July 22, 2024

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‘Thumbs up’ for LTD bus operators this week

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"LTD bus operators are as essential to the community as police officers and firefighters," said CEO Jameson Auten.
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from Pat Walsh, Lane Transit District

It’s “thumbs up” for Lane Transit District (LTD) bus operators this week.

During National Bus Operator Appreciation Week, Monday, March 13 through Saturday, March 18, community members are encouraged to give LTD bus operators a “thumbs up” when they see them to show support for the important work operators deliver every day to the community.

“LTD bus operators are as essential to the community as police officers and firefighters because they ensure the community can stay connected to the people and places that are most important to them,” said LTD CEO Jameson Auten. ”When you see an LTD bus operator, flash them a thumbs up so they know you appreciate their service to the community.”

LTD has 175 bus operators. They travel 30 neighborhood (fixed) routes and two EmX routes seven days per week that span the District’s nearly 500 square miles. LTD bus operators pick up and deliver passengers from 1,300 active bus stops, that include 9 neighborhood stations, 60 EmX platforms, 200 neighborhood bus shelters, and two primary hub stations.

Annually, they drive the District’s 14 electric, 59 hybrid, and 28 renewable diesel fuel buses almost 2.8 million revenue miles per year with passenger boardings reaching more than 5 million.

Information about jobs at LTD is available online.

Lane Transit District (LTD) is a special district of the State of Oregon led by a seven-member volunteer board of directors appointed by Oregon’s governor. LTD’s budget is funded through a combination of fares, taxes paid by local employers and employees, and from state and federal sources.

LTD lives its mission to connect our community by delivering more than 5 million annual passenger boardings from 30 fixed bus routes and two Emerald Express “EmX” Bus Rapid Transit lines. LTD’s paratransit service, RideSource, provides more than 250,000 trips annually for people with disabilities and Medicaid recipients. 

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