional response teams to practice together in advance of the next disaster.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other emergency management professionals encourage residents of the Pacific Northwest to be Two Weeks Ready. The New Yorker reported that in the aftermath of the “Big One,” FEMA expects 13,000 fatalities and 27,000 persons injured, with one million people displaced and another 2.5 million in need of food and water. FEMA programs encourage residents to prepare in advance of the earthquake to care for themselves, their families, and their nearby neighbors.

For more information, contact the CERT program, your city’s emergency manager or your local neighborhood organization.

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