May 22, 2024

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From Kalapuya lands in the Willamette watershed

Bring your ideas to the New Era Convergence August 21-24

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Cooperation Eugene, PROUT Institute, and others will host a New Era Convergence from Aug. 21-24 at Sky Camp Retreat Center, on the shores of the Fall Creek Reservoir east of Eugene.

The New Era Convergence aims to bring together folks from all walks of life to create a world that supports the all-round development and fulfillment of all people in balanced relationships with all life on Earth.

We don’t have to wait until August to get started. We invite you to engage your circles now by convening “living room conversations.” These can help initiate a ripple of deeper systemic thinking throughout multiple communities about organizing for coming social change.

  • Invite folks over for a discussion in your home, yard, or workplace or online. (Let us know if you need help with a Zoom link.)
  • Ask the group to agree on discussion questions. It is better to spend time going deeper on one or two topics than to try to cover too many questions.
  • Ask the group to summarize the most important points.
  • If people want to meet again, convene a conversation of their own, or hear what other groups are discussing, go for it! The next Convergence hybrid community meeting will be held July 19 at 6 p.m. using Zoom.
  • Sign up for the newsletter at and visit the Convergence website at

Efforts towards socio-economic transformation that is regenerative, equitable, cooperative, and just are happening in many forms and at different scales across the planet, and they go by a variety of names, such as New Economy, Just Transition, Socialist Economic Democracy, Earth Regeneration, Social Permaculture, among others.

Beyond formulating a clear and compelling vision, strategy, and plan, the New Era Convergence is about uniting people, organizations, and movements throughout our region. It is about healing social, political, economic, and ecological divides. It is about consciously transforming our social-economic system to provide an equitable and sustainable future for all our children.

We all have pieces of this beautiful puzzle – let’s come together to put it together.

We invite community organizers and network activators, earth regenerators and transition designers, engaged intellectuals and thought leaders, radical creatives and solutionaries, prosocial artists and healers, freedom dreamers and just futurists, any who aspire to contribute to constructive change, to gather and create a space to explore the (still evolving) goals of:

● Envisioning systems and change models adaptable to regional contexts and local arenas
● Generating viable plans and strategic programs for action
● Activating solidarity and agency through collaborative problem-solving, skill sharing, and expression
● Mobilizing social movement by organizing coordination networks, collaborative tools/platforms, and resource hubs.

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