February 29, 2024

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From Kalapuya lands in the Willamette watershed

Candice King: Enough of America’s legacy of genocide, land theft, and enslavement

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The patroons who collect royalties generation after generation perpetuate "acts of violence on the progeny of unrepresented, uncompensated people who suffered to build this sick nation."

by Candice King with KEPW News reports

DJ Suss D: Supporters organizing on behalf of Candice King and family held a rally in the wake of the Candice King family rent strike and eviction.

Candice King: Since the cruel indignity of the laws of this ‘land of the free’ were declared okay to be played out against me and my children and extended framilies, what the powers that be didn’t expect (and I bet still don’t believe) is how laws becomes weak words in the face of solidarity—real solidarity.

In this timeline of despair, the inevitable terminal trajectory of discontent and rebellion are familiar fruits dripping pungent dissonance from the branches of what was always a poisoned tree: America.

HAND—since they’re in the struggle there to win (and I think thatʻs a beautiful sentiment): Weʻve heard folks climb out of this sad predicament we’re in. But where is the dare when you’re exploited, when you’re able to be exploited, just for being compelled by nature to survive?

In our timeline, under the din of the death rattle of the capitalist system, where is the dare when that layer of exploitation pushes us to compete with other shipmates for the good grateful pride of the right to make monthly payments—to de facto ratify the ongoing legacy of pestilence, genocidal theft of land, enslavement, exclusion, pervasive, protracted, racist, sexist, and classist and ableist manifest plundering colonialism?

And those who benefit are perfectly satisfied to collect the royalties from all that shameful business, generation after generation, while their position in the power dynamic makes them passive participants in perpetuating palatable acts of violence on the progeny of unrepresented, uncompensated people who suffered to build this sick nation.

Ya basta. Enough is enough. We were never idle but we, the residents, neighbors, and broader community… are driven and focused and join in solidarity as a union. And our labors are focused on a way out of this land we’re drowning in.

You can support Candice King and family at their GoFundMe site.

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