July 22, 2024

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Apply in March for city boards, commissions

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The City of Eugene invites residents to apply in March for positions on the city's many citizen advisory groups.

from the City of Eugene

Eugene residents looking for new opportunities to become involved in the community can apply during March for positions on city boards and commissions.

The members of advisory boards and commissions provide an invaluable service to our city by making recommendations on a wide variety of important policy and technical matters to City Council and City staff.

The detailed studies and considered advice provided by members of boards and commissions often inspire innovative programs and improved services within the City.

Each year, several openings occur and the city seeks new or returning members to fill the open positions.

Residents interested in participating in local government and helping to improve the community may apply for the following openings in 2023:

City Council Advisory Bodies

Other Advisory Groups

Applications for most open positions will be accepted through the City of Eugene Boards and Commissions application page now through March 31, 2023. (Civilian Review Board applications are requested by March 17, 2023.)

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