May 22, 2024

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With 91% valid signatures, petition to recall city council president is moving ahead

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A petition to recall City Council President Claire Syrett qualified to the ballot Monday, starting the clock on a potential recall election. Councilor Syrett must either resign by Aug. 5, or submit a Statement of Justification by Aug. 8.

Lane County Elections officials notified the Eugene City Recorder Monday that a petition to recall City Councilor Claire Syrett qualified to the ballot.

With the recall needing 1,365 valid signatures, officials passed the threshold by validating 91% of the signatures processed.

As specified by the State of Oregon Elections Division, Councilor Syrett must either submit a written resignation or submit a “Statement of Justification” no later than the fifth day after Aug. 1, the day the petition qualified.

But because that fifth day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the qualification triggered two deadlines.

The deadline to resign follows Oregon constitutional deadlines and becomes the previous business day, Aug. 5.

The deadline to submit the Statement of Justification follows statutory deadlines (ORS 246.021) and becomes the following business day, Aug. 8.

Running unopposed in the November 2020 election, Councilor Syrett received 6,026 votes from Ward 7 voters.

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