June 16, 2024

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LTD picks Jameson Auten as its next GM (again)

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Lane Transit District voted to negotiate a contract with its top pick for general manager, Jameson Auten.

The Lane Transit District board voted unanimously to start negotiating a contract with Jameson Auten, the top candidate throughout the community to become LTD’s next general manager.

At a work session August 3, board president Caitlin Vargas.

[00:00:15] Caitlin Vargas: We’re going to go into the general manager recruitment process and following a discussion that was made in executive session, I would like to call on our board of directors to— I’m looking for a motion and a vote to approve the board president and the general counsel to move forward with creating a contract for Jameson Auten. And so I’m going to go ahead and look for a motion now.

[00:00:40] Michelle Webber: So moved.

[00:00:40] Don Nordin: Second.

[00:00:42] Caitlin Vargas: Okay. Michelle made the motion and Don provided the second. We’re going to do a roll call vote. Michelle Webber. (Yes.) Right. Gino? (Yes.) Thank you, Don Nordin. (Yes.) Thank you, Don. Pete Knox. (Aye.). Thank you. And I also vote ‘Aye,’ so as of now it passes unanimously. Thank you, board.

[00:01:03] John Q: Jameson Auten is an executive with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. He was initially offered the position in the spring, after an enthusiastic response from employees, key stakeholders, community members, and the Board of Directors.

[00:01:17] Mark Johnson has been serving as GM since Aurora Jackson left in September 2021 for a position in private industry.

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