July 14, 2024

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From Kalapuya lands in the Willamette watershed

Fireweed marks the change of season in Alaska

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The change in the fireweed means winter is coming. In the Matanuska River watershed, that means a new school year and hunting season.

Our Alaska correspondent is noticing a change in the season. Reporting from the Matanuska River watershed, here’s Journey.

[00:00:07] Journey: The temperatures are like a bit of everything, like a bit of every season. It’s right before fall, but it’s still summer. I call it faller.

[00:00:15] The fireweed’s turning red. So that means winter is coming. And there’s so much, so no matter what, you’ll know if it’s becoming winter or not.

[00:00:25] Alaska is like, there’s a lot of trees around here, so there’s so many animals and sometimes they just blend into the background. We get moose, like, you especially don’t want to bug a mama moose. Cause moose can kill you. And fast. But they usually come to our backyard and we see them! Sometimes in winter when we don’t really notice them until we’re, like eight feet away from it.

[00:00:48] And you mostly wanna be worried about the sky here, because a lot of eagles come around.

[00:00:53] John Q: Peak fireweed means it’s almost hunting season, and a new school year is almost here. From the Matanuska watershed, Journey.

[00:01:00] Journey: There’s a certain place where we can go hunting. We asked to call a moose last season.

[00:01:05] I’m homeschooled, I’m about to go into sixth grade, so whatever sixth grade has for me: I’m sure I’m doing algebra or something, where they add letters to numbers, which really sounds like something that should not happen.

[00:01:17] John Q: What’s new? What are the news in your world?

[00:01:19] Journey: One of the most recent things, there was an Amber Alert and for people who do not know what an Amber Alert is, it’s when a child has been kidnapped. They showed a picture but they did find the girl. And someone got into a car accident and was guilty of manslaughter.

[00:01:33] So Alaska is a crazy place. Yeah. When it comes to Zombie Apocalypse, Alaska is where you want to go, because it’s one of the places on the planet has at least amount of people in the world.

[00:01:42] John Q: Journey has been drawing a series of dozens of colorful characters.

[00:01:46] Journey: You’re talking about werewolves. My most recent picture, is like a bunch of woof wolves, which are type of dogs that, like, unique stuff! There’s a robot, a demon, an angel, a ghost, a candy woof wolf, an Ultima, and a genie.

[00:01:59] There’s a lot of different colors, especially for the candy woof wolf. The ghost, it’s usually just black and gray. And then the genie, blue and gold, with some pink for the inside of the ears. The demon is pretty much just black and red. (I have actually two black and reds. One’s mostly red and one’s mostly black.)

[00:02:22] I even included me as a cartoon character, as I imagine myself. It looks nothing like me but I would like to look like it: Magenta, black, red, purple (lilac really), pink, brown, mostly a lot of red and purples.

[00:02:43] John Q: Winter is on the way. With Journey from the Matanuska Valley, we invite you to join the News Team and get credit in your neighborhood time bank. For more, contact Staff@KEPW.org.

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