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Commissioners praise departing Lane County Counsel Erin Pettigrew

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Lane County commissioners praised outgoing County Counsel Erin Pettigrew for her communication and leadership skills, assembling an amazing staff team, and increasing productivity.

Lane County commissioners praise outgoing County Counsel Erin Pettigrew for rebuilding the office with a dynamic and accomplished staff. On April 23:

Heather Buch (Lane County commissioner): I sincerely want to thank Counsel Pettigrew for all of her work that she has done at the county in her tenure. She’s done a remarkable job of putting together a fantastic litigation team here, and support staff; provided some really good updates in office for efficiency and been a fantastic county counsel. I am saddened to see her go, but absolutely wish her well in her future endeavors.

[00:00:48] Ryan Ceniga (Lane County commissioner): I’d like to take a second to let Counsel Pettigrew know that how much we appreciated her time here at the county. And I agree with Commissioner Buch, she is going to leave us with an amazing staff. I will miss our talks of how much we both love Florida, but maybe we can convene later. Thanks, Erin.

[00:01:09] David Loveall (Lane County commissioner): I would like to also echo the sentiments of the great job that Counsel Pettigrew did, especially coming into this position with a very scattered and shambled office and quickly and professionally put together a very accomplished and diverse team of experts that the county is now benefiting from. And I wish her all great things in her future endeavors.

[00:01:32] Pat Farr (Lane County commissioner): Two things I would like to mention: That Miss Pettigrew from the outset on the job worked relentlessly to bring good talent into Lane County. That really enhanced our ability to perform our legal responsibilities and duties. And additionally, we had outdated document recording systems, document management systems, and she brought in a new eye on our outdated systems and instigated new systems that will take Lane County years and years into the future in terms of efficiency and responsiveness.

[00:02:03] Laurie Trieger (Lane County commissioner): Thank you. I’ll echo all the comments. I think her work has been exemplary: The way she conducted her work; the team she assembled; and also her support of the team that stayed on, that were here when she got here, how she’s just really elevated and lifted them up and supporting them in doing their best and providing really exceptional legal services to this organization.

[00:02:25] And I just cannot appreciate enough the commitment she’s shown to the work, and clarity with which she communicated that work to all of us. It was a real breath of fresh air to have such excellent communication and leadership from that office, from Ms. Pettigrew. So we were very fortunate to have her for the year and a half that she gave to this organization.

John Q: Erin Pettigrew gives 60 days’ notice, and Lane County starts the process of recruiting the next county counsel.

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