June 16, 2024

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City lifts parking ban along snow routes

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The City of Eugene has lifted the snow/ice emergency ban on parking along snow routes, but please be aware that patches of ice still remain in some areas.

from Brian Richardson, Eugene Public Works

The City of Eugene has lifted the snow/ice emergency ban on parking along snow routes.

Warming temperatures have improved conditions throughout the city. Portions of many streets remain slippery, especially those in the south hills, and people driving, biking and walking are cautioned that patches of ice may be present over the coming days.

The Public Works Department declared a winter weather emergency on Thursday, Dec. 22 because of freezing rain that coated city streets in ice and created treacherous conditions. During ice and snow emergency conditions, parked vehicles are not allowed on Eugene’s priority snow routes. Although the parking ban has been lifted for now, it will be reinstated if temperatures drop below freezing or if there is additional winter weather.

Crews will spend the coming days and weeks collecting the sand that was used during the winter-fighting operations. People are urged to be careful when driving, walking or biking on sanded roads, bike paths, sidewalks, or pedestrian crosswalks until the sand has been swept up.

Property owners are reminded that they are responsible for clearing ice, snow, and sand from the sidewalks next to their property so they are safe for people walking.

Detailed information on priority snow routes can be found on the internet at www.eugene-or.gov/snow.

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