April 21, 2024

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2024 presidential candidate Daví questions ‘authoritarianism’ among Greens, seeks No Labels nomination

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After Oregon Greens uninvited Daví from their February convention, he promoted direct democracy with the No Labels Party: "I'm really speaking to anyone in America with privilege. You who has privilege: Will you stand up and make sure that there is equality and democracy in America?

A third presidential campaign has spoken out about being uninvited from Oregon’s Green Party convention. After the Jasmine Sherman and Jorge Zavala campaigns criticized Oregon party officials, Daví shared a press release March 15, questioning whether Green Party members were participating in “voluntary authoritarianism.” We spoke in a Zoom call with Daví.

Daví: I am Daví. Music artist, tech founder, and Ävatar of Earth. In New York City, 2020, I vowed to ensure the sacred protection, harmony, and natural evolution of humanity and Earth. I am running to earn your vote in 2024 as the President of America.

[00:00:41] The red and blue, election after election, have proven to the American voter their commitment to war and to disaster and their missing commitment to the core principles of humanity and the preservation of Earth. But that’s just a choice. We can make another.

[00:00:57] So I began my presidential campaign with the Green Party in June, 2023. I announced my candidacy exactly one day before Dr. (Cornel) West announced his short-lived candidacy within the party. Fun fact: To this day, it seems like I’m the only presidential candidate who shared screens with him.

[00:01:14] So, despite having a small but mighty team headed by myself and my campaign manager, Nissan Pitcher, and dealing with social media shadowbanning and obstacles within the Green Party, we have managed to get on 11 Green Party state ballots. And we’ve been featured on the Sabby Sabs Show, Fox News San Diego, and participated in over nine Green Party presidential forums, with more to come in Texas, Tennessee, and New Mexico.

[00:01:42] The leadership of the Oregon and California parties chose in this election to only allow their members to support one presidential candidate. And as it seems, the over 100,000 Green Party members between the two states have agreed that they do not deserve, themselves, a vote in the primary, and that the leadership or authority of the state party had the right to choose their presidential candidate for them. 

[00:02:06] So in California alone, on March 5, 2024, a couple of weeks ago now, over 9,600 Green Party members voted for, 100%, the only candidate allowed by the party on the ballot, and that’s despite me being recognized as a write-in presidential candidate by the California Board of Elections.

[00:02:27] So these recent events caused me to question, during a presidential forum for Philadelphia’s young women’s organization POPPYN, if the Green Party was ‘an experiment in creating democracy or voluntary authoritarianism.’

[00:02:41] So democracy is: Through fair elections, we have the people vote for the leadership that they want. Voluntary authoritarianism is voluntary, which means that these folks have chosen to be part of the Green Party. And an authority within the Green Party that they do or do not know has decided who their presidential candidate is.

[00:03:03] And the people within the party not only have not fought back, but especially within California, have actually gone to the polls to affirm that they’re not necessary for deciding who the presidential candidate should be.

[00:03:17] So, an exciting turn of events: On March 14 of this week, 2024, I publicly announced that the campaign is now seeking the No Labels Party presidential ticket.

[00:03:29] And on my YouTube channel, you can see a speech that is addressed to the party and to all those with privilege in America. So yes, I’m speaking directly to this party, but I’m really speaking to anyone in America with privilege. You who has privilege: Will you stand up and make sure that there is equality and democracy in America?

[00:03:54] So, I don’t want to exclusivize this specifically to the party, but more so, really allow us to have a chance to evaluate the role we’re playing in creating the society that we have. And this campaign, because of my charisma and artistry in building and marketing and languaging this campaign, this campaign can be seen as a joker to out-Trump the previously played cards, right?

[00:04:21] We’ve already seen these cards played in America. So it doesn’t really work out for us, which means that we have to be at the forefront of choosing a new vision, choosing a new way that will allow us to be, and in a society that we can be proud of.

[00:04:38] It is paramount in this time and in this moment in America to really think about our foundation: Where does power come from?

[00:04:47] Power comes from the fact that we live in an Earth and in a land that is able to support our lives. That’s primary. And then it’s the people. And then the people create a government so that the people actually are able to manage themselves in a way that is cohesive.

[00:05:04] Regardless of my or your spiritual path, regardless of how you relate to the forces that we can’t see that have created everything that we know as life and society and reality today—however you relate to that—still requires you to choose a path that is healthy for the organization of your land. I’m here to recenter that conversation back into who we are as people, right?

[00:05:37] The RNC (Republican National Committee) and the DNC (Democratic National Committee), these are actually just corporations who have corporate goals that are separate from any human principle, any human requirement, any human necessity.

[00:05:51] I’m recentering this conversation of human leadership back into humanity. I’m an independent presidential candidate, which means I am not working for anybody. I really want everybody to get: When you go to the post office, you’re seeing somebody who’s working for somebody. When you go to the DNC, you’re seeing somebody who’s working for somebody. We need to understand when we see the DNC and the RNC candidates, they are working for the DNC and the RNC.

[00:06:16] We have to be responsible and at the forefront of being the choosers and the creators of a way in society that is reflective of humanity, because humanity can only come from a human perspective.

[00:06:29] I really want to make sure that everybody focuses on the role they are playing in creating the society we want. And if you want equality and democracy, I am the only presidential candidate, not only in this presidential election, but in history to present a plan for equality and democracy.

[00:06:47] I’m here to present another way, another choice of vision called Earth Order.

[00:06:52] Earth Order is a new choice that offers direct democracy, an online voting system that allows us to ongoingly vote for the exact government that we want moving forward.

[00:07:02] The American Refresh, a four-year transition where through paced collective voting, Americans vote for the exact government we want moving forward.

[00:07:10] A new choice that provides equal salaries for chosen work.

[00:07:13] A new choice where all have access to quality housing through a housing exchange. A new choice that covers all health care costs.

[00:07:20] Intentionally managing the growth of technology. The Emergency Mediator Wing of the Police. An Emergency Mediator Wing that on demand mediates tough situations and conversations without guns, batons or slow court dates.

[00:07:35] My areas of focus include rehabilitation and recycling, providing healing-oriented support for those ailing in body, mind and/or behavior.

[00:07:44] Finding harmony and balance between usage and contribution to Earth.

[00:07:48] If you support the things that I just said, it means that you should support what you have agreed is better for the Americans of America, no matter how it shows up, when it shows up, or where it’s showing up.

[00:08:02] We have to re-place equality and democracy back into the heart of our government if we are to expect it in our world. The things that we want for our society, regardless of which candidate is presenting it. I encourage you to read or listen to the full campaign plan at ByDaví.com, tambien en español.

[00:08:21] John Q: Presidential candidate Daví criticizes the Oregon Greens and moves beyond the Green Party, asking if they now represent ‘voluntary authoritianism.’

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