May 21, 2024

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Stay clear during EWEB water tank wire-wrapping

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More than 90 miles of high-strength galvanized seven-strand wire cables will wrap the two tanks. The cables will be under incredible tension stress and If one were to snap, the force could be very dangerous.

from the Eugene Water & Electric Board

EWEB’s entire East 40th Water Storage project site will be closed for approximately the next 16 weeks, as construction crews wire-wrap the tanks and cover them in shotcrete.

Additional fencing has been installed to allow an additional 100 feet of clearance around the tanks. On the east side of the site, additional trailers will be installed to provide the necessary safety buffer.

Wire-wrapping the tanks is required for earthquake resiliency. This process ensures the structures can contain the large loads produced by the stored water as well as the strength and durability to undergo horizontal and vertical ground movement during an earthquake.

The cables are high-strength galvanized seven-strand wire that bonds to multiple layers of shotcrete (sprayed-on concrete). More than 90 miles of wire will be applied to the two tanks!

The cables used to wrap the tanks will be under incredible tension stress and if one were to snap, the force could be very dangerous.

For safety, the entire site will be closed during this next major phase of work. We ask that neighbors and all members of the public stay clear of the site during this stage of work, which is expected to last around 16 weeks.

Other news and info:

  • The concrete roofs have been poured in quadrants, based on the weather. The final pour, completing the concrete phase, is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 30.
  • Material that is no longer needed will be moved off-site once the last roof pour is complete; expect some minor truck traffic.
  • Prior to application of wire and shotcrete, the tanks will be pressure washed.
  • Pressure washing and applying the wire and shotcrete will create additional noise at the site.
  • The pipes that will connect the new tanks to the water system will be delivered soon and will be staged on the west side of the work area.
  • The piping work in Patterson Street will occur in June, and will create access and parking constraints.

If you have questions or input, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the project team at 541-685-7899 or Emails sent to this address will reach:

  • Laura Farthing, Project Manager/Senior Civil Engineer
  • Jen Connors, Communications Supervisor
  • Jeannine Parisi, Customer Relationship Manager
  • Wally McCullough, Water Engineering Supervisor

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