May 22, 2024

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City: Thanks for supporting the parks and recreation levy

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With election-day returns showing two-thirds of voters approving the parks and recreation levy, Craig Carnagey and Craig Smith thanked the community for the vote of confidence.

The City of Eugene Parks and Open Space and Recreation divisions want to say thank you to community members for passing Operations and Maintenance Levy 20-343.

As of 11 p.m. on Election Day, the measure was passing with 66 percent of the vote.

“This was a vote of confidence in the hard work staff do every day to make sure Eugene has a safe, clean, and green park system for everyone to enjoy,” said Parks and Open Space Director Craig Carnagey. “We will continue to work hard with this new voter approved levy and deeply appreciate the community’s support.”

This decision builds on the benefits provided by the voter-approved levy of 2018, which keeps parks safer, cleaner and greener through ongoing efforts of the park safety team, developed park maintenance and trails and natural areas maintenance. More frequent servicing of parks, enhanced trail and natural area maintenance and an increased security presence in parks are the hallmarks of this operating levy.

“Our community has always supported our recreation and parks system,” said Eugene Recreation Director Craig Smith. “I’m happy that it continues to do so with the passing of the levy. It’s such an important thing for our two divisions to continue funding the great work our staff do in our parks and at our recently expanded and renovated facilities.”

This approved levy renewal maintains the core services provided under the 2018 levy and an increase in funding for recreation fitness and wellness programming, park safety measures and cleanup response for park rule violations.

To ensure accountability and transparency, the measure specified provisions including: separate levy fund budget and accounting (as per state law); annual staff summary of levy fund spending; annual review by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board; and an annual report to City Council.

Past reports and City Council presentations can be viewed at the city website.

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