June 16, 2024

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Eugene ends e-scooter program as supplier Superpedestrian shuts down US operations

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Eugene residents averaged about 900 scooter rides per day. When combined with the PeaceHealth Rides bikeshare program, the city saw a total of 10,000 to 12,000 shared mobility trips each week.

from Eugene Public Works

Eugene’s e-scooter pilot program will end this week, following the announcement Dec. 15 that supplier Superpedestrian will shut down its U.S. operations by Dec. 31.

Superpedestrian, which operates in 60 cities across the globe, owns the scooters and the software used to run the program. The company cited “financial reasons” for the closure but didn’t offer details.

In Eugene, the e-scooter program has been administered by Cascadia Mobility since its launch on March 31, 2023. The city required Superpedestrian to work with a local organization before it was awarded a permit to place scooters on city streets.

E-scooter use in Eugene exceeded the city’s expectations, with over 220,000 scooter rides in the first eight months of the year-long pilot program.

“Cascadia Mobility is obviously disappointed that Superpedestrian is shutting down, but we are proud of what we accomplished in just eight months,” said Brodie Hylton, Cascadia Mobility executive director. “For now we will shift our attention to expanding PeaceHealth Rides bike share to fill this void, while we continue to explore opportunities for electric shared transportation options.”

The PeaceHealth Rides bikeshare program provides 350 shared bikes in Eugene, with 100 more bikes and expanded service areas planned for early 2024. The program is run by the city in partnership with University of Oregon, LTD, and Cascadia Mobility.

“Despite this unexpected and disheartening news, we are excited that expanded bike share options continue to be available to our community, both for mobility needs and as an alternative to driving as we work to meet the city’s climate goals,” said Mayor Lucy Vinis. “We know that Eugene residents are supportive of active transportation options, as we saw a combined 10,000-12,000 shared mobility trips per week this year.” 

Cascadia will be removing scooters from city streets this week. Community members can still use any scooter displaying a green light. In coming weeks, city staff and Cascadia Mobility will consider options for another e-scooter equipment provider or a different electric shared transportation alternative.

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