June 16, 2024

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City Sends Information to Neighborhood Leaders to Clarify HB2001 Recommended Code Changes

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This message went out to neighborhood associations from the City of Eugene Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement Office.

We acknowledge that the middle Housing Code Amendments process currently before City Council is creating some anxiety about how the Planning Commission’s recommendation would impact your neighborhoods. This message is intended to provide you with information you can use to evaluate the recommendation and prepare to participate in the public hearing session scheduled for April 18th or to submit a written comment to City Council.  

The Planning Division prepared the summary table below, which includes a comparison of key elements between the minimum standards set by  State law (HB 2001), the model code for large cities (prepared by the State in compliance with HB 2001) and the code amendment recommendation approved by the City of Eugene Planning Commission.

Learn more about the Planning Commission’s recommendation 

To learn more than what is included in the summary table above, you may read this Guide to the Planning Commission’s Recommendation. If you want to read the full recommendation document, you can find it here (Version 4, from 1/20/2022).  If you have questions regarding this recommendation, you may find answers in this FAQ page or by watching this recording of an info session offered by Planning staff. You may also watch recordings of the Planning Commission meetings and several other meetings and info sessions posted at the bottom of the Public Engagement Page. The public engagement page contains information on all the different steps used by planning staff, which resulted in the initial draft recommendation submitted to the Planning Commission.  

Planning Division staff will present updates to City Council at a work session on April 11, at 5:30 PM.  A previous City Council work session on this topic happened on March 9. You can watch a recording of that work session here (starting at 0:50’).   

Submit public comments to City Council 

If you wish to submit a public comment regarding this proposal to City Council, you may send a message to middlehousingtestimony@eugene-or.gov or attend the public hearing scheduled for April 18 at 7:30PM.

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